Happy Valentines Day: Timeless Style!

No, we still have no news about a possible Season 3 of Timeless, though here at Fangirlish, hope springs eternal. We’re clockblockers after all, and giving up is not in our vocabulary.

But we do have Timeless news to report, and just in time for Valentines Day: There’s a new Lyatt scene for us to enjoy!

Fine, it’s a deleted scene, but it still counts, because you bet your ass I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying it a whole lot. In fact, let me pause writing this so I can play it one more time. Two. Fifteen.


Oh, yeah, deleted scene! Lyatt. Valentines Day.

The scene occurs just after Lucy and Wyatt get back from their last mission, back to a future without Jessica, one where they are always together. And though we got a lot of Lyatt goodness in the movie, we aren’t really complaining about getting more in the form of a deleted scene.

We’ll take all the Lyatt we can get. In fact, we really, really need more. Where’s season 3?

The Timeless writers had previously released two deleted scenes, one involving Denise and Lucy, which can be found here, and another one involving Denise and Benjamin Cahill, which can be found here.

Check out the Lyatt goodness here and then come discuss it in the comments below!

Timeless is available to stream on Hulu.

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