‘Timeless’ 2×08 Reaction: Emotional Rollercoaster

We always, always love Timeless. It always leaves us feeling things. And yet, impossibly, it also feels like this show just continues to raise the bar.

How good can it be if (when, let’s say when) it gets a Season 3. And 4. And so on?

We all want to find out, NBC. We all want to find out.

This episode gives us not just unexpected emotional conversations and and insight into how some ‘secondary’ (is anyone really secondary on Timeless?) think, but it also furthers the plot in a way that leaves us at the edge of our seat for what is sure to be a hell of a two-hour season finale.

We can’t wait. No, seriously, we really and truly can’t wait. Can we get a time machine to travel there?

On the meantime, though, here are our reactions to “The Day Reagan Was Shot.” We make no apologies for what we chose to drink/eat to get through this episode.

So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy our reaction to Timeless 2×06!

Stay tuned for “The Day Reagan Was Shot” coverage, including our song teasers from Lyra later this week, Lizzie’s review immediately following the episode on Sunday, and Alyssa’s favorite moments on Wednesday!

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