‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ SDCC Interview: EP’s Dan Goor & Luke Del Tredici Talk the Nine-Nine


We got a chance to speak with the brilliant minds behind Brooklyn Nine-Nine, EP’s Dan Goor and Luke Del Tredici, about their move to NBC, challenging Andre Braugher, and what it takes to write this show.

Del Tredici started off the interview with some harsh but true facts about the move from FOX to NBC for this iconic show. He explained, “We always felt that we were sort of an NBC show. I mean we loved being on Fox. They nurtured the show for five years. I think they were great to us.”

He continued by breaking down the reality of their move to NBC and how it felt organic, “But it always felt like so much of the comedy came from Dan’s background at NBC. We always felt a little odd at Fox and when we came to NBC it was just like…we didn’t change anything. Honestly. We got to bleep swears which we weren’t allowed to do on Fox.”

This past season has been a mecca of awesome lines and story arcs for our favorite Andre Braugher aka Captain Holt. And for these EP’s the only challenge they see is not pushing him past his limit. 

Goor explained, “I think our only challenge for us is not pushing him past the limit. Such that we and the viewers don’t believe that’s a thing that the character would do.”

Del Tredici continued this train of thought by explaining, “A lot of the fun of Andre, we spent so long, and he’s such a disciplined performer and there’s so many seasons where he was exactly like one way and that was really fun to write comedy for the robot. And then having done that leg work that let him become bigger and broader and expand on his emotions is great.”

To watch the rest of our interview, where they talk more Holt, with the Brooklyn Nine-Nine EP’s Dan Goor and Luke Del Tredici, hit the play button on the video below!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to NBC in 2020.

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