12 Reasons Lyatt is The Ship

It should be no big surprise to anyone that most of us here at Fangirlish are HUGE Lyatt shippers. For those of you who have never seen one of the best shows ever, Timeless, they are two of the main characters and their names are Lucy and Wyatt.

With it being February, we decided to talk about our favorite ships this month. Of course, mine is Lyatt. It will always be Lyatt. Lyatt is THE ship. They are precious babies. I could think of a million reasons why they are so good together, but here are 12 that I love.

Now, if this list hasn’t convinced you to ship them I don’t know what will. If you haven’t seen the series I suggest you go watch it on Hulu, where you can stream it. I just wished we weren’t deprived of more magical moments between these two. Yes, I’m looking at you NBC. Forever looking at you.

Do you love Lyatt? If so, why? Discuss it with us in the comments!

Timeless is streaming on Hulu.


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