5 take-aways from the new ‘Nancy Drew’ trailer

Hi guys! Guess what? It’s finally September and you all know what that means, T.V. is BACK baby! Oh how I love fall. The weather is beautiful, the air is cool and crisp and there is so much good television to look forward to. The CW’s latest addition is their take on Nancy Drew.  And from what we could tell from the trailer it looks deliciously sexy and we’re anxiously awaiting the premiere. Check out the trailer below and then read on for my top 5 takeaways.

1. Nancy Drew is HOT.

Seriously, Kennedy McMann, who plays Nancy Drew, looks like a combination of Isla Fisher and Amy Adams. Like if those two had a love child this chick would be her. I AM HERE FOR IT! #redhairdontcare

2. The ENTIRE cast is DIVERSE. GORGEOUS. Eye Candy.

The CW network, has really outdone its self with this young pretty cast. Nancy, and her fellow sidekicks have a dash of Riverdale sleekness, snarkiness, but it’s turned up, just a notch. #ifeelpretty

3. It’s not your Grandmother’s Nancy Drew.

Don’t get it twisted, this new version is not like the old books your grandmother used to read growing up. I mean yes, the heroine is a red head, and she’s hot, but that is where the similarities end. Nancy is really into sex, her boyfriend is black, she has a best friend who is Asian, and Nancy works in a diner to support herself. See? Like that alone should be enough to make you watch it.

4. Who Killed Tiffany Hudson? 

Tiffany is found dead/murdered and the race is on to find out who committed the crime. Was it the ghost of “Dead Lucy”? Who is Dead Lucy you ask? We don’t know yet, we have to wait to find out! Is Nancy Drew going to have a  supernatural twist? Dude, I freaking hope so. Nancy and her friends have to figure out who killed Tiffany or they’ll get pinned for the murder because obviously, “Dead Lucy” is, well DEAD. Everyone’s a suspect though, according to Nancy.

5. Nancy’s hometown might be the new Hellmouth!

Alright, Nancy lives in a town called Horseshoe Bay, where we know three things so far: Lots of kids go missing, people keep getting murdered, and the cops can’t get to the bottom of anything. Sound familiar? How about this, there’s a pretty girl who fights crime with the help of sidekicks and one trusted adult!  Ding! Ding! Ding! The premise reminded me of Buffy and I really miss her, BUT I am living for Nancy right now and her pretty coifed red hair.

Nancy Drew premieres October 9th at 9/8c on The CW.

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