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#Maggie was cancelled on #Hulu. We’re not shocked, but we’re trying to be nice. We wanted to love it.

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You never forget your worst. You also never forget the first person that made you…. 👀

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Hulu does it once again. Give them a book on toxic, complicated love, and they are gonna make a f**king good TV show. #TellMeLies is phenomenal.

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In Katrina Babies, Edward Buckles Jr. gives the children who lived through Hurricane Katrina a voice to tell their stories.

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We’re not talking about Netflix’s #WeddingSeason right here… there’s also a Hulu TV show of the same name. #TheMoreYouKnow

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It’s going to be difficult to review What We Do in the Shadows 4×04 without making it all about Guillermo. He has been the heart of the show since the first season and continues to be the star. So what…