‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ SDCC Interview: Dirk Blocker Talks the Nine-Nine


We got a chance to speak with Dirk Blocker about the iconic Hitchcock on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, what it takes to play this character, and his love for the young man that was brought in to play Hitchcock.

Blocker started off talking about how great of a job the writers do when it comes to his character. “We don’t see the scripts until a few days before we start shooting. So they’re always a pleasant surprise because our writers are just so darn gifted and good.”

This past season we were blown away by the addition of young and buff men to play Hitchcock and Scully; young and buff men that were all sorts of hot and that Blocker liked.

“I would love to keep exploring…you know, that episode with Hitchcock and Scully was beneficial to us,” Blocker explained before continuing with, “I think the audience really liked it. But it was really beneficial to us too because we’ve been filling in the blanks ourselves and the writers have been giving us more and we do more and then the writers do more. But this really kind of told us a little more.”

Oddly enough, or funny for us because Blocker was definitely kidding he described his sadness and one disappoint with the two young buff dudes that played them. “The only disappointment I had was that the guy they hired for me wasn’t really good looking.”

To listen to our interview with Dirk Blocker where he talks all things Hitchcock, check out our interview below!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to NBC in 2020.

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