‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ SDCC Interview: Joe Lo Truglio & Terry Crews

We got a chance to talk with Joe Lo Truglio, who plays Charles Boyle, and Terry Crews, who plays Terry Jeffords, at SDCC about all things Brooklyn Nine-Nine. From Boyle having another kid to the chemistry between Boyle and Terry, join us for our exclusive interview!

Boyle, a huge family man, has been all about raising his child and being the best father. And with one kid under his belt we wondered if Boyle was ready for another kid. And the short answer is “yes.” If things check out with his wife, Truglio thinks he and Genevieve would be up for a brother to Nikolaj.

“I think Boyle would personally like to have more kids. We have to kind of figure out what’s happening with Genevieve and Boyle’s ex, how that all plays out.”

Truglio explained, “We have Terry Jeffords, this masculine man trying to put together a doll house and can’t do it. And this very diminutive character in Boyle is teaching him how to do this and that’s ok.”

Crews continued this train of thought by complementing the way that their characters work around each other and grow from it. “It’s a great dynamic. And then you help me in the end. It was like a nice peaceful ending. I just love the way it wraps up.”

To hear more about Charles Boyles and Terry Jeffords watch our interview with the actors at SDCC!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to NBC in 2020.

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