5 Things You Need To Know About 2×03 Of ‘Famous In Love’

It’s been an insane week and I hadn’t had a chance to watch Famous in Love until last night. It pained me to wait, but there was a reason why I was afraid to watch.

I didn’t want to be let down as I was in the first two episodes.

I was terrified that I was going to grow to hate this show and that was too much for me. I fell in love with the book series and after the nightmare that has been Shadowhunters – I couldn’t go through that again. I was terrified that Famous in Love would stop making me feel excited and would instead make me wish that it was something that had not been adapted.

I’m already angry that it seems that Rebecca Serle wasn’t as involved with the second season. Why does that bother me? Because a writer should not be seperated from their work. No one wants people that don’t understand the characters.


I actually liked episode three. I admit it. This episode actually excited me, made me angry, made me happy, and made me need to put myself back together.

Because the new episode airs tonight and I failed with the review of last weeks episode, I am just going to tell you the five things that you need to know before tonights episode.


Well, here’s the thing. We all knew at the end of last season that Nina and Jordan had an affair, that Tangey knew about it,  and it ended their relationship with Jordan.

Well, nothing is worse than a woman scorn. See, Tangey had told Alexis about it (under the pretense that it wasn’t on Alexis’s reality show) in a moment of talking to your best friend. Only Tangey is not thinking straight and she forgets that her best friend is a loud mouth who talks based off emotion.

And Alexis did. She talked. She got people mad and shit happened. Because shit always happened. Alexis spoke to the camera and let the thoughts flow. She took back her want to broadcast it – because even she knows that she said it in a moment of anger. But anger or not – it’s Alexis’s fault.

So as the promo for her show goes out at 2pm – everyone gets the alert and sees the promo. Rainer sees it just as him and Paige are about to film a scene. His whole life comes crashing down on him. What’s left of it. But he’s lost his best friend and his Mom.. how shitty can his life get?


Here’s the hard thing for me – I want to love Harper because Danielle Campbell is one of my favorite actresses. But I don’t. Why? Because she stands in the way of my end game. She stands in the way of RAIGE.

But here’s the thing – even thought Paige is with Jake and Rainer is with Harper – the Raige is alive and well. I know, I know – they are saying that it’s acting, but that my friends is chemistry.

As Rainer finally lets his guard down and the two of them allow themselves to show how they really feel under the guise that it’s acting. But there is no denying that this is love. There is no denying that these two need each other. AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Jake and Harper are watching the entire thing and you can tell that even they see it.

And no offense to Jake or Harper, but I cheered! Stood up and cheered.

If you know anything about us we will go down with a ship. Like doesn’t matter if its sinking, we’ll sit there and try and patch the holes. We believe in our ships.

And we have no regrets over them.

Paige picked the wrong man. Rainer was her forever and always.


If you thought that your Mom was a bitch, just be thankful that Tangey’s Mama ain’t yours. She’s so wrapped up in wanting to be famous and have money that she fucks over her daughter and tucks in a release to some other paperwork, so that Tangey doesn’t know that she’s signed a release for them to air the crap about Nina and Jordan on Alexalicious.

And Tangey didn’t know until she confronted her Mama about the situation and realized that her Mom fucked her over.

And you thought your Mama was bad. Did she destroy you to the world? Trick you into legal contracts? Tangey has it worse than all of us.


One can’t really blame Rainer for being pissed at his Mama. First she lied to him about his Dad and turns out that his Dad was alive his whole life – so can totally get that he was pissed.

But then he’s found out that she was also sleeping with his best friend. Ummm…. I’d be pissed at her too. That’s some bullshit right there. Rainer isn’t going to forgive her anytime soon and we’re okay with that. It’s part of the story, part of the evolution of his character.


We’re always here for that .


So you may remember from the first two episodes, Paige and Jake were going to put in an offer on a house. Paige is ready to invest her money, which we’re applauding. Be that boss babe out there!

Well here’s what we learn about Jake this episode… he’s worried about Rainer. He shows up to visit her on set and wants to talk about her working with Rainer. UMMM ASSHOLE SHE CHOSE YOU! Like here’s the thing dude, be secure in who you are and your relationship. Shit or get off the pot. It’s not that hard.

But Paige tries to pacify him and my heart kinda breaks for her cause like – YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO DO THAT!

Jake ultimately decides in this episode that he’s not ready to buy a house and live with Paige. Now, I can respect that he’s being honest, but the way he handles things is not always applause worthy. He acts like a child, not a man. A jealous, petty child.

I’ve made no secret that I don’t like Jake and I won’t take that back. He’s still a stain on Paige and he has to go.

  • Paige still decides to buy a house without Jake and we’re like YESSSS!!!
  • Cassie books a lead role in a horror film – which we’re like thank God Hollywood is finally being nice to Cassie.
  • Harper – want to love you, but find ourselves hating you.
  • Can’t deal with Jakes constant whining.
  • I’m so happy that this episode felt like we were finally getting the FIL we all love.
  • Tangey – good on you for making a deal with Pablo, but don’t fall for his bullshit. He’s a hustler playboy. I don’t for a second trust that he ain’t trying to just get into your pants.
  • Cassie and Adam are still goals.

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