‘Timeless’ 2×06 Roundtable: “The King of the Delta Blues” Part 2

As always, here’s part 2 of our Timeless roundtable, because we just have too many feels for a one part post. That’s what happens when TV is good, you just want to talk about it nonstop.

So, let’s get into it! Here we go:

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Describe your reaction to that cringe-worthy Rufus/Wyatt joke with one gif: 

Lizzie: Image result for greys anatomy hate quote gif


Lyra: Mike Huckabee Election GIF


Mimi: Effy Stonem Skins GIF


Funmbi: Over It Side Eye GIF by Women's History Month


Jiya’s vision of the future spells trouble for Rufus. How do you think this plays out – not just for Rufus and Jiya, but for their relationship. Speculate a little about where this storyline is going.

Lizzie: I obviously don’t think Rufus dies, and I don’t think Jiya dies. I think they figure out a way – the way they do everything in this show, as a team. What is that way? I don’t know, but what’s even the point of having visions if you can’t change anything? That’s not how visions work!

As for the relationship, I think they come out stronger for it, I really do. It’s just going to take a while. And Rufus getting his head out of his ass.

Alyssa: I feel like when — when not if Timeless heads into its third season that there needs to a progression in the time travel aspect of this show. While right now you can only travel to the past — to a timeline where you don’t exist — I feel like there’s got to be some kind of progression where our Time Team breaks those time travel rules. And what better way to break those time travel rules than to save a family member? I could see Rufus dying and the Time Team saying, “F**k it,” and deciding to go back and save Rufus. It’s almost expected when it comes to time travel shows that the people doing the time traveling are going to f**k up at some point and mess something up. Season 3 — or the end of season 2 — feels like a natural fit for that. As for how it affects Rufus and Jiya, I feel like at present unless they have a conversation with each other about what’s happening that things are going to get worse, where we could stay seeing more verbal outbursts. They need to talk this through. Jiya wants to, but Rufus is avoiding it at all costs. Rufus needs a wake-up call. Now.

Lyra: JIYA IS GOING TO TAKE RUFUS’ PLACE AND DIE. That is all. Well…not all. Rufus can get around this by trying to break up with Jiya. But that’s not gonna work because they’re a small group living under the same roof together. Hmmmm. Maybe they’ll tell no one and try to prevent this future from happening themselves. Keeping it a secret sounds like the worst idea ever but if Rufus asked Jiya to keep these visions to herself then there’s a chance that he’ll ask her to keep this to herself as well.

Sarah: I don’t care what Jiya’s vision said Rufus is NOT dying period. That being said, I’m afraid this spells death for someone else in the time team, or someone they encounter during one of their trips to the past. Either way Rufus for the love of God wake up and LISTEN to your girl! I know it can be easy to bury yourself in your pain, but you’re not the only one that’s hurting. Jiya isn’t telling you about these visions to make it harder. She tells the truth because anything else is less than people deserve when they have a relationship with each other. I really hope this is shared with everyone else because all of them – Rufus and Jiya especially need to band together and fight this together. In the end I hope it stands to bring them closer together, and committed to facing down whatever comes their way together and with no agreements to “lie” to each other.

Mimi: Ok, well we all know Rufus isn’t going to die. But also, Jiya’s visions have been off at least in terms of the ones’ pertaining to him dying. Do we really want to see Rufus get shot again? That was soooo last season. I bet, since we know that Jiya will be time traveling with them in the last episode that it’s her or Lucy who meets a bullet. Neither of them will die tho. I actually am not worried about that at all. They are not going to kill off main characters. Injure? Yes. But there again if Rufus does somehow manage to get shot Jiya can still pilot the lifeboat. I think it’s interesting that she only has visions about him? I wonder why? Rufus is being such a jerk right now, and Jiya needs to be reassured, I think she should talk to Lucy, it has to be in the journal right? It’s going to be okay guys, I’m waaay more concerned that Lyatt won’t reconcile by season’s end.

Nadia: I love Rufus and he better not die. However, the show has been playing with this idea that even if the circumstances around a death change, that doesn’t change the ultimate death itself. Rufus needs to take Jiya seriously right now. I was a bit turned off that he doesn’t even want to hear about Jiya’s visions. If one can’t confide their deepest fears to their significant other, what does that say about the relationship? I think we might see Jiya trying to figure out ways to cheat fate in order to save Rufus. How that will play out, I have no idea, but I can’t wait to see.

Hilary: STOP TRYING TO KILL RUFUS CARLIN IN SEASON FINALES 2K18. WE DO NOT APPROVE. I obviously don’t think he’ll die, especially since that was the lead-in cliffhanger to the finale last year, but I am definitely concerned. Jiya’s visions are an interesting but still fairly unexplored subplot, and it’s starting to feel as if that’s the only thing her character gets to do — I adore her, but I also want to see her do more than have worrying visions and decide whether or not to tell anyone. We know there’ll be something major going down in the finale, which is when this vision seems to take place, so we’ll have to stay tuned…

Funmbi: So, in the roundtable for “The Salem Witch Hunt” I was super critical of Rufus’ request that Jiya keep her visions to herself. How could he be so unsupportive?! But now that Jiya has seen Rufus’ death and told him… well, maybe I jumped the  gun in my criticism. OK, I realize my hypocrisy here, but OMG, no one should know the details of their own death like that! At the same time, it would be a lot of pressure for Jiya to have this knowledge and keep it to herself. You see her struggling with it during the entire episode. Well, you know how they say knowledge is power. Hopefully, this can be an opportunity for Rufus and Jiya to come together and brainstorm about how to save him, especially if we can get more details about the cause of these visions. I also hope this brings them closer together, rather than pushing them apart. It’s so clear that Rufus and Jiya love each other. Listen here TIMELESS Writers’ Room: Rufus *cannot* die!


Connor Mason finally got a chance to shine, and boy, did he. How are your Mason feelings? Has he grown on you? What do you think he adds to the dynamics in the bunker?

Lizzie: Before this episode, if you’d asked me if I needed a Connor Mason episode, I would have said no. But now? Now I’m so glad we got it. This show has done an amazing job of making us care for all the people at the bunker, and I’m afraid that is because they’re planning to take one of them away, but for now, I’m happy they’ve done it. Good writing makes me happy.

Alyssa: One of my favorite things about Timeless is this wonderful ensemble cast of characters and how each of them gets a chance to shine. I loved this episode so much because it opened me up to the person that Connor Mason is. Mason was the character I felt least connected to on this show — the one that I wouldn’t mind if something happened to him — because I didn’t know him. We didn’t know much about Mason other than he was hyper focused on being a successful millionaire. This episode allowed us to see a beautiful evolution with Mason, one that made him a compelling character that I actually began to care about. We saw Mason hit rock bottom and we saw how, with some encouragement from Rufus, decided to keep fighting for his life and rise to the occasion. It was beautiful. For the first time, I saw a little bit of myself in him and it was endearing. While a lot of the focus is on what happens during these missions, it’s easy to forget people like Mason and Jiya that are making things work on the other end. If not for them, these missions wouldn’t be possible. It’s another thing I love about this show: That each character adds something unique and important to this show and this team.

Lyra: This episode made me invest in the kind of person that Connor Mason is and his experiences throughout Timeless. Like I honestly saw him in such a different light that I want to go back and watch season one again to help me understand this man. Do I think they maybe took too long to get to this point? Yes. But I love that I genuinely care about every single member of this team and whether they make it through the season as they battle Rittenhouse. As for the dynamics and how he changes things in the bunker…he hasn’t done anything for a bit besides being concerned about his position in his company and his livelihood, all very important things. Maybe this mission is the spark he needs in getting ass up and helping them defeat Rittenhouse with every amazing bit of his intellect.

Sarah: I never hated Mason up until this point in the slightest, but I’ve definitely grown to like him a lot more as a character and person in his own right this season. His time trip with the team this episode only made me care about him more as he had his moment to shine and experience the wonders along with the dangers of their missions to stop Rittenhouse. Mason is the type of person that I feel takes time to let his guard down and therefore tends to shake up the dynamics in the bunker. It’s clear he cares about everyone, but you see it come down about the person who matters most to him in that bunker: Rufus. When Rufus laid down the truth of how much his belief mattered to him to help Mason when he needed it most, I was tearing up at this man who had lost a lot in his eyes realize he still had what mattered most – a family.

Lariel: He definitely has grown on me. I think there’s some poetry to the fact that he chose the pseudonym “Lando Calrissian” for this episode. As Lando did with the Empire, Connor made a deal with Rittenhouse that he thought would benefit him. Then it all went sour.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Connor at the beginning of the episode. If you’ve ever lost your job, you know the feelings he was experiencing. The sense that you have no value without this thing that had once defined you.

But none of us are merely a job title. We are all layered, with many dimensions, and we got to see that with Connor. His glee at walking into the juke joint and meeting some of the greats of music history was a joy to watch, as was his reaction when he realized he heard himself on that historic recording.

Kudos to the Timeless writers for giving Connor this wonderful story arc. This is the kind of character building we’re tuning in for!

Mimi: ConnOr has grown on me. I never really hated him to begin with and I felt like he could be redeemed because he had so much respect and love for Rufus in S1. Even though in S1, he was kind of a morally grey character. I think this season he is proving to be an asset even without his money. I think it’s important to realize that Conner came from nothing and rose up, let’s not also forget that he helped Rufus get to where he is. Conner believed in him and gave him a chance, he encouraged him and saw his potential. That is important, for someone to SEE you, to really really SEE you. Rufus had not forgotten that fact and he paid it forward later in the episode.

Nadia: I didn’t know I needed a Connor Mason centric episode until I was given a Connor Mason centric episode. Up to this point, he has been a peripheral team member. I felt bad for him at the beginning, but thought you reap what you sow. Connor’s human connection since season 1 has been to Rufus. I beleive Connor has suffered from fear and insecurity his whole life. He saw the potential in Rufus and didn’t want him to suffer the same way, so he took him under his wing. He inspired Rufus to be the person he is today. It was now time for Rufus to return the favor. Watching Connor fanboy over all the greats such as Robert Johnson and Bessie Smith put a huge smile on my face. It was such an organic moment. I loved Rufus’s speech to Connor because no one else knew how to bolster Connor’s confidence like Rufus. A great character development episode for this show.

Hilary: As I said above, Connor has felt a little bit extraneous at points this season, as if they wanted to keep him around and he’s a useful character, but generally a background one. But actually giving him some meaty stuff and character moments (and getting to see him travel in his own invention to meet his hero) was great. Him drunkenly quoting Shakespeare at the start of the episode clearly means that someone is giving Flynn a run for biggest drama queen in the bunker. Maybe he’ll be more involved in the effort from now on, which would be awesome.

Funmbi: Connor Mason deserved this time to shine, and shine he did! This has not been a good time for him. Remember how, in “Darlington 500” Agent Christopher had Connor escorted out of an international conference like a damn criminal?! So embarrassing. And he started the episode in a similarly low place, on the brink of losing his company. Connor was feeling despondent, rudderless… and then the chance to go to 1930s San Antonio changed the game. As Lando Calrissian (*giggles*), Connor was able to meet his heroes and have his sense of inspiration and awe rejuvenated. But even better, Connor was able to play a significant role in literally saving American history. This had to restore his confidence, especially when he returned to 2018 and saw that his contribution was enshrined in time–Connor is that “YEAH!” on the track, plus, Lando got an album credit. Connor has grown on me, although, I’m still suspicious of him. Remember how he has known this whole time why Jiya is having visions, but didn’t tell anybody? I believe that Connor loves Rufus and if growing to care for the other members of the Time Team. But what other secrets is he keeping?


Wyatt could not pull the trigger when faced with Carol Preston, to the shock of no one. Do you think this comes back to bite him in the ass or do you think Carol has a role to play in the taking down Rittenhouse storyline? Does she get a redemption?

Lizzie: I never thought Wyatt was going to pull the trigger. Come on, Wyatt I think with my heart Logan? No way he pulls the trigger. And I think, on the long run, that’s going to turn out to be the right decision. Not because I think Carol can redeem herself completely, but because I think she loves Lucy enough to, maybe, make one final sacrifice that’ll help our team finally defeat Rittenhouse. Morally complex till the end.

Alyssa: The thing I keep coming back to with this scene is the beauty in the man that Wyatt has become because of Lucy. When faced with shooting Carol Preston, a prominent figure in Rittenhouse, Wyatt the Soldier takes the shot. But Wyatt the man that loves Lucy does not. Because despite the mess of the situation with Jessica, Wyatt would never want to purposely hurt Lucy. And that had to be in the back of his mind — hurting Lucy again — as he was faced with shooting Carol. Based on everything Timeless is showing us, they’re setting Carol Preston up for some kind of redemption arc. The kind of redemption arc that will most likely end with her sacrificing her life for Lucy. Though this could most assuredly come back to bite Wyatt in the ass because of him not telling Lucy or the implications of Carol or Rittenhouse doing something that affects the team in a profound way.

Lyra: Honestly, I hope she doesn’t get redeemed because it’s what I won’t expect. Sometimes we don’t get closure and sometimes people don’t get a second chance. It sucks but it’s real and maybe I want a little bit of that when it comes to characters like Carol aka the villain who does one nobel thing at the end and gets remembered for that. No, let’s remember her for the lives she’s ruined, the people she’s killed, and go for something a little different when it comes to our villains. Let’s break away from the mold. P.S. Of course Wyatt not killing Carol comes to bite him in the ass, especially because he didn’t tell Lucy.

Sarah: I wish I could say it would be because Carol is going to turn against Rittenhouse, but I’m fairly certain this is going to end up on the side of biting Wyatt in the ass down the line. Carol has had numerous chances to turn against the beast Rittenhouse is and be with her daughter and she’s shot them down every single time. It doesn’t help Lucy has no idea this happened and that her mother is fully aware how much Wyatt cares about her daughter now he couldn’t choose to shoot her when ordered to.

I’d like to think she’d get redeemed as it’s clear she is scared for her daughter enough to kidnap Agent Christopher and beg her to get Lucy off these missions, but if that fear for Lucy’s life is not enough to turn tail and run then I don’t think redemption is possible.

Mimi: You don’t kill your bae’s mom. If if she is a total bitch. It’s not cool and Wyatt knows that. Who doesn’t seem to know that is Agent Christopher. I’m not sure why she thought Wyatt would actually take the shot. Of course it’s going to come back to bite him in the ass. Carol does not want him with her daughter or does she? No one is saying what they really feel on this show right now and it’s frustrating as hell. I’m sure someone will tell Lucy that Wyatt could have taken her mother out but didn’t. I think she’ll be grateful to Wyatt for that? Am I crazy? I know her mom is EVIL and has done some fucked up shit to Lucy, but Lucy has never expressed that she wants her die. I don’t think she’d be upset if Wyatt would have taken out her great grandfather.

Nadia: Wyatt is never going to kill Lucy’s mom. He used up his “hurt Lucy” quota for life. It probably will come to kick him in the ass later on, but hey at least Lucy might not completely hate him. I don’t trust Carol at all. I believe he loves her daughter in a twisted way, but she is far too gone in Rittenhouse. I won’t be surprised if she turns on Lucy. The only way Wyatt does anything to Carol is by Lucy’s command.

Hilary: Wyatt has had opportunities to shoot both Emma and Carol now, and hasn’t taken either. It’s certainly touching that he cares about Lucy’s welfare in both situations, but it’s getting in the way of the mission and critical chances to stop Rittenhouse. As Denise says: Figure it out, Wyatt. He’s basically a mess right now, poor boy, and I’m certainly not unsympathetic to his dilemma, but it also makes me wonder if the team can still count on him to do what needs to be done (which everyone else has faced into, especially Lucy) or if his judgment is just too whacked out. This definitely needs to be a choice that has consequences, because while Denise did Wyatt no favors putting him in that position (really, a totally solo raid where they’ll kill him anyway, info-gathering or not? I understand they wanted Wyatt to go alone for the sake of plot, but that was pretty obvious), Wyatt is still a soldier in this war. He needs to start stepping it up, even if the choice is hard, because he’s trying to have it both ways in everything, and that can’t last for much longer.

Funmbi: You are absolutely right… there is NO way Wyatt would have been able to shoot Carol, despite Agent Christopher’s order. I don’t know how much Carol knows about Lucy’s relationship with Wyatt, but she definitely notices his extreme ambivalence in that moment. This is NOT information that Carol should have because she can and will use this to manipulate the situation. I wouldn’t put it past her to kidnap Wyatt, just like she did with Agent Christopher, and try to convince him to keep Lucy locked away. Carol might use her knowledge of Wyatt’s feelings and Lucy’s pain in order to lure her back to Team Rittenhouse. Or, there might be an opportunity for redemption. Carol really doesn’t want Nicholas/Emma to kill Lucy, so I could see her slowly sabotaging Rittenhouse from the inside. Perhaps, Wyatt could be a potential ally in that endeavor?


Music was central to this episode – so how can we not ask a music question. Choose one song to describe your feelings about “The King of the Delta Blues.”

Lizzie: Love in Vain, by Robert Johnson. I had to.

Alyssa: Cross Road Blues by Robert Johnson — Seems appropriate for all characters involved.

Lyra: Going for something a little different, music to describe what Lucy is feeling in that moment when she’s laying down and staring at the ceiling, her world at a loss.

Sarah: Human by Civil Twilight

Lariel: Showing my age here; Marc Cohen’s Walking In Memphis keeps running through my mind, just because it mentions the land of the Delta Blues.

Mimi: “I wish I could sing no regrets, And no emotional debt ‘Cause as we kissed goodbye, the sun sets, so we are history, your shadow covers me, the sky above ablaze, that only lovers see.

He walks away, the sun goes down, he takes the day, but I’m grown. And in your way, in this blue shade, my tears dry on their own” –Tears Dry On Their OwnAmy Winehouse

Nadia: Unforgettable Nat King Cole

Hilary: Landslide – Oh Wonder

Funmbi: Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman

(For my Lyatt feels, as well as my Blues/Rock/Robert Johnson feels.)

Agree? Disagree? Share with us in the comments below!

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