‘Timeless’ 2×11/2×12 Review: Saving History

Writing these words is a little bittersweet for me; I’m not going to lie. But then again, it was always going to be. I don’t want this to end, after all. I never have. And yet, isn’t this the perfect ending, in a way? What else more could we ask for?

The answer to that question is of course, more of the same. Good TV never leaves you satisfied, as I said in my advance review; it always leaves you wanting more. So, even though these two hours of TV filled my heart to the brim, even though they made me laugh and they made me cry, even though this show has changed me, and introduced me to wonderful people I likely would have never met otherwise, and even though this is as close to perfection as it gets …I will never think it is enough.

I’m not wired that way.

So no, I’m not calling this a finale. Because if this show has taught me anything, it’s that we should never lose hope, not just in things, but in each other. And I believe this world we live in deserves more Timeless, needs more Timeless, and I believe one way or another, we’ll find a way to get that.

But I am, however, celebrating the end of an era, celebrating the characters that we fell in love with, the ones that surprised us, and the journeys they went through, as well as celebrating a writing team that didn’t do everything perfectly throughout two seasons, but that gave us real people trying to navigate impossible situations the best way they knew how, and gave us a Christmas movie I’ll be re-watching for years to come, that’s how jolly it made me.

So let’s get into “The Miracle of Christmas Part 1 and 2” as we discuss the closed time loop, fate versus destiny, the character growth and, of course, the happy and not so happy “endings.”


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As we always expected, Tomb Raider Lucy and Hot Youth Pastor Wyatt came from the darkest timeline, one without Rufus. And on that timeline, five years had passed and they were still chasing Rittenhouse, all because they’d lost Rufus, which, had led them to losing hope, and possibly losing each other.

Can one person be important enough that their absence would change the world, you ask? The answer is yes. The answer this show has given us from the beginning has always been yes. Everyone’s important, like Lucy said, and the heart of this show has always, always been Rufus Carlin. Lucy and Wyatt might love each other, Jiya and Lucy might have started to develop a close friendship, and Wyatt clearly sees Agent Christopher as some sort of mother figure, but the one thing they all have in common, the one person they all love, the one they would all make sacrifices for, is Rufus.

Let’s not underestimate what has to happen for Rufus to come back. Saving Rufus is not as simple as getting on the time machine and stopping Emma from shooting. Flynn has to basically lay down his life – not for Rufus, per se, but because after spending some time in the bunker he’s drank the kool aid and become convinced that without Rufus, they can’t save the world. And though we thought Flynn’s mission was revenge, deep down, his true mission was a selfless one.

His true mission was ending Rittenhouse for good.

Could he have kept trying? Maybe. The future isn’t fixed, and perhaps there’s a timeline where he could have gotten his family back, despite what Lucy tells him in the end. But that’s hard too, and it takes pieces of you, so Flynn accepts the loss of his family, and despite wearing them as a shield, using them as reasoning, the Flynn we’ve known has always, always operated under the assumption that he isn’t getting a happy ending.

He’s just here to watch the world – or Rittenhouse – burn.

That’s why he sacrifices himself. Because he’s done so much, and he’s willing to do anything for this cause that was Lucy’s at some point, but that he’s taken for himself: the one of saving the world.

Wyatt, however, is coming at this from a different place, one that nonetheless requires sacrifice as well. He’s giving up a lot too, he’s giving up Jessica, and he doesn’t know necessarily if the one he’s sacrificing – though we do have confirmation – was always Rittenhouse. And we can’t forget that, no matter what she ending up being, she was still someone that helped him through the darkest times in his life, his family when he had no one else, his whole reason for living for a few years there.

But he has a new family now, and Rufus is part of that family, and for Rufus, for his brother, he’s willing to sacrifice the Jessica he got back, the one he thought he knew, the possibility of Jessica, to set things back to how they were supposed to be. He thinks to do it himself, because he accepts responsibility for what happened, except Flynn’s hero-ing has him beat in that regard. But the point is, he makes a great sacrifice too, even if it’s not as great as Flynn’s.

Two people for Rufus. Is it worth it? Can one person be worth two?

For Flynn, for Wyatt, the choice was clear. They didn’t do it for Lucy, they didn’t do it to prove a point or to out-do each other, they didn’t do it to gain something. They did it because it had to be done, because it was the right thing to do, in the grand scheme of things. They did it, above all things, not for personal gain, but for the greater good. And considering it spelled the end of Rittenhouse, can we really say they were wrong?


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Flynn was introduced to us like a villain that could be an antihero, had his antihero status cemented in Season 2 and started on a path of “redemption” that felt woefully incomplete at the end of the past season. And then, the Timeless writers pulled the rug under us and revealed that Flynn was never what we thought he was.

He was never a villain. He was always the hero of this tale.

And yet, even as someone who did everything, who sacrificed everything, for a cause greater than him, Flynn is a complicated character to dissect. He was doing everything for the right reasons – holy shit, the Snape comparison just got even more real – but it’s fair to say that he lost himself a little bit along the way, so much that he, himself, would later apologize for the means, though I’m sure he would never apologize for the end.

Does the end justify the means then, we ask? That’s a very personal question, and we must all draw the line of what we are willing to forgive, but for me, the Flynn comparisons to Snape, a character I never loved and have often criticized, but whose actions I have also defended passionately should mean that I cannot possibly separate my conclusions.

If I can accept Snape’s hero status, while still condemning the way he treated Harry and Neville, in particular, and the way he behaved on the way to doing what needed to be done, then I can accept Flynn as a hero, without brushing away the bad things he did in the name of the ultimate goal we all wanted him to achieve.

Especially considering that, unlike Snape’s death, his ultimate sacrifice was one he entered in with his eyes wide open. What did he have to gain by going after Rittenhouse? Not his family. Not Lucy, even – from the beginning, she was always accompanied by Wyatt and Rufus, never a prize to be gained by doing the right thing.   He saved the world, yes, and he did a lot of shitty things along the way, things that we don’t, we shouldn’t brush away, just like he didn’t, but he saved Rufus, and by doing that, he saved the world, and for that we should honor him.

To quote A Tale of Two Cities, because Flynn did end up being more of a Sydney Carton than I ever expected: “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known”

Here’s to Flynn.


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Though he was never presented as anything but a main character, and often times during the run of this show he’s been the one to save the day, one of the defining things about this movie is that it allows Rufus the chance to be not just the hero, but the vulnerable man, the love interest to a badass woman, the friend, the jokester, the brilliant mind, and, of course, that it allows him a happy ‘ending’ that belies the idea that characters like him must always be sacrificed for the greater good.

No, Rufus gets to be an alive hero, and alive role-model, the alive half of an alive OTP made up of two POC who go on to change the world with their freaking minds, after already saving it more than once.

He gets saved. Someone else makes the sacrifice. And the man of color who makes the jokes and is sometimes the third wheel to the main OTP isn’t just discarded like he isn’t important, instead, he’s glorified as the one thing the rest of the team couldn’t go on without, the final piece of the puzzle to saving the freaking world.

Of course, this shouldn’t make me emotional by itself, because this should be an everyday thing, but it isn’t, and the fact that Timeless approached this movie as some sort of a Christmas movie and allowed the ‘endings’ to be happy for almost everyone, is a testament to the kind of story they were always trying to tell – and inclusive one, where your actions determine your choices, not fate.

Though, of course, you could argue with me that there is a lot of fate involved with Flynn, and you’d be right, but we’ve already discussed that. There’s choice there too, and though, my ending for him would have been different, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the storyline we did get – and what that means for other characters.

Rufus is a brilliant character because he’s everything, and because he’s flawed, and because he wasn’t maybe the best partner to Jiya or the best friend to Lucy or Wyatt in Season 2, but he showed that he can grow, he can communicate, he can worry, he can screw up and then make things right.

Like all good characters do.


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If this movie taught me anything, is that the show gave me far less Jiya than I deserved to have in my life, and no matter how much Jiya they gave me, it would still probably be far less Jiya than I deserved to have in my life.

What do you want? We got an almost perfect happy ending? What else do you want? I can anticipate those questions already, and my answer is simple. This. I want more of this. More of Jiya, just being badass. More of her romance with Rufus, two beautiful NOC changing the world and loving each other, despite their hangups and their fears. I want to explore their backgrounds, her faith versus his lack of it, her Daddy issues and his, because boy, we know he’s gotta have some. I want to see them meeting each other’s families. I want more of her friendship with Lucy, and how that develop over the years, two very different women who went through hell and back together. I want to see what kind of relationship she’d have with Wyatt, if he’d become like an older brothers of sorts. I want to see her with Denise and Connor, to see what the “family” they’d all become would go on to do.

I want to see her be called “Aunt Jiya.”

But I got plenty. In fact, I got so much more than so many other shows have given me, especially in this movie event. I got a determined woman who would move heaven and earth to save the man she loved. I got a resourceful, badass woman who was tougher and stronger than anything we could have anticipated, but that was still the delightful nerd Rufus and we fell in love with.

I got a friend, and I got a partner, and I got a compassionate soul, and a believer in a greater power. I got someone who wasn’t wholly like me, but who reminded me of myself, and who, hopefully, can continue to remind little girls for years to come that they can save the world with their brains, and they can fall in love, and they can have friends. They can do everything they wish to. Jiya did.

So sue me. I want more. I always will.


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Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, Jiya and, in so many ways, Flynn, are the heroes of this movie, so it wouldn’t be surprising if some of you kinda brushed aside the contributions of Agent Christopher and Connor Mason, the two people who almost always stayed behind, but I’m here to tell you why you shouldn’t.

They’re the glue that holds everything together.

Family dynamics were established in the bunker long ago, and Agent Christopher was always the not so reluctant mother figure to Connor’s cranky father figure. They still both loved their bunker children, though, and they cared for each other, and without both their contributions, without them being on top of things, always looking out for this makeshift family, we wouldn’t have gotten the happy ending we deserved.

It’s easier to see why when it comes to Mama Denise, as she’s the one getting Emma, traveling to the past and actually saving the team – which wohoo, it was about damn time, and how refreshing it is to see so many women: saving the day, flying the time machine, being rescued, isn’t it beautiful – but Connor was the one who discovered they were dead, he was the one that wouldn’t give up, he was the one that kept pushing to find a way to beat Rittenhouse in the present, and that shouldn’t be overlooked either.

No, they might not have saved the day by themselves, but without both of them the Time Team would still be stuck in North Korea, and it would be anything but a Merry Christmas.


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I called Wyatt a dumbass so many times during my Season 2 reviews I almost thought about him with the surname dumbass. He wasn’t Wyatt Logan, but Wyatt Dumbass. And yet, this movie event was exactly what I needed – not to forgive Wyatt, I always understood him, and I was more disappointed than mad, but to give him a round of applause.

Talk about character development.

All the things he did wrong in Season 2, he did right in this movie. He couldn’t change his choice, but he had to explain to Lucy, over and over again, the reasoning behind that “choice,” and how little it was an actual choice to him. He couldn’t take back what happened, but he could …

Wait, he DID take back what happened – or Flynn did, but he was willing to do it himself, and sometimes a little goes a long way. Rufus didn’t need much more from him, and yet Wyatt went ahead and gave him the one thing we needed to see in this Wyatt the man we knew he could be.

He apologized. He owned up for his mistakes. In fact, he owned up for things that weren’t totally on him. And then, instead of letting himself get lost in the cycle of grief and regret, like he’d done with Jessica, he allowed Rufus to make the choice as to whether they could move forward.

But, back to the other point, since the taking back what happened only solved the Rufus problem, not the Lucy problem, he still had to apologize to her as well, he had to step back, allow her to feel whatever she was feeling, for him, possibly for Flynn, and make her own choice in her own terms.

And he did exactly that, putting Lucy first, following her lead, showing her with actions, not with words, that she was his choice, over and over again, until there was no doubt in her mind, until all that was standing there was the Lucy from this new 2023, a happy Lucy, holding hands with her husband as Mama Christopher took care of their twin girls.

You did good, Wyatt Logan. I’m damn proud of you.


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Lucy’s character arc had a lot to do with taking control of her future, with making choices, with putting herself first, with asking for what she wanted. She spent a lot of Season 2 putting others first, pushing Wyatt away because that was the right thing to do, the noble thing to do, smiling at Jessica and befriending her because that was also the right thing, and you could see how it was breaking her, but she still did it.

So it was important for Lucy to, in this movie event, take control of what she wanted, not just romantically, but in general. It was important that she get to open that journal, read up on her future, that she get to see all the possibilities, and that she get to decide what she wanted with a clear head and a clear heart.

It was also important that she get the thing she didn’t get in Season 2 – guidance from her friends, and I include Flynn in this regard, because Flynn’s words, the journal, Rufus, it all helped inform the choices Lucy would make, not just regarding Wyatt, but when it came to saving a life that she might not have saved twenty six episodes ago, or letting Amy go.

Because Lucy had to take control of the person she was – and what she was willing to give up to get Amy. She had to take control of the person she wanted to be, and choose to save a woman who had helped her. And she had to take control of who she wanted to be with, face the man she was in love with, and finally tell him, to his face, and ask for what she wanted.

And our Lucy did all of that. She took her future in her hands. She pushed fate to the side and chose, over and over again. She chose her happiness, and her life, and her love. She chose to remain herself, no matter the cost. And in life, that’s the most important choice you can make.


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I never really saw them, the proverbial sparks between Flynn and Lucy. I’m not going to say I didn’t see it here, but what I saw wasn’t exactly romantic, or it was, but it wasn’t the romance of two happy people building a life together, but the romance of two broken people perhaps finding a respite in each other, a momentary pause in the madness.

But that won’t be, it was never meant to be. Maybe it was because Flynn decided it – because he read the whole of the journal and thought, why should I do things a way that will end with me and this woman possibly falling into each other’s arms on the Titanic if that’s only going to bring me pain? Why do I want to go down that path if, no matter what I do, she will always love someone else?

Or maybe it was just the fate that Lucy always believed in, always pushing her to Wyatt. Either way, the show was clearly betting on Lyatt from the beginning, had been planned to – as Shawn Ryan likes to say – take the characters you love and throw the worst obstacles their way, so they come out better for it.

That journey was cut short a bit, but I have no doubt the writers were always planning to end here. How could I, if they threw all those hints in the Pilot – the place where you usually set up an endgame ship, and continued with the progression, The Alamo, Bonnie and Clyde, the World’s Columbian Exposition, all the way to possibilities, you haven’t lost me and you made me love you.

Sure, sometimes, plans change. Not every ship that was set up from the beginning ended up the ship at the end, though most of them inevitably became canon, at least for a while. But for plans to change drastically, drastic things have to happen. Actors hating each other. Chemistry just not being there. Someone dropping out.

Neither was the case here. This was just a journey, a regular journey, with bumps and bruises along the way, but with one clear north: Lyatt.


in love having a moment GIF by NBC

The knowledge that we were always heading here doesn’t make the journey any less enjoyable. It never has, for any ship we have shipped in the history of shipping. Doesn’t make Wyatt actually using his words, Lucy actually making her choice and asking for what she wanted, any less important, or any less magical. We’ve been here for the journey; after all, we kinda earned the resolution.

By resolution, of course, I mean actual words (thank you Wyatt for finally using your words, over and over again, thank you Lucy for finally using your words too, all of them), to see them together, happy, the tiny moments, the complicit looks as they started at the Christmas three in the bunker, the knowledge that they are an unit, that whatever life throws at them they’ll face it at each other’s side.

And more importantly, these characters deserved the resolution they always wanted, the chance to live out the love they always felt, in every timeline, no matter what obstacles Rittenhouse or life threw their way. Because that’s the beauty of the journal the beauty of the multiple timelines: it confirms that choice, or fate, it’s always been Lucy and Wyatt.

The rest is just …well, icing on the cake. Real good icing, of course, but icing nonetheless.


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Did we really get a fanfiction* ending of sorts? It’s hard to believe a TV show could give us so much, and yet here we are – Lyatt and Riya happily ever after, Riya having started their own company, and heroes to thousands of kids, Lyatt together, Lucy getting the tenure she wanted, and with a family with Wyatt. A family with two kids named Amy and Flynn, because that’s how any good, self-respecting fanfic ends, with the main characters naming their twin girls after the characters that they helped them get to where they are.

*This isn’t a bad thing, not by a long shot, and the Timeless writers were smart to understand that the reason fanfic is so prevalent and so popular is because, sometimes, people just want a little cheese in their lives, people want the happy moments, they want the quiet happiness. People want this.

You know what the best part is? Despite the happy endings they doled out all around, the show makes no type of moral equivalence, doesn’t try to pretend that there’s just one way to be happy, that Lyatt’s journey is the one journey, that we should, instead, aspire to be like Riya, or make any kind of commentary in that regard to Connor and Denise.

We’re just seeing people. People who lived their lives, and found their path, whatever that might be.

Because, even in a show like Timeless, where you can actively change your future, there’s a big element of choice involved. You choose your future. You choose what you become.

It is a comforting thought, and one I’ll always hold onto.

Here’s to Timeless, and to and end that isn’t truly and end, but the beginning of more stories for these people. Stories that we will, hopefully, one day get to be part of again.

Things I think I think:

  • This Lucy makes me want to cry. And protect her from the world. But mostly just cry, I don’t think she needs my protection.
  • “I thought history was something worth protecting, worth dying for, even. No matter what.”
  • Ooops.
  • No, but seriously, how far she’s come. Not saying that’s always a good thing, but remember Pilot Lucy and how SHE felt about history.
  • “We can change history, and somehow we can save the people we love” was ALWAYS A FAKEOUT.
  • Wow.
  • My mind is kinda blown right now.
  • “I thought I knew who the enemy was, but I was wrong.”
  • Boy, this voiceover is all spoilers. LOL. Might as well tell us the whole story, Future Lucy!
  • “I thought I lost everything, so all that was left to do was to fight, not for our past anymore, but for our future, for everyone’s future, fight for each other.”
  • This is giving me feelings and we’re not even at minute five. Standing ovation, Lauren Greer. Standing ovation.
  • Image result for standing ovation gif
  • “It wasn’t enough then, and we lost the one thing we had left: hope.”
  • My chest feels tight.
  • “But this can’t be the end of our story. We’ve come too far, we’ve sacrificed too much. There has to be a way to get back what we lost, to make things right and save the people we love, no matter what.”
  • “But it’s all up to you now. You have to change history.”
  • That one broke me, okay? It applies to so much.
  • No one will ever convince me that my first impression of Tomb Raider Lucy and Hot Youth Pastor Wyatt is completely wrong.
  • When you lose everything, you cling to what you have left, HARD.
  • And that might not be all happiness, but it’s something.
  • 2023.
  • The futures have a shorthand with each other and I’m dying. Maybe it isn’t all happily ever after, but these people are, indeed, joined at the hip.
  • “Just figure it out, TOGETHER.”
  • Talk about obvious, Tomb Raider Lucy. Not that you could really afford to be subtle at this point in the game.
  • Future Wyatt’s like, NO BABY, THERE’S NO BABY, DON’T BE AN IDIOT.
  • We been knew.
  • Didn’t I tell you?
  • Aw, my Tomb Raider Lucy, averting her eyes. This hurts.
  • “Take our Lifeboat, it’s a lot easier to fly.” Which, of course, means they can fly the old one, because the future sucks and they’ve had to become super ultra badasses.
  • As much as I love seeing this super ultra badasses, I really wish they can change the world so they don’t ever have to become them.
  • I almost wish we could have seen future Jiya. And by almost, I mean, I really, really wish.
  • Emma is INTENSE.
  • Yeah, no, don’t walk away from the evil organization! Have you learned nothing?
  • Why are YOU sorry, Lucy? I only kid, I get the sentiment, but still.
  • But I’m here for the switching gears to saving Rufus. Jessica lied, case closed, bye.
  • “You want to do the honors?” Well, it IS her diary.
  • Proud Mama Denise is one of my favorite things ever. Can we have a bunker kids/real kids dinner at her house? Please?
  • And Jiya’s face when she realizes SHE did that.
  • Flynn sharing with the class, at last. Not that he had much of a reason to do it before.
  • “If Lucy and Wyatt are willing to risk their lives for Rufus, then so am I.”
  • Well, I mean, you would have done it even if they were willing, but the line is still good.
  • Look, at this point, I’m not even sure what the “original” TL is, because the diary TL apparently had Jessica. Or, I guess, we could say this diary, because there could have been many versions of the diary, and we’re clearly not as close to the original timeline as we thought we were.
  • She knows he never meant to hurt her.  Of course she knows. But the fact is, he did.
  • And that isn’t fixed just because she understands.
  • Here’s my take on the whole thing with Flynn’s feelings: it wasn’t the plan from the beginning, or if it was, it required one, or two more seasons. Lyatt was always the endgame. Flynn was always meant to be this tragic hero.
  • The Snape comparison is looking more and more spot on by the second.
  • I really like how Wyatt gives her privacy to keep reading, and doesn’t lash out at her at all. His feelings are on his, and he can handle them away from her. She’s got enough on her plate to add trying to be mindful of what he feels when she still has to figure out her own feelings.
  • She has a right – in this timeline or any timeline – to spend time with whoever she wants.
  • Wyatt coming out of his spiral of self-hatred to comfort Jiya is so soft.
  • They’re family. FAMILY.
  • Give me 3 seasons of this.
  • “Rufus always told me there’s no puzzle you can’t solve.”
  • I CRIED, OKAY? Because Rufus believes in Jiya so much, and because everyone else now does too.
  • Don’t you just love how Wyatt’s like they can have the gold AND California, I don’t care.
  • Me either.
  • But Mama Denise has common sense. Boo.
  • Wyatt isn’t reacting badly every time Flynn and Lucy talk, hallelujah for character development!
  • A Delorean reference! That is, indeed, the joke Rufus would have made.
  • I find this conversation between Lucy and Flynn to be incredibly poignant, from the way he understands the future isn’t set in stone, to joking to lighten to mood, to his acceptance that hey, trying to kill her all those times didn’t exactly help their OTP chances.
  • Because that’s the reason why the ship has had a hard time sailing. Not Lyatt, this. Flynn’s behavior. He might be starting to atone, but he isn’t there yet, not at this point.
  • Plus, it’s really hard to ‘atone’ for still trying to kill and otherwise treating like crap the woman you KNEW you were going to one day come to care for.
  • “Your heart always belong to someone else.”
  • I mean, there is that too.
  • Again, this just makes me wonder if a part of him, knowing that, made sure it would never even happen this time, as a way of protecting himself and sparing her.
  • Don’t look at Wyatt, Lucy, don’t look, don’t look.
  • She looked.
  • I love how Wyatt isn’t giving them a stink eye or anything, did I mention that before?
  • Yes, we use that word all the time. It is a thing. It’s not even a disrespectful thing, per se, though maybe it was in it’s origins, it’s just a name.
  • Wyatt fangirling over Zorro is me.
  • The beautiful Spanish, the native speakers, it makes me so happy. It seems like a small thing, but it goes to show that Timeless doesn’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk.
  • Also, Goran always goes the extra mile when it comes to things like this. His Spanish is almost flawless, though obviously not from a native. You can tell he put a lot of work into it.
  • Using Zorro to parallel Flynn, huh.
  • The cycle of violence is a thing, and it’s good of the show to address it. I wish they had more time to do it, but I’m glad they acknowledged it.
  • Because Jessica lives, Rufus dies.
  • “And I’m gonna be the one to do it.”
  • Wyatt is willing to sacrifice himself for everyone. Out of guilt, but also, out of a sense of responsibility, of purpose.
  • “I’m gonna make things right.”
  • Not that Lucy and Jiya are gonna let him.
  • Flynn won the who gets to sacrifice himself sweepstakes.
  • And by won I mean he decided he was the only participant.
  • I don’t think he’s expandable, but I can understand why he thinks he is.
  • Women and the universal eye roll that just means: MEN.
  • Look, the bunker could do with some cheer, Connor.
  • The comparison to Oppenheimer hit me hard. So on point.
  • I KNEW IT.
  • Image result for I knew it gif
  • This is the relationship you idolized, Wyatt?
  • “We were on a break” and “Best six months of my life”?
  • Methinks your memories of Jessica are not at all reliable.
  • Okay, so I laughed when Flynn just walked by and shot her again, you know, just to be sure.
  • “Tall friend.”
  • “Sounds like Flynn is really Flynning it up out there.”
  • That’s now a verb.
  • RUFUS.
  • I cried again. This was all about this, after all. About saving Rufus.
  • The Riya and then the three way hug just broke me.
  • The way Lucy and Wyatt just went in for the hug and held tight.
  • My tear ducts are leaking.
  • “Does that mean we’re gonna have to hug him too?”
  • Rufus, trust me, he deserves it.
  • He did the most selfless thing possible, and I guess one interpretation could be he did it for Lucy, but I think, mostly, he did it to save the world.
  • “I guess this is why you end up with Flynn.”
  • This isn’t even bitter, it’s just a sign of acceptance. He sees Flynn for the hero he is now, and he respects that.
  • Besides, that’s the maturity I needed, because, IT IS HER CHOICE, after all.
  • Rufus, stop clockblocking, for crying out loud.
  • So many Back to the Future references!
  • Wyatt is so attuned to Lucy he reacts right away when she doesn’t join them.
  • Did Flynn ever intend to make it back?
  • And, did he really let it destroy him, if he was willing to do this? Not completely, I’d say.
  • His whole letter’s like, deep down, I ship Lyatt.
  • Back in the day, I used to hate those plot devices, but losing people has turned me around on this.
  • If I were gone, I wouldn’t want the person I care for to be alone and miserable forever.
  • No, this is literally the last thing I would want.
  • I cried again. Fuck me, I’m out of Kleenex.
  • “Flynn died, and you gave up Jessica for me.”
  • Rufus is the definition of mind blown. PEOPLE CARE ABOUT ME THIS MUCH, BUT WHY WHAT DID I DO I’M JUST ME?
  • Yes, you’re just you. And that’s why everyone did it.
  • “You mean Jan?”
  • This episode has done Riya credit, and honestly, we needed a lot more of this. These two are one of the reasons why I’ll always want more Timeless. There just aren’t enough couples like this one on TV.
  • Can someone write me the alternate timeline fanfic?
  • The person who “ruined” his life was actually trying to “save” it.
  • *sings* Isn’t it ironic?
  • Wyatt using his words. GOOD. Continue doing that.
  • But she needs more. I get that. I respect it. I would want more too, if I were in her place.
  • Dashing through the snow. LOL.
  • Seeing their dead bodies HURTS, even if it hasn’t really happened yet and even if we know it’s likely to never happen.
  • Heliclockter!
  • Improvised sleeper sucks. Wyatt just wrestled the controls away! Dude was around for 0.3 seconds!
  • This is the Rufus/Lucy conversation I needed ALL of Season 2. No one else could point these things out to Lucy, no one else’s perspective would mean this much to her.
  • He’s shipping Team Lyatt!
  • SO ARE WE.
  • I’ll take the Han and Leia comparison more than the others, Rufus. You can keep Bella and Edward, thank you very much.
  • Not that Lucy got any of them.
  • Some pop culture knowledge wouldn’t go amiss, Lucy my dear. Wyatt, take her to the movies.
  • “I don’t want to be anyone’s second choice.”
  • Rufus just lays it out, which, again, only he could do.
  • Wyatt did try to blowtorch his way out of the bunker.
  • The comparison to Wyatt being willing to give up Jessica up but never being willing to give Lucy up like that is a good one.
  • “Doesn’t sound like second choice to me.”
  • I need about 45 more years of Lucy and Jiya bonding.
  • A long time coming too, this Rufus/Wyatt convo. Thank God we erased some of the behaviors from 2×04-2×10.
  • Apologies are good.
  • “I forgive you.”
  • God, this is a roller-coaster of emotions. Where’s the chocolate?
  • “Everybody’s important” – to someone, yes. And that’s a great distinction to understand.
  • “What’s the point of saving history if we don’t save the people in it?”
  • People are, after all, the ones who make history.
  • I understand the poetic nature of this choice, but this is just bad decision-making. What if they DIE because of this choice they made?
  • Aww, Saint Christopher. Like Agent Christopher. Who’s now gonna come save them.
  • Ethan Cahill, I kinda dig it. Blood matters to him. Legacies matter to him.
  • Lucy screams for Wyatt, Rufus for Jiya.
  • Life/Death situations have a way of clarifying things.
  • “I’m trying to have a vision of a hot shower, leave me alone.”/ “Cool, cool, cool.”
  • Can’t exactly blame Jiya here. I hate the cold.
  • The He/She joke about God is so Rufus.
  • “We’re still us.”
  • And I love them.
  • I missed Lucy and Wyatt teasing each other. GIVE ME MORE TEASING.
  • “Timing is everything.”
  • Sure, hyperbole, but I’ll take it. We all get super duper dramatic like that, no judgment here.
  • “I’d fallen in love with you. And nothing that happened or didn’t happen or might happen was ever gonna change it.”
  • That’s it. That’s pretty much the ballgame, right there. She loves him. She chooses him.
  • He takes his cues from her. I love it.
  • Since the Alamo!
  • “I wanted to choose you, I just felt like I owed her something.”
  • You noble idiot.
  • Flynn already did take back the bad. Now, it’s just about finding a way to move forward, together.
  • “Maybe all that matters is right now.”
  • FINALLY, A KISS. This double date mission is the best!
  • Mama Denise!
  • “I wanted to time travel at least once.” – She deserved to, she really did. I was going to riot for her.
  • I wouldn’t trust Emma either.
  • FLIRTING 101, back to the basics, with ma’am and the seat-belt.
  • Their greatest hits.
  • “Everybody loses someone that they love and no matter how badly they want to they can’t get them back. And in spite of that they find a way to go on. That’s everybody’s history.”
  • Outright sobbing here.
  • Facing the future, together. Solidifying what they already talked about.
  • Rufus, you’re so bad at this. Just ask the girl to move in with you.
  • Thankfully she loves you anyway.
  • You ARE making more comebacks than Elvis.
  • Agent Christopher wants grandkids!
  • “That’s the first time we’ve done that in the present.”
  • I know this aired at 8 and all, but could we have a longer makeout scene? We’ve only been waiting 45 years.
  • God, those scarves. I adore that Mama Denise has no shame, but God. LOL.
  • I want Lucy’s sweater, how do I get it?
  • Honestly, I think Flynn WOULD be proud.
  • “As a family”
  • And Wyatt gets to work with Mama Denise. He was always the favorite kid.
  • “I meant to get to the men, we just didn’t have time.”
  • Where do I sign up for this class?
  • ARE
  • THE
  • “I’m so proud of you.”
  • My heart is going to burst, this is like a fanfic.
  • And they’re named Amy and Flynn. THIS IS HARRY POTTER.
  • Riya Industries.
  • How many callbacks can we get? I CAN’T STOP SMILING.
  • I love when Lyatt finishes each other’s sentences. Can you imagine them telling their kids about all of this one day?
  • It feels kinda cruel that they have to go back to give Flynn the diary, but they have to secure their present, their family. And at least they’re not lying to him.
  • “You didn’t tell me he was coming!” HA. I can just imagine them planning it on the sly.
  • Lucy’s boys, forever.
  • “The three of us started it, let’s finish it.”
  • Okay, Flynn, the stubble is working for me.
  • “You are going to have to sacrifice everything for a cause almost no one will believe In.”
  • It’s so achingly sad, and incredibly poetic, and just …heartbreaking. He was always the one assured of NOT getting a happy ending, all for the sake of ending RH, and he took that deal with eyes wide fucking open.
  • “You’re a hero. Maybe the greatest hero of us all.”
  • And Wyatt and Rufus are right there behind her. Always.
  • “You are going to save history.”
  • Gah, this is so full circle I cannot even. I need to re-watch EVERYTHING now.
  • I didn’t ask for these feels.
  • The time team! And that little look between Lucy and Wyatt, before the shot moves on.
  • Someone will build it indeed.
  • How can this end?
  • How?
  • I don’t want it to.

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