'Timeless' 2×05: 12 Moments From “The Kennedy Curse” We Can’t Stop Talking About

The ease at which Timeless is able to weave together such brilliantly smart and enjoyable episodes on a weekly basis is something that I’ll never get used to. But I’d love to keep trying for years (hint, hint, NBC.) There’s no doubt that Timeless is the best show on television, and it’s something that you wish for a lot of shows you like but used to love.
Timeless’ latest episode, “The Kennedy Curse,” brought us the first episode of its kind in the Timeless age. For the first time, history came to the Time Team. Rather, the Time Team (accidentally) brought history with them when they brought a young John F. Kennedy to 2018 in an attempt to prevent a premature assassination. And with it came some Lyatt angst, female bonding, Riya discussion, and a great dynamic between our love triangle, Lucy, Wyatt, and Jessica.
Here are 12 moments from Timeless’ fifth episode of season 3, “The Kennedy Curse” that we can’t stop talking about:

1. “I have no regrets.”


If there’s one thing I have to say about Lucy and Wyatt’s journey this season it’s that I respect it. I respect what each of them are doing. How Wyatt is giving his marriage a second chance. How Lucy is allowing Wyatt to get that second chance. It shows the maturity and the genuine compassion they have for each other. We saw that in Lucy telling Jessica to give Wyatt a second chance. We saw that in Wyatt thanking Lucy for doing so. Right now just isn’t the right time for Lucy and Wyatt given Jessica’s reappearance. But eventually it will be. Wyatt needs to try with Jessica to see that it’s not her he’s supposed to be with. Lucy has to allow Wyatt to try before he eventually comes back to her. Lucy and Wyatt had an amazing development in “Hollywoodland,” and Wyatt doesn’t regret any of it. Neither does Lucy. That love isn’t something you can shut off. It exists even when you think you’ve masked it beyond recognition. It’s in the “Babydoll and sweetheart” remarks. It’s in the way Wyatt looks longingly at Lucy. that isn’t the look of a man that’s certain. THat’s the look of a man that’s so clearly in love with Lucy but hasn’t been fully honest with himself just yet.

2. Wyatt Saves Lucy


This episode was chock full of callbacks to last season, but the most revealing came in a hospital room where Wyatt found himself in the same position as a season ago but with so much more to lose. During Wyatt’s knockout fight with Emma, Lucy comes in to assist (with a killer use of a metal tray to the head) but Emma gets the upper hand with a knife to Lucy’s throat. A look of panic and fear flashed across Wyatt’s face, and you can’t help but think back to the pilot, where Flynn had Lucy in a similar situation. But there’s no denying how things have changed from now to them. Wyatt loves Lucy, he’d rather die than have anything happen to her. The thought of losing her is unfathomable. You can see that in his eyes. The first time, he shot (missing Lucy and hitting Flynn.) This time, he doesn’t take the risk. He can’t. Even the slightest chance that he’ll hurt Lucy is enough to fill him with fear and leave him paralyzed.

3. Lucy & Jessica’s Conversation at the Hospital


How refreshing was it to have two women in love with the same man having a civil and meaningful conversation without going at each other. This is another example of how Timeless continues to do television right. It doesn’t force its characters into moments of immaturity at the sign of trouble. It allows them to function as human beings aware of the situation around them, which isn’t to say everyone reacts maturely but they are awarded the opportunity. Jessica didn’t lash out at Lucy after seeing that her husband has feelings for her. She brought it up in a very mature way, and Lucy carried the conversation the same. As Jessica admitted that her husband has changed and earned a second chance, she admitted that it wasn’t herself that Wyatt earned that chance with. Jessica was walking away. She was giving Lucy an easy opening to Wyatt’s heart. But Lucy knows that would be wrong. Wyatt deserves the chance to try and make things work with Jessica. So Lucy stops Jessica and tells her how much Wyatt loves her and wants to make it work. Even though it feels like a knife to the heart. It was the right thing to do.

4. Lucy & Jiya’s Meaningful Conversation


I’ve been waiting for what feels like an eternity for this kind of conversation between Lucy and Jiya. Where Lucy gets the chance to lean on Jiya; where we get to see them talk about life; where we get the beginnings of a genuine friendship between these two intelligent and caring women. As Jiya tended to Lucy following her 17th century stab wound, Jiya made an opening for Lucy to open up to her. Jiya was sympathetic towards what Lucy is going through. And when Lucy is focused on what’s best for Wyatt, Jiya asks what does Lucy want? Lucy needs someone like that in her life right now. Someone that’s understanding but also looking out for her best intentions. This is the female friendship I’ve needed.

5. Flynn Comforts Lucy (with Friendship & a Beer)


I’m going to preface this by saying that there is nothing romantic between Lucy and Flynn. Because that’s exactly what this show shows us. If anything it’s more of an understanding and the beginning of an unlikely friendship. But I have to admit that it warmed my heart and gave me hope for Flynn to possibly find a home with the Time Team when Flynn witnessed the conversation between Lucy and Wyatt and knew that Lucy needed comfort. Now, Flynn isn’t someone that she would consider to provide comfort. So he does it in his own way. A beer. A friend watching an old movie. Lucy and Flynn certainly have shared traumas — and darkness inside of them — so it was nice to see the makings of an unorthodox friendship that will help her during hard times.

6. Rufus and Jiya Discuss Belief and Lack Thereof


Timeless is a show known for overstepping boundaries in letting its characters explore themselves and their beliefs. The latest instance came in Rufus and Jiya’s discussion about belief in a higher power, where Jiya believes in God and believes that things happen for a reason. Her perspective has been enlightened with her visions and the belief that she’s getting them for  a reason. But Rufus, on the other hand, believes that there’s no higher power and the only person responsible for making things happen is yourself. Rufus recalled his mother praying for God to take them out of their tough living situation. But it wasn’t God that did that, Rufus says. It was him. Rufus and Jiya don’t agree on the issue of a higher power, but that’s one of the great things about this show is seeing that difference of opinion and the discussion that comes with it. It was an interesting parallel to last season when Lucy believed in fate and Wyatt was adamantly against your destiny being predetermined.

7. JFK Learns the Fate of His Cursed Family

This episode was the first time a historical figure has been brought to the present from the past, and damn was JFK’s time in 2018 was a massive spoiler alert. Kayla, the teenager that protected the future President of the United States, didn’t believe that John was who he said he was, but she couldn’t help but see the similarities. When John got his hands on her iPad, he learned about the Kennedy Curse and the fates of his cursed loved ones and his own tragic end. It was a powerful scene as you watched the understanding sink in. As you watched John take a pause before stepping back on the Lifeboat to return to a time where he knew tragedy and heartbreak waited for him. It brought up an interesting thought: Would you want to know your destiny? Would you want to know if something bad was destined to happen to you? Or would you rather live life without knowing the things that awaited you?

8. The Gas Station Scene with Lucy, Wyatt & Jessica


When it comes to love triangles, I think the Lucy/Wyatt/Jessica one might be one of my favorites ever because it’s not ripe with immaturity and simply tragic drama. The introduction of this triangle presented us with some moments of smart humor and chemistry that suggested that perhaps this love triangle won’t be as emotionally brutal as it could’ve been. Case in point, the gas station scene, where Lucy, Wyatt, and Jessica were on the lookout for a young JFK and managed to deliver an enjoyable and humorous scene that captured their personalities perfectly. It wasn’t what I was expecting, and I love that we aren’t doomed to suffer an endless cycle of depressing longing between our OTP. Not that there won’t be drama and heartache, but the humor is a nice way to balance it.

9. Wyatt & Emma’s Fight in the Hospital


When it comes to badasses on Timeless, no one does it better than Wyatt and Emma, which is evidenced by their latest fight in the hospital room. Nevermind that Matt Lanter and Annie Wersching did their own stunts. Nevermind that these two characters are so inventive in their fighting tactics. Nevermind Emma knew the way to defeat Wyatt that didn’t involve a gun. This scene was epic and another reminder that Timeless has it all — and allows all of its characters to shine in their own way.

10. Lucy & Wyatt’s Paper Clip Trick


Name me a more iconic duo than Lucy Preston and Wyatt Logan. The ease at which they operate, the effortless instincts that go into their partnership in the field is exquisite. Case in point, the paper clip scene. There was never a sense of panic or unease. Lucy and Wyatt have been here before. They know how to handle this. There’s an incredible trust and patience that comes with this scene, and it really goes to show you the trust between the two as partners.

11. Wyatt and Rufus Leave Flynn in the Past — and Have No Problem With It


This was the first time the Time Team had left someone in the past, and the fact that it was Flynn just added to the humor of the situation. When things went awry with Lucy on the mend back home, Wyatt, Rufus, and Flynn had to deal with sleeper agents trying to assassinate JFK much too early. Wyatt and Rufus had no choice but to bring JFK back with them, which meant they had to leave Flynn behind. They’d go back for him. Eventually. It was hysterical how very little a deal it was that they’d left him behind, which was equally hilarious when they eventually did go get Flynn back. Sounds like a furth seat on the Lifeboat is coming!

12. Mother vs. Mother


There are no words for how much I loved these scenes between Agent Christopher and Carol Preston. Two mothers together with opposite views on what’s best for their children. Carol coming face-to-face with the woman that has become like a surrogate mother to Lucy and the rest of the Time Team. Christopher’s courage and tenacity. Carol’s insistence and passion. I need more scenes with these wonderful actresses.
Timeless airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

What were your favorite moments from “The Kennedy Curse?”

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