‘Timeless’ 2×04 Roundtable: “The Salem Witch Trials” Part 1

Well, that was painful. And …yeah, no, it was mostly painful all the way through, with a few little breaks so we could breathe, but mostly just pain. But as I said in my review, we’ll get through this. Together.

And that’s why this week we’re back with a roundatble that’s filled with speculation, but also, with some wise, calming words from our writers and friends. We see you, Timeless, and we trust you to take us on this journey.  Joining me are Fangirlish writers Alyssa, Lyra, Sarah T, Lacey, Kayla, Bex, our friend Funmbi from We So Nerdy, and our guests Sarah and Jenna.

So, let’s get on with it!


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Jessica is back, and Rittenhouse is the reason why. Do you think she’s an innocent pawn in Rittenhouse’s game, or is there more to her being back than just Rittenhouse trying to mess with the Time Team? Is she one of the bad guys? Will she say yes?

Lizzie: A part of me really wants Jessica to be just a woman Rittenhouse brought back to mess with Wyatt, and not someone who’s got any idea of what she stepped into, but, at the same time, the logical part of me, the one that has watched this show for twenty episodes, the one that has watched each episode more than once, that me knows that the Timeless team is very good at catching the big plot holes, and for Jessica to be all the things I just said, I think they’d need to twist us into a pretzel to explain why the telegram didn’t work, why her killer wasn’t her killer, not the mention the foreshadowing they’ve done regarding her actually being evil. Either that, or those are huge plot holes and that’s not just what this writing team does. So, Occam’s Razor, the simplest explanation is likely the right one: Jessica is involved with Rittenhouse. Which, of course, leads to her say yes, Wyatt, even though she has absolutely no reason to give this thing that wasn’t a happy marriage another chance, even though that would require staying in a hidden bunker with a bunch of strangers, and even though he just made eyes at that woman coming out of the time machine.

See how it just doesn’t add up unless there’s something more to it?

Alyssa: The writers would certainly like us to believe that Jessica is a pawn in Rittenhouse’s game. But we’re not like Wyatt, who is leading with his heart on the Jessica matter and failing to use his head and see this situation objectively. The thing about the Timeless writers is that they’re not basic. They don’t tend to follow the obvious direction when it comes to characters. If Jessica is evil and a part of Rittenhouse, which seems quite likely at this point, there’s something else that goes along with that. Whether it’s that Jessica is a sleeper agent that, like the others, was reluctant to leave the time period in which she was left. Maybe Jessica starts off as that sleeper agent with the Time Team. But maybe she’s the one sleeper agent that decides to fight back. We’ve yet to see someone from Rittenhouse step back from the organization in such a way. (Though we did see Lucy’s grandfather be the first to realize the error of Rittenhouse’s ways last season.) While I’d like for Jessica to not be evil — and have Wyatt choose Lucy not because Jess is evil but because he sees a future with Lucy — at this point there’s no way she’s not Rittenhouse. She’s got to be evil. What reason would she have to remain in this broken marriage? Rittenhouse has got to be behind this, and Jessica is doing what’s instructed of her. Though, don’t get me wrong, Wyatt will still choose Lucy over Jessica — and not because she’s evil.

Lyra: It’s a tale as old as time, true as it can be. Barely even on screen and I already know that they’re not going to be friends with Jessica, but enemies. It’ll be revealed, a couple episodes in, that she’s part of Rittenhouse. Now, some of them will take this quite unexpectedly AKA Wyatt. But unlike Wyatt, we are prepared and a little bit scared. It’s ever just the same as Alias Season 3. (I regret nothing in giving my answer in the style of the Beauty and the Beast song.)

Sarah T: I’m just annoyed Jessica’s back at all to get that out of the way. The fact that Rittenhouse brought her back means bad news whether she’s a spy or a pawn thrown into the game to rip up the Time Team. Off just this episode though it’s hard for me to pick between whether she is a pawn or one of the true bad guys.

The cliffhanger automatically spelled out she would say yes to Wyatt, and truthfully if she does that’ll put one point in the “she’s a Rittenhouse” spy camp for me. Especially after she listed some pretty compelling reasons to divorce Wyatt after the reality of their relationship came to light, save the two month disappearance engineered by time travel. My guard is up, and I’m determined to neither hate her for the sake of she doesn’t deserve that, or like her because I love Lucy too much to do that. In short, please let the truth come to light fast because I’m impatient to know.

Lacey: Okay, the logical part of my brain says that she’s probably a great person and is innocent in all of this. That Rittenhouse bringing her back was a way to mess with Team Timeless because they hoped it would drive a wedge between the team (mainly Lucy and Wyatt of course) and bring doubt. But the dominant part of me says, nah, fuck that, she’s evil! LOL I think that she’s a member of Rittenhouse and that she’s been brought back to not only drive a wedge in the team but to infiltrate them and serve as an infamous sleeper agent.

I already don’t like her and it’s 99.9% because of Lyatt and I’m totally okay admitting that. But not just because of that, there’s just something about her I don’t trust. For one thing, I don’t like how she talks to or treats Wyatt. I know that she’s been living in a reality (supposedly) where he was a drunk and did nothing to help their marriage, but it’s just not sitting right with me. I mean, he’s our Wyatt! You treat him like the amazing angel he is! So, I say all that to say, I dont’ like Jessica and I hope she leaves soon ha-ha

Kayla: I will never believe that Jessica being alive is a coincidence. I actually don’t think she’s a pawn – but she may actually be actively involved in Rittenhouse – and by getting close to Wyatt – and learning where the bunker is. She will on orders try to destroy the time team from within. She is no innocent being. Not for one second.

Will she say yes, probably. Because she needs to trick Wyatt and the time team to fulfill her mission. She’s playing him with those divorce papers.

Bex: I’m torn on this. I want to believe she’s just an innocent pawn. I want the woman Wyatt fell in love with to be exactly who he always thought she was. Not a sleeper, not RH blood, just Jessica. But maybe there’s something even more sinister going on here. Like most people I’m curious about the name “Amanda”, but again it could have just been to conceal Jessica’s return. I really don’t know which way this will go, but either way I’m excited to see which path the writers chose.

Sarah: I go backwards and forwards on this one. I love my theories and I would say it could still go either way for me. Is Jess innocent? Having no idea of the timeline Wyatt only knows of? Could Rittenhouse have brought her back only to somehow brainwash her into doing their bidding? Or is she, and always has been Rittenhouse? I think in the long term for Wyatt to have a connection to Rittenhouse like Lucy and Rufus, I would say the latter. But maybe she wanted out of Rittenhouse, married Wyatt which ultimately resulted in her death? There are endless possibilities that I can’t land on one until we know more. However we have more of a solid ground now, it’s definitely an altered timeline. What was interesting to me was when Jessica was describing Wyatt and their life, it sounds like the person Flynn read about in Lucy’s journal. So no matter what timeline, they weren’t good for each other, Jessica seemed to possibly bring out the worst in him. Not saying she’s a bad person (that we know of yet) but maybe they just weren’t compatible and Wyatt just needs to see this for himself without the clouded guilt of her death hanging over him.

As for Jessica’s decision? Of course she will say ‘yes’. Apart from the fact it’s Wyatt ‘Emotive Angel’ Logan. He is her husband and if she’s truly innocent in all of this, maybe you would give it another go after everything he has now told you about his life and the altered reality they are in.

Then there’s the cynic inside of me (trust me, she’s big) and I can’t help but think Jessica giving him divorce papers and telling him it’s over, is a big ol’ rouse. Jessica would know Wyatt’s reaction to that, she even said it herself he puts her and their marriage on a ‘pedestal’. She knows he would fight and have an extreme reaction. Part of me thinks she knows all about the bunker, and needed a sure fire way to get in. Queue emotional and reckless husband! Too easy you would say. But it’s possible. Wyatt’s job is to protect the team and whose in that team? Lucy. Remember 2×01? Emma says “You can’t protect her anymore” and Wyatt strongly responds “I can”. Rittenhouse has another plan to get rid of Lucy, maybe this is it? Have Wyatt distracted enough to lose focus and not protect Lucy….I think they are seriously underestimating Lucy and Wyatt’s connection. Dead wife or not.

Jenna: I have gone around and around on this. I wanted her to be RH before this episode, but now that I’ve seen it, I’m not sure.

I do like how they made it clear from the beginning of the episode that Rittenhouse is the reason she is alive, but right now I don’t think there is any more to it than that.

If you wanted to take down the team, this is honestly the best way. Anyone with eyes could see there was something going on between Wyatt and Lucy and they would know from the recordings from the previous season that Wyatt was still pining for his wife. I am excited to see how this plays out because either way it is going to be heartbreaking.

Funmbi: I have a lot of feelings about Jessica being alive. Clearly, I don’t like that Jessica’s return throws a monkey-wrench in my Lyatt OTP. “Hollywoodland” is such a treat because we get to witness how Lucy and Wyatt have been vulnerable with one another, emotionally connecting, PHYSICALLY connecting. They’ve each been struggling, but together, they’ve found some happiness and are ready to explore the next phase of their relationship. AND THEN JESSICA. *RAGE* Because of course we can’t have nice Lyatt things.

As far as the role of Rittenhouse, I am Agent Christopher: “If Rittenhouse brought her back, she could BE the danger.”

Real talk and WHOLE truths right here! Now, I don’t know if Jessica is willingly colluding with Rittenhouse, but there *has* to be a reason they think that reuniting her with Wyatt will help further their goals. With Jessica in the picture, it calls into question Wyatt’s loyalty to the Time Team and drives a wedge between the family. This would make it difficult for the Time Team to chase Rittenhouse operatives across time and foil their plans. But I have to wonder… could Carol be behind the plan to bring Jessica back? I mean, there are lots of ways to break up the Time Team, why this? I’m thinking that Carol’s plan is to break up Lyatt, specifically, and use Lucy’s heartbreak to lure her back into the family. Just a though.


Lucy’s clearly heartbroken in this episode – and yet she pushes Wyatt towards Jessica, as the noble person she is. Do you agree with her decision? Do you understand her reaction? What do you think her journey in the episodes to come is?

Lizzie: This is a tricky question. I think what she did was totally in character, I didn’t expect her to act any other way, and honestly, I don’t think I would either, were I in her shoes. So I guess I do understand it, and writing-wise, I agree this was the path to take, but a selfish part of me wanted her to fight for him, you know? Now, I realize that wasn’t probably the  time, and that’s exactly what Lucy’s journey is in the next few episodes, imho, giving him the space, yes, and trying to be his friend anyway, but also, at some point, coming to the realization that she can and should voice what she wants, because above all things, Wyatt is also her friend, and he deserves her honesty.

Separate from Wyatt, though, and as much as this hurts and as much as she’s got a right to be heartbroken, Lucy has never been the type to sit and mope. So I expect her to keep being Lucy, to keep trying to bring Rittenhouse down. Hopefully, Wyatt and her will come to the place they need to come to at the same time, but for now, she needs to keep on living, and fighting and being who she is – the woman Wyatt loves. He’ll find his way, she can’t control that. All she can do is be Lucy.

Alyssa: Oh, Lucy, you noble idiot. I love you, I do. If there was the epitome of pain it was this phone conversation, which managed to emotionally gut me in a way I wasn’t prepared for. Watching Lucy’s face as she learned that Jessica was alive was the kind of pain that you can’t shake for awhile. Seeing her future and possibilities slip away was gut wrenching. And yet, I agree with her decision. I feel like if any of us were in this same situation that we’d do the same exact thing. What else could Lucy have done? Demanded Wyatt not try and reconnect with his wife? That’s just not in her character. While she might not know it, Lucy (like us) knows that Wyatt needs to reconnect with Jessica. He needs to give this a chance. He needs to see if it can work. If he doesn’t and comes back to Lucy, he’s settling.

I’m a firm believer that this always had to happen if Lucy and Wyatt were to move forward. Jessica’s ghost has been a burden since season 1 — one that needed to be exercised before further inhibiting further development. Now, we get the chance to see that resolution. I think we all know what the endgame here will be. Wyatt will choose Lucy, because she’s his future. He’s a different person now, and that’s because of Lucy. But in order to get to that endgame, we have to deal with the cauliflower in the room. I feel like Lucy’s journey this season, as it pertains to Wyatt, is learning that she has to fight for what she wants. Right now she’s content, and rightfully so, to sit back and let this play out. But that’s not going to work forever. Eventually, Lucy is going to have to fight for Wyatt. And I feel like we’ll get to that point this season.

Lyra: I agree with Lucy’s decision and I understand why she did it. Hell, if I was in her situation I would have done the same thing too. Some think that she should have given him the heads-up that she was an option. But he would have thought about Jessica for the rest of his life if Lucy did give him that option other than Jessica. Humans always think of the what ifs. And Jessica is one of the biggest in Wyatt’s life. He has to make a decision and she has to be given an opportunity to grow to a point where she can ask for what she wants, be that Wyatt or help from Flynn to go to the extreme to defeat her mother and Rittenhouse. The Lucy that we’re going to be seeing now is going to be a little bit more unhinged, a little bit more willing, and a little bit more dangerous. And it’s not because of heartbreak that these changes are going to come upon her. It’s the fact that she feels a little bit lost and to fix what’s around her and protect her family from her own family she’ll do what she has to. Honestly, who wouldn’t?

Sarah T: I don’t agree with it at all, but I completely understand why she would choose to do it. One of the things I’ve observed about Lucy, is she’s used to taking care of herself. Her connection and bond with Wyatt, as strong as it’s become, is not enough to withstand the instinct to protect herself and the assumption Wyatt would choose his wife over her. It breaks my heart to see her make that choice, but I get it – if I were in her shoes I’d have made the same decision. Letting him go though isn’t going to make those feelings go away, as hard as she’ll likely try to bury them and her heartbreak to support Wyatt.

I think her journey going forward is learning to let that assumption and instinct to put up a wall go. I know it’s a really awkward situation (damn you Rittenhouse), but everything that happened in the past doesn’t take away from the very real love that’s between her and Wyatt now. She deserves to see herself as someone worth choosing, and that not only is having this kind of love possible, it’s right there in that bunker.

Lacey: Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. You amazing, strong, beautiful, noble woman you. As much as it kills me, I totally agree with her decision and I can see why she would make it. At the end of the day, Jessica is Wyatt’s wife (vomit). Someone he has loved and mourned over. Someone he thought he’d never see again; that he’d lost forever. She’s backing off to give him a chance to see if there’s still something there because it’s the right thing to do.

Does it hurt? Yes! Do I wish Jessica would disappear? Obviously. But Lucy’s decision is something that not many people would be able to make. She’s clearly heartbroken and is madly in love with Wyatt. This is the ultimate test of “if you love something, let it go” that I’ve ever seen. She’s letting Wyatt go because it’s what has to happen at this moment. Wyatt will see (if he hasn’t started to already) that Jessica is his past and Lucy is his future; his forever. But the road to get to that is going to suck ass!! *insert 1,000 sobbing emojis*

Kayla: Lucy, oh, Lucy. You are a noble person. I do agree, Wyatt never got closure – something this will give him I’m certain. It will make Wyatt realize his ideals of his marriage weren’t all it was cracked up to be and that he’ll have a lot to think on.

I believe Lucy will respect this and will wait for Wyatt to come to her. Lucy is strong. Even with a broken heart – she’s out there being the strong woman she is in a situation that is less than ideal.

In future episodes, we’ll definitely see the heartache – but I feel she will be strong against Carol. There’s a bigger picture here – and she knows that history itself relies on stopping Rittenhouse.

Bex: I would have been disappointed in Lucy if she’d responded any other way. She knows Wyatt needs to reconnect with Jessica. She knows what he’s been through. Had she been selfish or angry or given him any kind of ultimatum it would have damaged their relationship further. And I don’t believe for a second she’s lost him. I think his heart is so torn between these two women that he will still very much be present for Lucy if/when she needs him. I think her journey will include accepting Jessica in the bunker, working through this new dynamic, and ultimately if we get a Lyatt happy ending this season I think it will be because Wyatt finally got total closure on Jessica, finally freeing him of that baggage.

Sarah: My heart ached for her in this whole episode. The fundamental part of Lucy is her selflessness. She has displayed it on numerous occasions and none more so than this very moment that she calls Wyatt and he tells her Jessica is alive. Can we take a moment and praise Abigail Spencer here? She was amazing in this scene. That single tear as she lay there? Flawless and i don’t believe we’ve seen the best from her yet this season either.

For a genuine moment she was pleased for him, then she realized what it meant for ‘them’. Lucy was always going to push Wyatt to do the right thing. Like it would be out of character for Wyatt to see Jess and say “Great, your alive. Later,” it would then be out of character for Lucy to say “Pick me. Choose me”. She never would, it’s not about her in that moment. It’s about Wyatt and his happiness, and from what she has gone through in those 6 weeks until now, she’s not thinking about her own happiness, it’s not a priority to her right now. But I believe that will change.

I think we’ve already seen what resolve she has. From the willingness to sacrifice herself to stop Rittenhouse, change history to stop them and standing up to her Mother. Admitting she would rather hang than join her and Rittenhouse. This will always be a story about Wyatt and Lucy, but i believe this is also about two people working on themselves separately from one another to come together even stronger and better than before. Lucy has her own personal journey to go on before her and Wyatt can be together and i am looking forward to her standing her ground against Emma/Carol and maybe even Wyatt. She’s strong, and she’s going to prove it.

Jenna: I knew the moment we found out Jessica was coming back that Lucy would push him away. What else can she do? There isn’t a handbook to consider, it’s not like anyone did anything wrong. It just shows how much she actually loves Wyatt that she would give him up. Lucy knows more than anyone how much Jessica’s death tortured Wyatt. She saw it in a million different ways throughout Season One. She wouldn’t be true to herself or her love for Wyatt if she didn’t let him explore his marriage and feelings.

I think now Lucy needs to find out who she is without Wyatt. He has been her “safe place” for most of the series. Maybe this new “kick ass” Lucy is going to take the world by storm!

Funmbi: *SIGH* Again, I’m all sorts of conflicted about Lucy’s decision here. Part of me is pretty shocked that Lucy would just give up on her relationship with Wyatt. Why not put up a fight? Wyatt isn’t the man he was when you first met him, so there’s no reason to expect that his relationship with Jessica would be the best for him. At the same time, Lucy has witnessed Wyatt’s pain and guilt over the way Jessica died and his frustration about not being able to change history to save her. So when the chance comes, it’s out of her love and care for Wyatt that Lucy would want him to have a second chance to make things right with Jessica.

It’s going to hurt Lucy to watch Wyatt make a go of things with Jessica. With that said, I think it’s going to become very clear very quickly that Wyatt is no longer the best partner for Jessica and vice-versa. Yet, I don’t see Lucy as the lady to sit around and mope. She has a plan to take out Rittenhouse–if Wyatt is on board, good. If not, Lucy will find someone else who is. Like Flynn…


Rufus’ was so concerned about the possibility of killing someone that he not only was not a support to Lucy, he almost was a tad unfair with Jiya. What advice would you give Rufus right now, if you could have a talk with him? What do you expect from him?

Lizzie: Rufus, my dear, I love you, but you need to get out of your own head a bit. I said it in my review, but I need to say it again: Life sucks for everyone, and it’s entirely possible it sucks for the people closest to you more than it sucks for you, which I realize is a new experience for a time traveling black guy. But hey, that’s the way cards were dealt. So look outside of your own problems and your own concerns for a minute or two. Your friends need you. Jiya needs you. They need you to be there. They need you to be you. Don’t let hem down.

Alyssa: Rufus, I love you, but we need to have a talk. I’m more than okay with Rufus not wanting to know about Jiya’s visions because, as we saw, it affected his actions on the mission. He was distracted and on edge and it showed. And because of that he failed to recognize that two important women in his life were hurting. If there’s ever been a bigger proponent of Lyatt, it’s been Rufus. So it was surprising that Rufus couldn’t see that Lucy was hurting and be that support system we’ve come to expect. As for the Jiya situation, I was more upset than anything about how he communicated the message of not wanting to know the visions. He was pushing Jiya away during a time when she needed a shoulder to lean on. I’m perfectly okay with Rufus not wanting to know about the visions, but he needs to understand that in being in a relationship with Jiya he needs to be mindful of her feelings, as well.

Lyra: In the words of Pete from Shaun of the Dead, “Sort your fucking life out, mate!” I know it’s kind of not fair to measure the levels of suckage that people have in their lives but… YOURS IS THE LOWEST, RUFUS. Your girlfriend is seeing visions of your bleak future due to some timey wimey stuff and your friends have basically split up before they even got together. Stop thinking about your damn self and don’t you dare try to isolate Jiya. You guys are living together in some secret bunker. If you can’t depend on each other then who else can you depend on? Sort your life out before Jiya does the dumping just like Liz did to Shaun.

Sarah T: Personally I would sit down next to him, hand him a drink, look him in the eye and ask “what in God’s name are you doing?!” Gently, but firmly of course. Rufus had a rough time of it this hour, but it was hard to watch him miss how much Lucy was struggling from the Jessica reveal, and take his anger out on Jiya over visions she has no control over.

It can be hard to step outside your own point of view when you’re so caught up in the pain and struggle you’re feeling (trust me I’m experienced in this issue), but if you don’t make that choice you risk missing when the people you care about need you the most. I don’t expect him to be okay immediately with what’s going on, but I do expect him to notice how his actions are affecting Lucy and Jiya especially. Please be honest, yes but don’t forget to really listen to what they are saying, without letting emotion take over to the point where you are hearing, but not listening.

Lacey: I’m torn with this one. I can totally understand Rufus freaking out and sort of pushing Jiya away. Imagine someone telling you you’re going to kill someone you’ve never met. It’s almost like a page out of the movie Minority Report. You’re basically living your life on edge waiting for that inevitable moment where you’ll take someone’s life. That has to take a toll on someone’s mindset. Rufus was already going into this time jump (1) without Wyatt, (2) with Flynn (someone he fought so hard to imprison last season) and (3) with the feeling of dread looming over him. I’m surprised he even kept it together.

Now, could he have handled his conversation with Jiya better? Abso-friggin-lutely! She was just looking out for him, warning him because she loves him and she didn’t want him to live with taking someone’s life hanging over him. I think he’ll come around and realize that and apologize to Jiya but right now, he’s so inside his own head with worry and doubt that he’s not thinking clearly.

Kayla: I’d advise Rufus to be open minded about it and to listen to Jiya about the visions she’s experiencing. She can’t control it, and she brought it to Rufus’ attention because she KNEW he deserved to know what was happening. Jiya needs to show some sympathy to the situation and be there for Jiya – as a good boyfriend should. And apologize to Jiya, because these visions are not Jiya’s fault.

As for Lucy, he should try to be there for her in this tough situation. It’s rough on him too. He was rooting for them. So he just needs to be there for Lucy.

Bex: I disagree. It’s an interesting question he posed: how much of what happened was fate, and how much was because of Jiya’s words to him? I understand his reluctance to want to hear about the visions. He’s travelled to the past just fine without hearing about possible events that could directly affect him. Now, being told of the visions, it changes the way he thinks, changes his actions, the decisions he makes.

Maybe he should have been more supportive of Lucy, especially during that conversation in the tavern, and he probably could have made it sound less like he agreed she’s a horrible person, but he’s stressed, he’s worried he’s going to kill someone, and he’s human, so he’s flawed.

As for advice, I agree with him that he shouldn’t be privy to Jiya’s visions, but I’d also tell him to stop and think about the way he’s coming across, because he’s not the only one upset right now.

Sarah: I will admit I was a little annoyed by Rufus in this episode. I get that he had this going on. It’s a shock to be told your girlfriend has visions of YOUR future. But Rufus in the past has been known to make it ‘about himself’. So that’s not totally out of character.  I believe i speak for many when it would have been nice to see Rufus comfort Lucy on what was going on, he was so ‘pro’ Lyatt. Whilst we got a cursory nod to it from him, it didn’t feel like it was enough, considering the friendship these two have. You know if roles have been reversed Lucy would have asked him how he was. I’m hoping we get it in the next episode because Lucy needs comfort and support from her friends.

The way he approached his conversation with Jiya was unfair. She has visions, and everyone knows that visions aren’t always what they seem. Plus she’s only had two about him. She wasn’t to know how it was going to go, but she was warning him, getting him prepared for potential danger. I wanted an apology if i’m honest, it’s definitely not her fault.

I would say to Rufus to be open-minded and understanding. This is all new to Jiya, and she’s the one experiencing the visions that she can’t control. Listen and be sympathetic we know he does caring boyfriend well, I think she would need more of that. It would be scary enough as it is without having the closest person to you, blame you for a death you weren’t there for or had no control over.

Jenna: I agree with a lot of what Bex said. Jiya’s vision did change the way he approached the people in the mission and the mission itself at the end.

As for Rufus not being there for Lucy? Rufus has time. He was caught up in a lot of different things during this episode. I think there will be moments in the episodes to come when he is there for both Lucy and Wyatt in his own way. But my advice for Rufus would be to relax.

Funmbi: Rufus, my favorite #HeroInAHoodie, you have to get out of your own head because right now you’re being your own worst enemy. BE BETTER. Rufus cares about Jiya, of course. I think her visions have him so spooked that he can’t see beyond his own fear and what the visions mean for him. But if Rufus is this afraid, just think of how Jiya must feel. She’s experiencing a very unique illness (and thanks to Connor Mason, we know that it’s likely fatal). It makes total sense that Jiya would want to share what she’s going through with her partner. Plus, there’s the added concern of Jiya wanting to use whatever she knows to protect Rufus in his travels. *SIDENOTE* Is Jiya *only* having visions of Rufus?!

For Rufus to tell Jiya to keep her visions a secret from him doesn’t set a good precedent for the relationship. Furthermore, he’s being highly dismissive and selfish. Fine, you don’t want specifics, but to silence Jiya like this is unfair. I just hope Jiya can find someone else to turn to, like maybe Lucy or Agent Christopher or Connor.

As far as Lucy, I need Rufus to make sure that she’s able to help her manage how awkward things are going to be with Jessica in the bunker now. He’s the only one who knows the depth of what Lucy is going through. I need Rufus to deflect, physically keep Jessica away from Lucy, etc. BE BETTER.


Wyatt is so caught up in this ideal of what his marriage was that he’s ignoring reality. How do you feel about the way he behaved this episode? In character? OOC? What do you think his journey in the episodes to come is?

Lizzie: Oh, totally in character. This is Wyatt to a “T” and it kinda pains me to see people criticizing him left and right, not just because this is who he’s always been, but because who he is a suuuuch a good guy. Yes, he’s reckless and yes, he lets himself be ruled by emotion, but he genuinely cares and he just wants to right his wrongs. That’s the main motivation I see for the Jessica thing. He’s so consumed by guilt about how she died and by shock at seeing her alive and so caught up in this idea that he had of their marriage that he just isn’t seeing the full picture. He can’t …not yet. So his journey is exactly that, he needs to be with Jessica to see that he doesn’t want to be with Jessica anymore. That perhaps their relationship was never what he thought it was. That perhaps she just wasn’t the one for him. That the man he is today owes a lot to Lucy and Rufus, and that man, the one he’s grown to be, doesn’t belong with Jessica. He belongs with Lucy. He loves Lucy.

And I have no doubt he’ll get there. You shouldn’t either. And you shouldn’t judge him as he finds his way. Instead, you should be proud of the fact that he’s willing to go through this emotional journey.

Alyssa: While it might seem out of character, I don’t actually believe that Wyatt was out-of-character in this episode. The thing about Wyatt — sweet, noble, loving Wyatt Logan — is that he’s someone that leads with his heart. For someone that likes to put up the strong soldier front, Wyatt is someone that cares a damn lot and it shows. And that’s why Rittenhouse decided to bring Jessica back, however they did it. They know who Wyatt is. They knew that bringing back his wife would not only distract him but serve to put a divide in the team. Wyatt’s a noble guy. Once his dead wife was alive again there was no way he was not going to go to her. There was no way he wasn’t going to try and make this work. Just because we didn’t necessarily like how Wyatt handled this whole situation doesn’t mean it was OOC. Wyatt will always strive to do the right thing. Wyatt will always strive to do what’s best for those he loves, even if he accidentally hurts himself or others in the process. Wyatt loves with his entire being, and his actions speak volumes. That’s just who Wyatt is.

But at the same time, Wyatt has completely idealized his marriage. It wasn’t perfect. It was ugly. He wasn’t the best version of himself, as we know given the circumstances of Jessica’s death. He got drunk, they had a fight, and let her out of the car and she was killed. But after her death Wyatt idealized a situation that wasn’t healthy. A big part of his journey is going to be exploring his marriage with Jessica and realizing that things weren’t as he believed them to be. He needs to realize that the man he was when he was with Jessica isn’t the man that he is now.

Lyra: This is probably the second dumbest thing that Wyatt’s ever done, first being when he took a time machine and tried to kill the man who killed his wife. Right now he’s not letting his heart or his brain guide him. He’s letting his past blind him from the reality that he wasn’t a good husband and that his relationship with Jessica wasn’t rainbows and butterflies. It was more like spats and leaving your spouse on the side of the road. What comes next for Wyatt is pain and life lessons. He has to experience first-hand, and acknowledge, the fact that his relationship with Jessica has been dead for a long time and that he wasn’t a good husband. There’s no going back or fixing them because they were never good together. The time will come when it’ll be revealed that Jessica is evil and I pray to God that his mind has cleared and he’s beeeeeen left her because his heart has decided on Lucy. *Join in me in a prayer circle*

Sarah T: His behavior wasn’t at all surprising, initially for a man who found out his dead wife had been resurrected by time travel. As much as I was yelling at the screen for it, it was incredibly in character for him to give into his more reckless tendencies, and bring Jessica right down to the bunker and time machine to prove what he was saying. Even if it was at the expense of the rest of the team, and everything they’ve gone through to fight Rittenhouse up to this point. That in particular made me more angry, than Jessica finding out the truth.

His choices this episode, I think are going to force him to look at what he’s idealized all these years about Jessica, and the consequences of bringing her into the bunkhouse. It’s not going to be easy in the slightest, but his journey of facing the past will end up being what he needed most to face his future – specifically who he wants in it.

Lacey: I don’t think he was out of character at all. Throughout season 1, we saw him fight to try and bring Jessica back and when it seemed like it would never happen, he finally accepted that she was gone and started to move on, then BAM! She’s back. I think the guilt he felt over her death is the main driving force in him pushing to make this marriage work again. Does he love Jessica? Of course but not the way he loves Lucy. With Lucy, things are natural and all the pieces seem to fit perfectly. But with Jessica, there are scars and pain and rough memories attached and I think he’s trying to repair all of that at once.

With Jessica, I feel like she wants him to be something that he isn’t to fit her image of him but with Lucy and Rufus, he’s able to be himself. He’s changed but in a way that’s still him. I feel like Lucy has especially brought out something that was already within him. He’ll realize that and it’s going to be amazing to watch! (Sidenote, I’m really trying to see Jessica as a good person but the fangirl in me just can’t LOL)

Kayla: I do believe he was still in character. Wyatt often forgets to think things through before he does them it’s normal. He didn’t get closure with Jessica. She was murdered. Ripped from him and he spent the next 6 years grieving. Most of season 1, he tried to get Jessica back. This is what he wanted.

Eventually, he realized his mission had failed and he began to move on – with Lucy. All of a sudden there is Jessica. We know from Jessica that Wyatt wasn’t the best husband. He now has realize his memories of their marriage are not what he thought they were. He needs the closure of this to be able to be able to fully move on with Lucy.

Bex: 100% in character. That was the reckless hothead Wyatt Logan we all know and love. Impulsive, breaking rules, and desperate to get Jessica back in his life. I’m not sure I’d say he’s ignoring reality, so much as still coming to terms with Jessica being back. I think it will take time for the memories of their past issues to become fresh again, because he’s remembered only the good times for the past six years.

His journey is one towards forgiveness and closure. Forgiveness for himself, for her death in the original timeline, and closure for their marriage.

Sarah: Aww our dear sweet, reckless hothead. I think it was the Wyatt we know, he doesn’t fully think before putting things into action, and that’s clear for the people he cares about the most. Let’s recall his actions in season 1, it was all about Jessica and getting her back. Now down to Rittenhouse, he has her (btw Wyatt, you think they did that as a sweet gift? Think boy, think!). But things aren’t what they seem in all senses of the word (but i will focus on Wyatt for now). This timeline ‘Wyatt’ was not pleasant to be married to, and its pushed Jess to signing divorce papers and wanting to move on with her life. I won’t say that Wyatt’s words to her in this episode didn’t sting, but i have to keep reminding myself that his is HIS WIFE. He married her for a reason, he loved and cared about her. He saw her dead body be taken away after the horrible fight they had. For 6 years he has carried that guilt with him and now she’s standing in front of him alive. We all have to put it in perspective, if our loved one came back from the dead after a fight, would we not want to make amends and try again? I’ve seen plenty of Wyatt bashing about this, but i genuinely can’t do that.

I believe it will only be when BOTH women are there in front of him that he will realize it’s not just about getting Jess back. Sure they have to work on their marriage, but how much are you going to be able to actually work on it, when the person you have extremely strong feelings for, works with you and lives in the same place?

Wyatt’s journey now is about realizing Jess and their marriage was closer to what she described than he cared to admit. Did you notice he barely acknowledged those things? Like because it was a ‘different’ timeline, it wasn’t him so he didn’t need to even entertain the fact? I thought it was telling. Once Wyatt sees that, it’s about closure. After all, this needed to happen for him to be able to move on, not only with the rest of his life without any guilt, but to his relationship with Lucy.

Jenna: Wyatt is 100% in character. He is reckless, impulsive and doesn’t think of the consequences before he acts. He had to know. He had to break out of the bunker and see her with is own eyes. He has spent so long blaming himself, basically living a half life because of the guilt. I don’t think he is ignoring reality, he is trying to get her to understand what his reality had been for six years.

He keeps telling Jessica is he a different person than the one she knew. I wonder if he knows it is because of Lucy. When he figures that out, there is only one conclusion. He needs closure with Jessica so he can move on with Lucy.

Funmbi: The thing that didn’t become clear to me until a conversation with Lizzie is that Jessica’s memories of her marriage to Wyatt are real. That relationship was NOT healthy and Wyatt was not a nice guy. And actually, I don’t know if Wyatt has idealized his marriage. As I mention before, Wyatt has felt guilt and pain about Jessica’s death for a long time. I do think it’s within his character to want to make up for his past mistakes and failure (as he would see it). Wyatt wasn’t able to protect Jessica before, you better believe he will put 125% of himself into being a better partner for her now that he has a second shot at it.

I, personally can’t imagine wanting to go back to what feels like a toxic situation. However, I can see how Wyatt would argue that he has changed and can be a better man for Jessica now.

Lucy Preston | 2x04 | A single tear for a broken heart

Pick one song to describe your feelings about this episode.

Lizzie: “Say Something” by A Great Big World

Alyssa: “What Hurts the Most” by Rascal Flatts

Lyra: “Baby Come Back” by Player

Sarah T: Who’s That Girl” by Hilary Duff

Lacey: “The Tracks of My Tears” by Smokey Robinson

Kayla: Alyssa chose the first song that came to mind when I read this question. AGREED!

Bex: Sometimes It’s A Bitch” by Stevie Nicks

Sarah: “Wicked Game” by Chris Issacs but the version by Karliene because of this stunning fan video titled, Lucy and Wyatt Wicked Game”

Jenna: Perfect Girl” by Sarah McLaughlin

Funmbi: “Broken Hearted” by Brandy featuring Wanya Morris

Agree? Disagree? Share with us in the comments below and stay tuned for part 2 of our round-table, coming tomorrow!

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