‘Timeless’ 2×06 Review: Fanboys Don’t Save the World

You know how they say it’s always darkest before the dawn? Well, this is our always darkest before the dawn moment, Lyatt fans. Think of it as the equivalent of episode 13 in Season 1, a very good episode with a lot of good stuff that a lot of us still have tons of problems re-watching cause PAIN and bad choices and more PAIN.

But hey, it led somewhere good, didn’t it?

This is also our holy shit setup moment for the plot that will almost certainly feature heavily in our two-hour season finale, and yes, I do mean Jiyas’ premonition. We always knew they were heading somewhere bad for Rufus as the premonitions escalated, and yet, we also know they’re not written in stone. They can be changed.

Now the question is: how?

So, just to count down the things that need resolution in the next four episodes: Flynn and the diary, Rufus never ever dying because he’s an idiot at times but we love him, Jessica, Agent Christopher’s family being safe and unharmed forever, Lucy’s being Rittenhouse’s target, Wyatt’s all-over-the-place emotions, and yes, the bad guys.

It’s a lot, but somehow, I trust the Timeless writers to pull this off.

Let’s go into “The King of the Delta Blues” and discuss Flynn and Lucy’s budding friendship (just friendship), Wyatt’s realizations, Jiya’s premonitions and Mason’s character development and fanboy tendencies.


Image result for BAD JOKE GIF

Let’s start with this, and I’m only starting here because there’s been a lot of speculation and frankly, worry about this scene, and I need to bring some common sense into the conversation.

But first, I want to do something I’ve rarely done this season, and that is say: Timeless writers, this one was a misstep. The joke fell flat, and no matter your interpretation, also a bit lazy. Now, I know time is off the essence and you needed a shortcut to get viewers to: hey, maybe there’s trouble in paradise – but a) no one makes jokes like this one and b) absolutely no one makes jokes like this.

So, basically, it just puts both Rufus and Wyatt in a position where they look insensitive, and for someone who’s not paying attention to nuance, it makes Wyatt look like an asshole.

Which – I’ll go into how Wyatt’s a dumbass later, which he is – but he’s not this much of a dumbass. Hell, the Jessica we met last episode isn’t this insensitive. So, what gives? Were Jessica and Wyatt actually having sex so loud that everyone could hear? In a bunker that, presumably, doesn’t have thin walls because it’s, you know, A BUNKER?

Debatable. This is TV, and if they were, someone else would have said something – anyone, really. Someone would have at least thrown Wyatt a look. Flynn would have gotten in a dig or two, because that’s what he does. Instead, all we get is that weird Rufus/Wyatt conversation and then Flynn’s reference that they were giggling like schoolgirls (which, continuity error, how the hell did Flynn know? Is he stalking Wyatt now? Rufus? Both?). Note that Flynn only made a mention of the Wyatt/Rufus convo, not the actual “loud sex” – which pretty much clinches that there was no loud sex.

It was just Rufus making a bad joke – probably about the lack of noise coming from the room. That also explains Wyatt taking a five-second pause to react. If he were making those noises, he’d know. He would have reacted right away.

No, really, go watch that scene. It takes him forever to actually laugh.

So, yeah, this was a bad idea all around, it had weird delivery and it was the kind of thing that seemed shoehorned just to add some context into the Wyatt/Jessica relationship via Rufus. But it was really, really not what it seemed, and as long as you paid attention to context and/or had a grasp of whom these characters really are, that was pretty easy to figure out.



This, of course, doesn’t mean Wyatt’s not a dumb-ass who deserves to be called out. Because he’s a dumb-ass. He wanted to be with Jessica and yet, at the same time, he wanted things with Lucy to stay relatively the same. And this is all because the poor idiot just hasn’t sat down and really thought about what he feels and what he wants.

His wanting to be with Jessica is more a reflex than an actual want. She’s your wife, his brain is saying, of course you want to get back together with her. But, of course, his heart has already committed to Lucy, and he’s ignoring that because common sense dictates he go back to the wife.

Normally I’m all for common sense, but in this case, Wyatt, my love, common sense is playing tricks on you.

Just as I sit here and call him a dumbass because he’s having a hard time reaching what, to us, is an obvious conclusion, I have to give props to the writers for putting him in a position that’s supposed to be complicated, one where the answer is not supposed to be obvious. This is not a black and white situation, oh no. This is so grey it’s hard to tell what’s right and what’s wrong.

Especially because the man these writers have created, the one we know and love – that man is loyal and caring and that man has been drowning in guilt for so long. Who is he without the guilt? Who is he when he finally chooses to put his own happiness first? We don’t know that – and neither does Wyatt, not yet, but I’m pretty sure that, whoever that person is, he does not belong with Jessica.

And – just in case you had any doubts about our Wyatt, about where his heart is at, even if his head is having problems catching up, we have the scene with Carol. Wyatt the soldier makes that shot. Wyatt the soldier follows orders. But Wyatt is not just that man, not anymore. He’s not Jessica’s Wyatt.

He’s Lucy’s love Wyatt. He’s Rufus’ friend Wyatt. He’s the Wyatt Agent Christopher trusts, the one Jiya worries about, the one even Flynn respects. And that man would never, ever, cause Lucy Preston pain willingly.

But, and here’s the kicker, by the end of the episode, Wyatt’s closer to realizing that, by inaction, he’s causing Lucy pain and that the relationship he wants, the one that makes him happy, is not the one he’s in. We can say many things about Wyatt Logan, and it’s taken him a while to get to this point, to the verge of the precipice, but now that he’s here, I don’t anticipate he’ll stand there for long.

There’s only four episodes left, after all. It’s time for a leap of faith.



We have all (and I include myself) been feeling sorry for Lucy the past few episodes, and that is, of course, a reflection of our love for her and the horrible situation she’s found herself in this season. We just want to cuddle her and protect her and keep her safe from the world. And yet, here’s the important thing we should all understand: she doesn’t need us to.

She can make her own decisions.

And if those decisions are getting wasted with Flynn, or establishing clear boundaries with the man who CHOSE HIS WIFE, then that’s even better.

Because it’s okay to be any way you want to be. It’s okay to mourn, and it’s okay to stumble at times, and it’s okay to put up a front, and it’s okay to just …let go. There is not one way to be strong, not one standard Lucy has to adhere to – except the standards that she lives by, and the ones that make her such a kind, loving and gentle soul.

More importantly, it’s okay for her to go on a journey, separate from Wyatt’s, and it’s more than okay if, when he figures out where his head is at, she’s not at the same place. She’s not a damsel in distress, not his love interest. She’s a fully realized character in her own right. And yes, I believe they’re meant to be, I believe they’re endgame. But I do not believe her character has to suffer to be with him, no. I believe she can be with him and be all she is.

That’s what I want for her.



I have a few points to make about Flynn, but first I want to say that I have really enjoyed the progression of his friendship with Lucy. I think, right now, he’s on her side, and he can be a real friend when she desperately needs one. Does that mean I think he’ll put her friendship above anything else? Not really.

And that’s the complicated and beautiful thing about Flynn. He’s very much like Wyatt in so many respects that, and this is my first point, even if I saw the romantic spark between them – which I don’t – the romance would never make sense, narratively. It’d just be telling the same story.

Because trust me, if the writers were going there, his wife would have to come back. And then there’d be a drama and hard choices and wait, where have we heard that before? Oh, yes – THIS SEASON. BECAUSE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT ALREADY HAPPENED.

Second thing about Flynn, and this is the one that makes me hesitant to fully trust him: we just don’t know enough about him and his “connection” with Lucy yet. How did he meet future Lucy? What exactly is in the diary? The writers probably have a reason to be keeping this information close to the vest, and until we know, I can like Flynn and I can accept him in missions, but I can never fully trust him around my Time Team.

He DID leave them to die that one time in 1754. Let’s not forget that. He’s still got some atoning to do.



Connor Mason has always been Timeless’ worst character – and that’s not even a close competition. Everyone else has gotten more development, though, and I have to admit that, with an episode sort of focused on him, Mason really and truly shines.

The problem with him in Season 1 was that we didn’t get enough of him to understand why he went from Point A to Point B, why he made the decisions he made. We still don’t, not anywhere near that, but we get enough of a glimpse that, all the sudden, we’re interested in knowing more.

And it’s all thanks to a little bit of music.

Jokes aside, the Connor we see this episode, a brilliant engineer and someone who’s really, really scared of the realities of what he helped build, is infinitely more interesting than anything we’ve ever seen before. Paterson Joseph plays the insecurity masterfully, and in it, and in his connection with Rufus – always the best thing about his character – we find ourselves suddenly seeing Mason as something he never quite managed to be before: part of the team.

There’s also, for us, a poignant message in his journey towards realizing that yes, sometimes, fanboys (and fangirls) can save the world. Loving something as much as he loved the music, and as much as we love this show, is not a bad thing. No, it can really and truly be a wonderful thing, if we let it.



I know I’ve been saying the same thing for a couple of episodes, but Rufus, my love, I’mma really need you to get out of your own head, like yesterday.

First, that joke? What were you thinking? In what universe is that shit funny? Also, the whole fine, whatever, tell me thing with Jiya? Way to not be supportive even as you’re being supportive. At least pretend you understand that she’s sitting there watching you sleep because she’s so scared she’s going to lose you that she can’t possibly close her eyes.

Sure, you had a good moment with Mason. And I appreciate that, I do. But Mason’s easy, he really is. You need a good moment with Wyatt, your friend, who could probably use more than a tasteless joke, a good moment with Lucy, who could probably use your support, and about 57 good moments with your girlfriend, who’s scared to death and needs you to figure this out with her.

Especially because, whatever’s coming, it can’t end the way Jiya has foreseen. I absolutely refuse. This show does not work without you – and I say that even as I’m asking you to be better. Because that’s how love works, okay? That’s how love works.



Remember the journey we talked about a few episodes ago? Well, it almost feels like we’re halfway through. Wyatt’s realized that he can’t have Jessica and Lucy, not the way he wants. He’s got to make a choice. And Lucy has fully let go of Wyatt romantically and has figured out how to put herself first and how to ask for what she wants – and needs.

Now, we just need them both to apply those things to their relationship, and we’re golden. We need Wyatt to actively choose Lucy, and we need Lucy to let him know that what she wants is to be with him.

Easy? Of course not. But what’s that thing they say? Oh yes, the course of true love never did run smooth.

So just hang on. This is rock bottom. We’re now on an elevator that only goes up. And it’s going to be a beautiful ride to the top.

Things I Think I Think:

  • The “Previously On” shouldn’t hurt as much, should it?
  • I’m not one to normally really care or pay attention to music, but I spent a good two hours googling stuff re: this episode.
  • Timeless is the best learning tool ever!
  • How come Rufus has to sleep on the uncomfortable couch but Flynn gets a room?
  • Only people who like each other can share?
  • Because even so, Rufus could share with Mason.
  • I’m all for Wyatt and Rufus bonding, but this is some weird ass bonding.
  • Also, Rufus, you have displayed absolutely 0 sympathy towards Lucy’s feelings. You know Lucy, YOUR FRIEND?
  • I know men are clueless and all of that, but this is a bit too much.
  • Jiya gives Rufus the perfect opening to mention the weird noises that supposedly were coming out of Wyatt and Jessica’s room when she says she did not get a lot of sleep last night – he pivots to asking if it’s for weird vision-related-reasons.
  • Also, Rufus, you already said you didn’t want to know. We get it. She gets it.
  • I will still say the Riya moment afterward is cute. Damn it, I’m weak.
  • The supremely interesting thing about Mason is that he’s not really concerned about being poor as he is about not being important.
  • “If you’re not here to provide intelligence, what are you good for?”
  • And Flynn said nothing? Really?
  • Maybe there is NOTHING TO SAY.
  • Mason: this is important/Everyone: yeah, right/Lucy: this is important/ Everyone: OH YES, I SEE IT NOW, YOU’RE SO SMART LUCY.
  • Connor: “It’s bloody dangerous” Lucy: Yeah, I KNOW.
  • Everyone’s facial expressions in this scene.
  • The scene where, again, no one is saying anything to Wyatt about the nonexistent noises Rufus made one bad joke about.
  • “Flynn’s already been in a couple of missions, we either star trusting him or we don’t.”
  • Rufus’ WE DON’T is hilarious.
  • Flynn looked at the gun with more love than he’s ever looked at anything else in this entire show.
  • Wyatt asking Flynn to keep Rufus and Lucy safe is anything but easy for him, but their safety is more important than his ego.
  • I love that he can’t even watch as they leave, though.
  • What if something happens and he’s not there?
  • I really appreciate that Jiya’s like: wait, solo against all of Rittenhouse while Mr. Cowboy and Agent I trust no one are just out there making dangerous plans.
  • “I trust Wyatt.” Awwww. You’re back on mom’s good side!
  • “Let me grab my gear, lie to my wife about what I’m doing and tell her not to expect me for dinner.”
  • What? Is that not what you said, Wyatt?
  • I really like that Jiya went to Denise with her “relationship issues,” even if she didn’t fully explain.
  • I love messy hair Lucy. She’s me.
  • “I’m Taylor Swift, this is Agent Timberlake.”
  • Their covers will never not be funny.
  • It always sorta gets me when they go back to a time not so long ago and Lucy and Rufus are out of place because – a woman and a black man.
  • Shameless manipulation is my favorite kind of manipulation.
  • See, this mission was a SPLENDID IDEA. SPLENDID.
  • They’re lucky it was only one guy.
  • Wyatt Logan is a badass, though. How often we forget that because he’s an actual softie.
  • Jiya’s like: this is a pretty advance firewall. It’ll take me more than my usual five minutes. LOL.
  • For real?
  • Well, Mason knows about deals with the devil, doesn’t he?
  • “What did you do with the body?” “You really want to know?” Yes, I really, REALLY do.
  • “I’m way more fun on these missions than Wyatt, right?”
  • Eh, no. Sorry. I like you and all, but no.
  • But
  • How
  • Does
  • Flynn
  • KNOW
  • About
  • What
  • Rufus
  • And
  • Wyatt
  • Are
  • Giggling
  • About
  • HOW?
  • Also – notice, again, how he only mentions the giggling and makes no reference to having heard the late night activities he references.
  • Okay, so if alt Lucy had no reason to have a bottle of vodka because Jessica was not alive – then, does that mean that the diary has changed and Flynn’s memories with it?
  • Time travel mind explodes gif.
  • “Sometimes I feel like I know you better than you know yourself.” Let’s be clear here, this wasn’t just a take-down-Rittenhouse diary. This was a full on diary, which means Flynn knows a SHITLOAD of things he isn’t sharing.
  • Connor the fanboy is my favorite Connor.
  • The sleeper agent being a black woman is one of my favorite things about this episode.
  • The whole Flynn/Lucy convo about his wife and her sister is what makes this show great.
  • You can see that they’re both being truthful and open and I just wish, for one second, that they could both get back what they lost.
  • But alas, this is TV, and it just loves to take and take and take.
  • No one ever means to hurt Lucy – but boy, a lot of people have hurt her, Flynn AND Wyatt included.
  • “Only if we give up hope.” Is this …is Flynn having a Snow White moment? With the hope speech and everything?
  • I still see absolutely nothing romantic. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.
  • Yeah, let’s send Wyatt BY HIMSELF to raid Rittenhouse’s HQ. Nothing wrong with this idea, nope.
  • “Wyatt’s tough, but he’s not Chuck Norris.” Wyatt begs to differ.
  • Also, Agent Christopher, you’re supposed to be the voice of reason!
  • I’m with my girl Jiya here.
  • Did anyone really think Wyatt was gonna take the shot?
  • The interesting part is Carol’s moment of realization as to WHY he can’t do it.
  • Mason or the WIN.
  • “Stop, stand your ground and fight.” Is he talking to Robert, Wyatt, Lucy, Rufus, himself or US?
  • “Whatever’s going on with you and Lucy you need to figure it out, Wyatt. And deal with it.”
  • Mom has spoken. Time to get to work.
  • But yeah, let’s not sugarcoat the fact that Mama Bear Denise was reckless this episode. Carol got to her.
  • Wyatt, what you had to say was: She got away because I couldn’t kill her because she’s your mother and I couldn’t take anything else from you because yeah I just realized that I’m actually in love with you sorry I’ve been such an idiot.
  • That look, as Lucy walks away. That look. It’s everything.
  • So Flynn and Lucy are gonna get wasted. Wohoo. I hope they play never have I ever, and she only walks out of his room early next morning, and Wyatt, who’s always the first to wake, sees her walk out and gets super uber jealous and then of course no one explains because no one owes him an explanation and so he gets his head out of his ass.
  • What?
  • You die is absolutely not the end of this season, okay?
  • No.
  • Just no.
  • I refuse.

Timeless airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.

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