‘Timeless’ 2×06 Reaction: Not Everything is What it Seems

Will we ever come across an episode of Timeless that doesn’t leave us feeling everything all at once?

The answer to that is not yet. Not yet. And considering what we’ve seen so far, probably not ever.

So yes, there might not be as much flailing here as there was the last time we did a reaction video, but there’s still a lot of emotion. (And honestly, is there anything that will EVER make us flail harder than Lyatt’s first time? We’re not sure)

And hey, even some speculation from us, because we just can’t help ourselves! Do you know how we react to things by now? Can you predict things based on our reactions? After YOU watch the episode, will you be able to go back and guess what scene(s) we were reacting to? Only time will tell.

For now, let us just say that with only 5 episodes to go this season, it’s time for us to enjoy this wonderful show, and as always, we want to remind you: this is a journey. And we’re here for what that means.

So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy our reaction to Timeless 2×06!

Stay tuned for “The King of the Delta Blues” coverage, including our song teasers from Lyra later this week, Lizzie’s review immediately following the episode on Sunday, and Alyssa’s favorite moments on Wednesday!

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