‘Timeless’ 2×04 Roundtable: “The Salem Witch Trials” Part 2

As always, we had way too many feels for just a one-part Timeless round-table, so here we go again. We still have to talk Jiya, Riya, our favorite scoundrel Flynn, and yes – Lyatt! You think we were really gonna go a whole roundtable without checking in with our Lyatt feels? It’s like you don’t even know us.

You can check out PART 1 of the roundtable here.

Let’s go!

thegeriatricfangirl:“Rufus and Jiya in sync….. ”

 If you’re Jiya – do you listen to Rufus? Do you keep your visions to yourself? How do you think the conversation they had in this episode affects their relationship going forward? 

Lizzie: Part of being in a relationship is finding a balance. Right now, with these two, it seems it’s one way or the other – so to answer the last part of the question first, they’re gonna have to find a balance that’s not Jiya keeping quiet 100% of the time. That being said, I think she will listen to him at first and not tell him, which I also think will tear at her to the point that Rufus will just have to be like, okay, fine, tell me. Either that or he’s gonna get hurt badly because she DOESN’T say something, and I really, really don’t want that.

I also want to add that, as I said in my review, I’m really glad we’re getting this storyline with Riya, that the writers are giving them a chance to have relationship issues and grow and learn, together. They’re not just a token relationship and they’re not just there to check diversity boxes, and I’m glad we’re getting to explore their problems, and I feel just as connected to their journey as Lyatt’s. That’s rare and wonderful.

Alyssa: I believe that Jiya will listen to Rufus in terms of telling him about her visions, unless it’s something life threatening. With that said, I don’t want Jiya to have to deal with this on her own. She shouldn’t have to. Honestly, I’d love to see Jiya reach out to Lucy about these visions since Rufus doesn’t want to know about them. I’m all for any type of Lucy and Jiya bonding, and this opportunity is perfectly presented. Not to mention the implication of any potential vision. What if a Time Team member is in jeopardy? Is Jiya supposed to be quiet and let them get hurt? Though in the beginning Jiya might keep quiet about her visions, when she gets wind of something serious I have no doubt she’ll come forward about it. As far as Jiya and Rufus’ conversation, I feel like it’s a significant test in their relationship. In telling Jiya that he doesn’t want to know about the visions, he’s pushing her away. He’s not showing that he’s that shoulder that she can lean on during these times of need. But that’s something that Rufus is going to have to learn this season. When you’re in a relationship it’s not just about you anymore. It’s about you and your partner. You are a team. You work together. You need to communicate. You lean on each other. You comfort each other.

Lyra: x

Sarah T: I’m sorry Rufus, but I am with Jiya on this one. I know he thinks ignorance is better in this case, but despite what Jiya told him it’s a lot more complicated than a self fulfilling prophecy coming true in Salem. Who’s to say it wouldn’t have played out like he experienced or what happened in Jiya’s vision even if she’d said nothing?

Whether Jiya says her visions or keeps them to herself, this is going to be a point of contention for them. I don’t like seeing both my otps struggling, but I can’t deny it’s nice to see Rufus and Jiya’s relationship get that kind of attention from the writer’s instead of focusing it all on Lucy and Wyatt. Going forward I just hope they can communicate honestly with each other, since I’m not still not certain Jiya is 100 percent “okay.”

Lacey: I see her pulling back a little but like others have said, depending on what the vision is, I think she’ll intervene. I agree with Alyssa that I would also like to see her reach out to Lucy. I think Lucy would approach the visions with a level head whereas, I think Rufus is too emotionally invested in a way. It’ll be interesting to see how Jiya handles things from here. If I were Team TImeless though, I’d use her gift as an advantage to try and take Rittenhouse down.

Kayla: If I was Jiya, no, I would not listen to Rufus. She shouldn’t keep these visions to herself. She may actually see something that impacts their mission.

I believe it will affect them – and that Rufus will need to come to terms with it and actually apologize to Jiya. He needs to support her through this more than anything.

Bex: I can’t imagine she’ll be able to keep it to herself. It’s too much for one person. I think she’ll break and tell him something huge. Or will she try going to someone else with them instead? Like Flynn, who previously travelled with the inside knowledge from Lucy’s journal.

Sarah: Jiya has always been good at doing what SHE wants to do. Clearly these visions could help Rufus and the team in the future. I think what might cause friction from now on is her actually listening to him, but telling another member of the team. I think Rufus will regret asking her not to tell him from now on. But it’s still Rufus, it’s still her boyfriend. For example, what if she sees Rufus being kidnapped, she could likely tell Wyatt or Lucy to keep an eye out for whoever she saw take him. Therefore she unloads some of the burden on others, while still trying to keep Rufus safe. I imagine once Rufus would find out that he wasn’t told, he would get annoyed. So he wouldn’t be able to have it both ways.

Until Rufus truly listens and accepts that her visions aren’t something she can control, but are warnings that he needs to know about, then I envision this going on for a while as the catalyst in their relationship. Isn’t it all meant to be about trust and honesty?

Jenna: If I was Jiya, I wouldn’t be able to keep it to myself. That is a lot for one person. Why not speak with Lucy? Hell, even Flynn if Rufus doesn’t want to hear it. Because if something happens, Jiya will blame herself.

Funmbi: If I’m Jiya, I give Rufus a side-eye, call him out for not being supportive, and then go find someone else to confide in about the visions. My hope is that someone, maybe Lucy or Connor, knocks some sense into Rufus and he realizes how selfish he’s being to alienate Jiya. But ultimately, Jiya may need to put herself and her health first.

I think it’s so interesting that, whereas the earlier people who got that time travel sickness died or have schizophrenia, Jiya seems to be physically improving. I wish Connor could reveal a little bit more of the trajectory if the illness with the others. Like did they get physically better while their mental health deteriorated as a result of the visions?  


Flynn’s goals clearly align with the Time Team at this point, so he’s on their side. Do you think he stays on their side if there’s another way to get his family? And what was your take of that scene when they get off the Lifeboat? Is there a romantic vibe there for you?

Lizzie: I think he stays on their side, mostly because they’re his best shot. If he could take down Rittenhouse any other way, he’d take it. I’m not sure he can, so the Time Team is his best shot. Flynn’s a smart man, and I think he’s also a man who has found in the Time Team people that he sorta likes, a little despite himself. So yeah, I think he stays on their side. That doesn’t mean I’d trust him 100% – his family is still priority #1, and that will never change.

As for the Flynn/Lucy of it all, no. I don’t think there’s a romantic vibe there, though I do think Flynn cares for Lucy, or at least for the Lucy he thinks he knows, the one he met through the diary. And also, I think he has a soft spot for Wyatt (interpret that how you will), because he realizes he and Wyatt are very similar and in a way, Wyatt got back what he wanted – his family.

Alyssa: If there’s any chance that Flynn can save his family, there’s a 100 percent chance that he will take it. Flynn will not hesitate to sacrifice the Time Team in order to do that. While he’s an ally this season, you can’t forget that this is a man that nearly killed them on several occasions in an attempt to save his family. You think he wouldn’t resort back to that if there was a chance to save his family? Even when he was saving Lucy and Rufus back in Salem, it wasn’t because he genuinely cares for them. It was because he recognizes them and this team as the way to get revenge on Rittenhouse. As for that scene getting off the Lifeboat, there was no romantic vibe between Lucy and Flynn. If anything, it felt like Flynn was merely trying to piss Wyatt off more than anything. But there’s the potential for a friendship between Lucy and Flynn, which I’ll be curious to see play out. But friendship and romance are two completely different vibes.

Lyra: x

Sarah T: To be honest, it’s hard to tell with Flynn. He’s the wild card, and as much as he fought, sass included, to keep Lucy and Rufus safe in Salem I don’t know where his loyalties truly lie. He’s clearly motivated to help take down Rittenhouse, but after watching Wyatt get his wife back and the fall out from that, it makes me wonder if that will alter his desire to get his family back.

What surprised me more than anything was how kind he was to Lucy in the Lifeboat and after they got back. I don’t know if it rings as romantic, but it definitely felt like friendship to me. If he starts getting protective of Lucy as a reaction to what happened with Wyatt then I have no issue with this. Partly because I want Wyatt to get the wake up call, and to get it from Flynn of all people would just be a twist.

Lacey: I think Flynn is like Slade Wilson on Arrow and that it’s just a matter of time before he betrays the team again. I don’t trust him or like him. He’s a loose canon as we clearly saw in this week’s episode. He’s too hot headed and would rather go in guns a blazing versus actually talking to people, novel idea, I know. And as far as a romantic notion between him and Lucy…vomit! No thank you! Not only do I not want it, but I didn’t see any sparks of any kind. Though I wouldn’t put it past Flynn to make Wyatt think that something is going on between him and Lucy just to fuck with him because that’s the kind of person Flynn is. *eye roll*

Hey Flynn, go be with Jessica. #problemsolved

Kayla: If there was another way for Flynn to get his family back – would he switch sides? With how much he HATES Rittenhouse. Doubt it. I doubt there’s much Rittenhouse can offer him that would make him switch. It would have to be something very out there for that.

As for when they got off the lifeboat, no I don’t see a romantic vibe – but I do sense him realizing that Lucy is hurt and the source is Wyatt. He’s being a good “friend”. Nothing more.

Bex: He might go rogue, with the help of a pilot, not unlike Wyatt in 1×13, if there’s a chance to get his family back. I think Lucy might even help him, if such a chance occurred, because she knows the pain of losing family. I wonder how seeing Wyatt and Jessica will affect him this season.

As for any Garcy hints, maybe. I’ve gone back and forth on this many times, and I just can’t decide either way. Maybe there’s something romantic there, but if so it’s one-sided. It’s likely to be respect more than anything, and I think he does genuinely care for her, because her journal helped him so much in the past.

Sarah: I think we will see more of a ‘team’ mentality in Flynn this season. I think he knows this is a long game, so to get his family back he has to go at the source. Taking down Rittenhouse was and i think, always will be his objective. The whole reason this started was down to Flynn taking the Mothership to take out key members of Rittenhouse. That clearly didn’t work so now he’s working with the Time Team to take them down another way. Especially as they seem to have new plans now for the future.

We also can’t forget what he knows from Lucy’s journal, time can shift and change, so how much of it is still relevant? That is very interesting to me.

The lifeboat scene; honestly no i don’t see it as romantic. And that’s not just coming from a Lyatt shipper. Their bond will be of friendship, because not once have i thought they look at each other romantically. Nothing in season 1 said that to me or in their scenes in episode 4. When he introduced her as his wife, that could have been the writers chance to showcase something like a romantic connection, but what do you get? Lucy rolling her eyes and then going along with it. He teases her and annoys her. So this for me is more of a sibling relationship if anything.

When they got off the lifeboat, Flynn wanted to help her. He spots Wyatt and it changes a little bit, it’s more confident the way he goes down the stairs with her. Flynn will hardly judge anyone for doing what Wyatt did. I believe if Flynn’s family came back, he would leave to see them too. But it still doesn’t stop Flynn looking at Wyatt like he made a mistake. It’s kind of a message to Wyatt too, telling him he can’t be that person for Lucy anymore, especially if his wife is standing right there.

Jenna: I don’t think Flynn would go to RH to get his family back, considering they are the reason they are dead in the first place. I could see him pulling a Wyatt and going rogue as a way to save them, but never with RH.

I think right now Lucy is the only person willing to give Flynn the benefit of the doubt. We got a  glimpse of the respect he has for Lucy during the season finale last year. I have said many times I wouldn’t be opposed to Garcy, but you have to give me a compelling story. I believe these writers could do it, but I don’t think they will.

Funmbi: Come on, now! Let’s be real. Flynn isn’t loyal to anyone except himself. When Carol outed Lucy for supposedly being a witch and the authorities came, did you see how fast Flynn bounced? He fought his way out, jumped out of a window (right?!), and left Lucy and Rufus to the wolves! It was almost comical how Flynn just abandoned them. I think Flynn will stick with the Time Team, for now. But should the opportunity arise to bring back his family OR to take out Rittenhouse, himself, Flynn will be jumping through windows and taking off again.

With everything Rittenhouse did, I’ve sort of assumed that the timeline that eventually results in Lucy writing a journal for Flynn is gone. But maybe that’s not the case. Could all of these events be written in the journal? It would explain Flynn’s continued affinity for Lucy and his instinct to kind of shield her from having to see Wyatt and Jessica when the Lifeboat returns to the present. No, I don’t get romantic vibes. I don’t even get friend vibes. Flynn is purely instrumental in his rationale. I’m much more curious about how Wyatt will react to seeing Lucy’s partnership with Flynn.


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Where does the show go from here? How’s the Jessica storyline going to unfold? Speculate a bit.

Lizzie: I don’t know! Isn’t it beautiful? I don’t know because there’s so many places they could take this, and this show keeps surprising me at every turn. But, as for the Jessica storyline, I gotta say, for me, as much as I’d like her to just be – a woman who doesn’t belong with Wyatt anymore, I think there are too many dangling plot threads that point to something bigger going on here. Rittenhouse doesn’t bring back dead wives as a favor. It just doesn’t happen.

Alyssa: Lizzie, are you trying to get me to write a novel here? What a question! I’m going to try and do my best to keep it short and succinct because there’s just so much going on and so much that could happen, which again is one of the many beautiful things about Timeless. Since you led with the Jessica storyline, let’s talk about that. At this point there’s no way that Jessica isn’t working for Rittenhouse. All of the pieces have been laid. The fact that Rittenhouse brought her back. Her desire to want to try and fix a marriage that she herself said was broken. Wyatt bringing her to the bunker. The fact that Rittenhouse is trying to kill Lucy. There are several directions that these writers could take Jessica, but the most obvious is that she’s evil and is helping in breaking up the Time Team. As far as the whole Wyatt and Jessica situation is concerned, I feel like it’s not something that should take up too many episodes to resolve. I’d like to see Wyatt come to the realization that he’s not the same person he was when he was with Jessica. I want to see Wyatt realize that the person he is now is because of Lucy. I want to see Wyatt choose Lucy before Jessica is revealed to be evil. I also want to see Lucy fight for Wyatt. I want her recognize that love in her heart and be damned if she’s going to let it go. I want resolution, which the producers have promised.

The other thing that’s really bothering me is the Jiya storyline. Like I have a bad feeling about how this is going to play out. I continue to tell myself that there’s no way this show would kill Jiya, but there’s always that voice at the back on my mind telling me it’s definitely possible. There’s supposed to be a big decision in the finale, and at this point there’s no way it can’t involve Jiya. I hate this feeling. Make it go away.

I’d like to see Rufus and Jiya work through the problems in their relationship. And I love that we’re getting to see them working through them. I want to see better communication and more understanding so that they get to a place where their relationship is stronger as a result of the trials and tribulations of this season.

As always, I want more Agent Christopher and Connor Mason. As always, I want less Jessica (though at this point I know that’s unlikely until the end of the season.)

I keep thinking that there’s got to be some kind of cliffhanger here as far as Rittenhouse is concerned. I don’t think that it would so substantial that they’ll manage to accomplish what they set out to do in a 10-episode season, but something of significance has to happen here. Perhaps that involves Carol? And it could be in a good way or bad way. I don’t think I’m reading too much into it going off the looks Susanna Thompson is giving in her scenes, but a redemption arc is totally possible here. We’re seeing now that Carol, in her own sick way, loves Lucy. She’s just not going about that the right way. I’d like to see some development there.

Lyra: x

Sarah T: The show has blown the story wide open with dropping Jessica into the fray on top of whatever evil plan Rittenhouse is putting into effect throughout history. At this point, I swear anything could happen, and that is more literal than ever before since time travel has already screwed with history more than the Time Team has realized. What I want to see happen is Jiya and Rufus overcome this vision obstacle, for Lucy to realize she’s someone who is worth choosing, and can fight for what or who makes her happy and that Rittenhouse loses BADLY.

As for Jessica specifically, this is going to be anything but smooth sailing. I think this is going to be one of the most angst filled awkward storylines I’ve seen surrounding a (ugh) “love triangle” in a while. I don’t imagine it’ll take long for her to catch onto Lucy and Wyatt’s connection, and depending on whether she’s a spy or a pawn for Rittenhouse anything can happen from there. I’m personally hoping she changes her mind, and goes back to her original plan of letting Wyatt go while pushing him towards Lucy, but that feels a little too drama less for a TV show.

Lacey: Oh man, I’m terrible at speculating but I’ll refer back to my first answer. I think that Jessica is a sleeper agent of Rittenhouse and she was brought back to infiltrate the team. I also think Lucy’s mom will go against Rittenhouse to try and save Lucy and she will be killed. Her great grandfather clearly gives zero fucks about anyone so I don’t see the fact that she is family as being a reason for him to protect them. Oh, and I want Emma to die a violent death. Too far? #noregrets

Kayla: Wow, what a loaded question. I mean there are so many possibilities. The writers could surprise me in the next six episodes.

With the Jessica/Wyatt/Lucy drama – I believe Jessica will out herself as Rittenhouse eventually. Wyatt will feel betrayed. Also think that he will realize the marriage wasn’t what he remembered and eventually with the lack of trust and the revelation that is wasn’t what he thought. He will be provided closure on this and can move forward with Lucy.

Jiya/Rufus – Rufus needs to apologize to her and take her seriously on these visions. Be there for her. Help her. I think someone – Agent Christopher or Mason – may offer him insight that he doesn’t have.

As for Rittenhouse – I can’t imagine how this goes down! I can’t even begin to speculate. I’m sure there’s an amazing journey – and I’m all in for it.

Sarah: This is a hard question! LOL.

My hopes for the Jessica storyline is to not make her bad….not until Wyatt has made his choice. Because right now, it looks like he’s made it. But we all know that won’t be the case. Wyatt and Lucy’s bond is too strong to be broken, even through this. So he will reach a crossroads at some point. With what we know from the past, the fact Wyatt couldn’t stop her ‘killer’ and sending the telegram didn’t work. There is more to her death than meets the eye and 1980’s San Diego where Rittenhouse spent 1 HOUR…that’s right, 1 FREAKIN HOUR. There are clues there and hopefully they drop more hints about her ‘death’ as we go along. Because there is more to it people.

Also I just want to add, if Wyatt doesn’t tell Jess about Lucy. And by tell her I mean, that he fell for her and they slept together the night before he saw Jess again, then it will never work. He has to be honest about everything if he’s going to be the ‘changed’ man he promises to be. If we see fleeting lingering moments of longing between them and Jess witness’s it, game over. He would need to tell her, and not let her find out for herself. Personally i think that will be the start of the slow decline for them. She will pick up on it, if Hedy Lemar can spot it within a couple of minutes, so will Jessica. They aren’t exactly subtle.

As for Rufus and Jiya, he just needs to have more understanding. In the long run, i don’t see this effecting their relationship for the whole of the season. But pretty close to it, i think there will be a number of ‘near’ misses for Rufus, which Jiya would have seen. I still don’t think she will completely keep them to herself. Plus i need a good in depth Jiya/Lucy scene! We know they share a bunk, now we need them becoming bunker besties!

Flynn, well I just hope Flynn continues to be the sassy pants he has been since the beginning of season 2. They have given Goran some fantastic lines that he’s delivered perfectly. But i think a more softer side will come out as well. There is clearly a friendship and alliance between Flynn and Lucy this season and i expect to see more of that. I sense he will be the one she ‘leans’ on a little as we progress through the next few episodes.

Agent Christopher must be very annoyed with her bunker babies right now. Connor busting out and now Wyatt….maybe she needs to lock them in their rooms as punishment? I feel for her in these scenes and going forward she really needs to put her foot down, and make it clear to them all about the consequences of their actions on the group. I found it very interesting that she eventually agreed with Lucy about taking Flynn with them. Shows how much trust she has in Lucy.

Keynes and Emma are totally getting it on. Apparently she doesn’t leave that sofa either? Carol, say hello to your new Grandma!

We will find out what happened to Lucy in those 6 weeks when she was held prisoner by Rittenhouse, there is a reason they keep bringing it up in each episode and i want it to be Wyatt that finds it out first.

I’m calling it that Carol dies protecting Lucy at some point this season. If Keynes is happy to kill his great granddaughter, I’m sure he’s willing to kill his granddaughter for “getting in the way”. He’s hardly doting on her now is he?

As for the future for Rittenhouse’s plans, who knows at this point! Speculating would take up even more space on the fangirlish website (which I’ve done too much of already) and too be honest, i wouldn’t even know where to begin! But i’m ready for twists and turns, it’s one of the reasons i love this show.

Jenna: There is honestly so much to speculate about and it is almost never what we think it is going to be! I will go wherever the writers go because they are so good! It isn’t drama for the sake of drama but quite the opposite. It is drama that helps the characters grow.

Wyatt will come to a decision about who he wants and what he wants to be.

Lucy, hopefully, will find herself. Her true self.

Riya will be alright, I hope. Rufus needs to take her seriously.

Funmbi: I still don’t know if I think Jessica is Team Rittenhouse. It feels a little too contrived, but it would make sense given all the clues that have been laid out. With that said you need to listen to Stop and Fangirl’s latest podcast about Timeless because Lyra has the most awesome speculation about how things will unfold with the Time Team, Jessica, Jiya, and Rittenhouse. You can listen here (starting at the 41:16 mark): https://soundcloud.com/stopandfangirl/episode-57-timeless-20

Basically there’s angst, so much juicy angst! And Season 3 would be so awesome because the Time Team would be breaking all of the time travelling rules in order to put their family back together.


Finally, the Lyatt question. How are your Lyatt feels right now? Are you still feeling confident? Is this still endgame? Let it all out!

Lizzie: One hundred percent. This is endgame. It’s gonna be painful while we get there, but this is endgame. I’m gonna let everyone else pour their feelings out, as I already did in my review, but I just want to say this: This is a journey. Lucy and Wyatt are going to stumble, move away from each other, make bad decisions, etc. But it all leads back to each other. I promise.

Alyssa: I’ve never been more confident about Lucy and Wyatt than at this moment. The fact that there is conflict introduced is proof that Lyatt is endgame. This always needed to happen. We needed resolution with the whole Wyatt and Jessica situation, we’ve known this since the pilot. This is one of those rare love triangles that, shockingly, is going to serve a purpose in helping these characters as individuals and in their relationship. There is no doubt that Lucy and Wyatt love each other. There’s also no doubt that this is the worst timing ever for this Jessica mess. Or, you could say it’s the best timing for this Jessica mess. Wyatt needs to understand that he’s not the same person he once was. He needs to take his own words into account: Stop living in the past. Start living in the present. Jessica represents his past. Lucy is his present and future. Start living for the now. Yes, it hurts like a motherf***er right now, but that’s a good thing. This is the good kind of angst that fans dream of. The kind that hurts but in a good way because you know the endgame. I trust these writers. And I trust the journey.

Lyra: x

Sarah T: They are bruised, battered and burning in a fire right now. Ignoring the alliteration, damn it the second my OTP is happy you rip it away OF COURSE! Despite the pain, I am still 100 percent confident in Lyatt. They are endgame, because why would you put them through this kind of angst if they were meant to be separated in the end? Short answer they won’t be.

Lucy and Wyatt two have come a long way since they met, and now the past is at their doorstep knocking them both back, and off the path they’ve been on longer than either of them probably realize. I have every bit of faith they’ll find their way back to each other, but it’s going to be hard in the meantime. Mostly for them, but also a little bit for us yelling at the TV, “Get it together you two!”

Lacey: I have shipped many a ships in my time and I can 100%, without a doubt in my mind still say that Lyatt is endgame. The first thing I thought of when Jessica was introduced was Alias season 3 and Vaughn’s infamous wife. If the love of your life is married to someone else, she’s clearly evil LOL But all joking aside, this is just a blip in the road to their happily ever after. As it’s been said in past articles, I’m all for drama if it has a point and a reason and this storyline is just that. It serves a purpose and Lyatt will be stronger because of it. They will overcome this and will be able to take on any and everything that comes their way in the future.

Kayla: As for Lyatt, I’m still confident that they will reunite! That they are endgame. There is a journey here. A painful one, but a journey nonetheless. I believe that once Wyatt brings Jessica off this pedestal – he will begin to remember that his marriage wasn’t so ideal and that in the six years of him grieving – that he has began to move on from her and that once all this is figured out – especially if Jessica really is Rittenhouse – then he will find his way back to Lucy. Somehow – someway. I have faith in the journey, as painful as it is, I have faith in them going endgame.

Bex: I trust in these writers. I believe Lyatt is endgame. I have no concerns at all and I’m here for this journey.

Sarah: Ahh Lyatt. How can I go from happiness in episode 3 to this? But I get it. It needs to happen. For both of them to fully commit to one another, they both need separate journeys.

Firstly I just want to say the lifeboat scene. We’ve seen Wyatt make a choice of many. It completely slipped me by because I wanted a stronger reaction from Wyatt about Lucy being hurt. But rewatching that scene again and talking to my Timeless Twinny Jen, it became clear to me that when Lucy spots Jess and Wyatt looks back at her too, he sees his shocked wife (time travel is real!) and an injured Lucy. In that moment, he can go and make sure his wife is alright or he can help and be there for Lucy. He makes that choice. He picks Lucy, and starts up the stairs again, only for that to be the moment Flynn steps in, then he backs off.

Wyatt said a lot of things in this episode that hurt the hearts of Lyatt fans. But actions speak louder than words, that was the first of I think many actions by Wyatt, in favour of Lucy.

Ok keep with me on this next bit, I will go into Wyatt and Jess first;

What Wyatt needs from Jessica isn’t Jessica herself, it’s forgiveness. He’s carried this guilt around with him for so many years. We don’t have a lot of information on Jess at all, we barely know her as a person. It was the fixation Wyatt had on her death and finding her killer that they focused on, i don’t think that was an unconscious decision on the writers part. Wyatt clearly had an unhappy childhood and even worse teen years. We got to know a lot more about him in episodes 2 and 3 of this season. He said it himself, he was “lost”. So i imagine when Wyatt met Jessica it felt like salvation. He didn’t know what path to take, he needed someone to guide him. So an attractive smart women who was “steady” was exactly what he thought he needed, so he relied on that. He didn’t have many people to care for him, and she showed him care, who isn’t going to cling onto that? As time went on they argued and she possibly started to realize that what they had wasn’t a “proper” relationship. Wyatt was broken and she couldn’t fix that.

We can’t comment on how their relationship was in “Wyatt’s” timeline because we only have dribs and drabs. But in “Jessica’s” timeline a lot has already been established, the teenager that Wyatt described to Lucy is who adult Wyatt became. Jessica’s love didn’t change him, and if Wyatt thought clearly enough, he would see that’s still likely the person he was in “his” timeline when he left Jess on the side of the road the night she died.

What I am getting at here is Lucy. Jessica may not have been the one to change Wyatt. But Lucy was. Without deliberately doing so, she turned the grumpy, solemn and sotic hothead into someone who was more emotionally open, able to talk through things and showed him what a genuine love looked like. He learned to lean on her and listen. He lets her take charge of situations and trust her judgement. I could be proved wrong, but i’m almost certain these  are not qualities Jessica brings out in Wyatt. Lucy is his work colleague, best friend and partner. At the end of the day Lucy brings out the best in Wyatt.

All it’s going to take is for Wyatt to see these things himself, and it will come out soon enough. I for one can’t wait to see the realisation on his face when it does.

P.S Wyatt DOES NOT look at Jessica they way he looks at Lucy, come at me and tell me I’m wrong.

Jenna: I believe Lyatt is the endgame. That doesn’t mean it isn’t going to hurt. That doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be misunderstandings or miscommunications. That doesn’t mean that hearts won’t be broken or that they can’t be mended. Eventually  they will get there. Hopefully before the end of the season. Have faith and watch the show!

Funmbi: *SIGH* Lyatt is definitely still endgame, but it’s going to hurt for a little while as Wyatt tries to make his relationship with Jessica work. I’m just wondering what will be the catalyst for Wyatt to realize that things with Jessica cannot be repaired and that the man he is now belongs with Lucy. Maybe Flynn will show Wyatt Lucy’s journal? Maybe it’ll be Jessica herself, who sees those long looks between Wyatt and Lucy and realize the Lyatt ship sailed long ago? I’m OK. I AM OK. Lyatt shippers, we can love them enough to sustain us through the angst until Lucy and Wyatt come back together again. Then Lyatt will be solid as a rock!

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