‘Timeless’ 2×05 Roundtable “The Kennedy Curse” Part 1

Do you have feels? We have feels! About Jessica, about young JFK, about Lyatt, about Riya and yes, about Agent Christopher. But this is what roundtables are for. To let out all the feels. To help us process before the next episode. So, deep breaths. Let’s do this!

Joining me for this round-table are Alyssa, Lyra, Sarah, Lariel, Marta, Mimi and our guests Amanda and Samantha.

Here we go!

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Jessica is here and we kinda …like her? What were your feelings about the way Timeless brought her into the fold and the kind of person she seems to be? Do you still think there’s something shady going on with her?


Lizzie: I really and truly enjoyed what we saw of Jessica and isn’t that …amazing? That a show can write the “other” woman as a real person, and not just a catty stereotype? That two women who have feelings for the same man can just coexist and not try to hurt each other at every turn? It’s almost like women aren’t each other’s worst enemies. IT’S BEAUTIFUL.

That being said, narratively, she’s just too nice and this is a TV show and so many things don’t add up. She’s gotta be either Rittenhouse, or part of their plan somehow. Nothing else makes sense.

Alyssa: Jessica was always going to be at a disadvantage on this show because she’s the woman that’s the current obstacle between Lucy and Wyatt. We hated her before we knew her because we knew she was coming back and we knew she was going to prevent Lyatt being together. But the way with which Timeless introduced Jessica was shockingly not that bad. She wasn’t entirely overwhelming — it just felt like that to Lucy in the beginning because she is now suddenly in the bunker, which I still don’t understand. And I kinda, sorta like Jessica, which is a very weird feeling. She came off as a character that was understanding and sympathetic and a tad entertaining. I came into this believing I’d hate her because of the obstacle she presented and this overwhelming sense of her being Rittenhouse. But I’ve appreciated the way that she’s written and the potential for Timeless to take her in either direction: Rittenhouse or civilian. Though I refuse to let the writers suck me in — make me believe that Jessica isn’t Rittenhouse. This was always the obvious belief with the timing of it all. So it’s as if the writers are doing everything they can to make us lean more towards the side of civilian than evil. But I’m sticking with evil.

Lyra: I am absolutely in love with the person that Jessica is turning out to be. Initially, I was sure of who she was going to be. I was sure that these two would be working against each other and that the way their scenes would be filmed, would lead us to assume that they were duking it out for Wyatt’s affections. None of that happened! Jessica was really fucking nice! She acknowledged the bond that Wyatt and Lucy have and was ready to step aside without a moment’s hesitation, never to see Wyatt again. You don’t see that between female characters! Especially “rivals” for the affections of a man. It feels like we’ve gone so long with women being pitted against each other that we forgot women can lift each other up, help each other, and trust each other, no matter whose affections they seek. I’m hoping against hope that she isn’t evil and that Timeless is going to break out of the trope where the good wife actually turns out to be evil. It’s boring and it goes against what Timeless has taught me about women interacting in positive and forward thinking ways.

Sarah: My goal for this episode quite honestly was not to go in and hate her. To my surprise not only did I not hate her, but I actually liked her as a character. It frustrated me that she was in this love triangle, because if she wasn’t I wouldn’t have an issue with her at all. She was truly written as her own person that was thrust into a crazy, and mind bending situation and adjusted far better than I would have in these circumstances. In the context of the love triangle though, as much as I like her character there’s nothing about her appearance that will change my Lyatt OTP loyalty. She was honest and kind to Lucy, but in the end that only made things harder for Lucy.

Whatever I think of her character, I’m still convinced her showing up “alive” when she did is way too shady in of itself. How she has acted has me leaning towards she’s a pawn of Rittenhouse rather than a spy, but either way something is going on that we haven’t seen yet and I’m waiting for that piece of the puzzle to fall into place.

Lariel: I was a little surprised by just how much I liked her. They’ve taken this story beyond the typical love triangle. You want to root for Lyatt, but then again – it’s not Jessica’s fault she’s back from the dead and that Wyatt hasn’t really, truly moved on from her even though he thought he had. Something shady? Hmm. Last week I was pretty certain she was Rittenhouse, but now I’m wondering if she’s just an unwitting tool. One thing Timeless does so very well is wrap things in layers of mystery, and I’m looking forward to seeing those layers unwind.

Marta: To be honest, as someone who was more than iffy about her return because it just seemed as too much of a predictable move, I’m infinitely glad that at least the writers didn’t go full-predictable and make her incredibly evil and dislikable. I like that I can’t hate her. It makes her not only a full-fledged female character who is flawed, intelligent, beautiful, and caring, but also a source of conflict for the audience. You want to dislike her because you want to take Lucy’s side in this love-triangle of sorts, but you can’t. We’re placed almost in the same position Lucy is forced to be in: it would be so much easier to hate Jessica, but she can’t. She’s too good for us to hate her. In the end, it will make Wyatt’s ultimate choice –Lucy, no one should question that by now– a true one; he will pick Lucy for her, not instead of Jessica.

I’m still unsure as to whether she’s actually Rittenhouse or not. If she is, it’d be a cheap move from the writers. But I have to agree with what Lizzie said in her review, it’s, at the very least, sketchy that she could name that drug off the top of her head. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but I’m excited to see how well-rounded and strong Jessica ends up being.


Mimi: I Do Not like her because she doesn’t fit in. It’s like why are you here? Besides, killing my Lyatt vibes. I have to go with my first instinct, and I’m a pretty amazing people reader, I don’t like her and I don’t trust her!  She’s snarky and can make a strong vodka tonic, but other than that, I’m OVER her. GO AWAY! You’re not a Time Team member! You basically just barged in, started making tea and interrupting Lyatt conversations!  Then she had the audacity to tell Lucy she was “just a teacher” and shit. Bye! You’re seriously interrupting all the Lyatt scenes and it’s not appreciated.

There has been no light shed on the real reason Jessica was brought back and it’s annoying.  I think the writers want us to like her and to feel something for her but I don’t yet?  I mean… yes, shout out to her for thinking of IG to find JFK, but beyond that, she knows Wyatt doesn’t love her!  She so knows this, she’s seen the way he looks at Lucy, and yet still concedes to give him a 2nd chance, knowing full well he is in love with someone else!  Meanwhile Lucy, as per usual is always the bigger person who sees the bigger picture and gives them both the go ahead to be together “for now”. I’m still under the belief Jess is tied to RH in a sinister way but that theory might get shot to shit next week!  Carol knows why Jess is back so maybe Wyatt should question her once he has her at gunpoint.  I still don’t see how she advances the Lyatt plot? Right now, Jess is raining on my parade! Surely one of you agree with me??

Amanda: With the intensity of the bond that the show has so wonderfully created with Wyatt and Lucy, there was only one thing – or, in this case, one person – that would be able to logically come between them. That person, of course, is Jessica. We wouldn’t buy it if, say, Wyatt had a secret wife who showed up in the bunker and said: “So you’re the girl who’s been screwing my husband.” We wouldn’t buy anyone else coming in and sweeping either of these two off their feet. These two have been written and portrayed as completely smitten with and trusting of the other. Jessica – specifically, their marriage and his guilt over her death – is the most significant thing in his past that he has yet to get closure on. He’s come to terms with his father and the way he was treated, as well as his own troubled adolescence. While Lucy has made him see past that and helped him learn to love again, I don’t think he truly dealt with what happened. With her being here, he’ll be forced to face his (their?) demons head-on. And once those demons are exorcised, it’ll be like he said in the “Darlington 500” episode – nothing but open road. (Or as open as a road can be when one is a time traveler.)

Though they’re not being heavy-handed about it (thank you, writers!), we’re also getting a lesson in why Lucy and Wyatt’s relationship works so well — how they balance each other out. For example, one thing that many of us seemed shocked by was Jessica’s assertion that Wyatt cheated on her during their relationship. Whether or not that is true, the fact that she thought it could be true shows that one of their major issues was trust. If I remember correctly, he accused her of cheating on him during the argument that led to his leaving her on the side of the road (and her subsequent murder). Time and time again, we’ve seen Lucy and Wyatt discuss the trust they have in one another. Also, with Jessica’s return, Wyatt’s more reckless side seems to be flaring up. (We saw this, too, when Lucy was missing.) He literally ran out of the bunker to go and find Jess when, for all he knew it was someone trying to set a trap. He brought this woman down to the secret bunker, despite his military training. He okayed her going on a mission with him, which would have put her in danger. Lucy keeps him grounded. She makes him a whole person. And OH MY GOD I JUST QUOTED “THE X-FILES: FIGHT THE FUTURE.” Watch out for bees!

Personally, I think that all of the stuff that we’re finding out about their marriage isn’t just from Jessica’s version of the timeline. Oh, I think some of the memories are new, but I think the general behavior that she attributes to Wyatt pretty much lines up with what he’s told the team about himself. He’s had their marriage up on a pedestal all these years and, despite some very real happy times, it wasn’t worthy of that pedestal. It’s as if he’s been stuck in that first stage of the Kübler-Ross model (denial) the entire time “we’ve” known him. Hopefully, this storyline will allow him to work through those last four stages. I don’t know about everyone else, but I find that my reactions usually line up with Lucy’s. I take my emotional cues from her. Like Lucy, we like Jessica. She’s spunky and funny and seems to be a generally nice woman. Hell, I want to be her friend. She was willing to walk away from Wyatt, though I got the impression that it was more about self-preservation than it was about selflessness. (Not judging! I’d probably be the same way!) But the fact that I do like her makes me more suspicious of her motives and her loyalties. It’ll make the rug being pulled out from under us more painful. She’ll be Rittenhouse and Lucy (and, by extension, we) will feel betrayed. And I’m sure that Lucy will then be ready to, as they say, cut a bitch over what Jessica did to Wyatt. I still stand by my previous theories, though, that she’s Rittenhouse, but that she had very real feelings for Wyatt a la the sleeper and his wife in Darlington. Makes it a bit more complicated than your standard she’s-been-playing-him-all-along storyline. I’m ready to be surprised, though!

Samantha: First, I want to preface everything I write from here on out this this: These are my opinions right now. Ask me tomorrow, I may have completely different answer. My thoughts and emotions on Timeless are a moving target. I am so torn on Jessica. I want to like her. She is clever, perceptive, and helpful. I also think she likes and respects Lucy. But then she says things that make me kinda want to slap her. For instance, the whole “teacher” thing. I mean, yeah, Lucy is a teacher (actually a professor and author but I digress…) but she has been traveling through history, kicking butt, and, by your own words, saving your husband’s life for the last couple years so maybe don’t assume you are on the same level, Jessica… (Also – side rant – why would anyone answer Wyatt’s questions just because he is in the Army? Jessica lives in a strange world where soldiers equal cops, apparently.) I would like her more if she did this: Confront Wyatt with the knowledge that he has feelings for Lucy. Don’t talk to Lucy about it. And DON’T ask Lucy to give your goodbyes to the man who is clearly desperate to prove he has changed. Woman up!  Do I think Jessica is shady? No. She’s from Texas so whatever they changed in San Diego probably had more to do with her killer than herself so I don’t think she is Rittenhouse. That said, I do think Rittenhouse has a reason for bringing her back that hasn’t been revealed yet.

Rufus and Jiya had some philosophical disagreements as the show got deep into the destiny vs. choice conundrum. Where do you land on this question? Are some things meant to be or does destiny play a part, and how will that come to affect these characters?


Lizzie: I don’t have an answer, but I think it’s incredibly important that the show is not just asking the question, but allowing it’s characters to come out on one side or the other without judging them. That’s the hardest thing to do, in these instances, and I appreciate that they’re going there. As for me, I’d like to think my choices are what determines things, not a nebulous destiny.

Alyssa: I feel like there’s a little bit of both destiny and choice, though I tend to lean more towards the side of choice. While I personally believe in some higher power, I don’t believe anyone should decide your future but you. You want to change something? You do something about it. You want to fix something? You do the fixing? You want something? You go out and get it. On a show like Timeless it’s always an interesting discussion, whether it’s Rufus and Jiya or Wyatt and Lucy having this discussion. When you see instances like Rufus warning a young JFK to stay away from Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, and when you see that while the location changed the outcome didn’t, it’s hard not to believe that some things are just meant to be. But at the same time, as human beings we’re driven by what we want and what we don’t. We work for what we want. Actions speak louder than any words. I loved that we got to see this discussion — see two people on two different sides having a meaningful conversation about the topic. Where they voiced their own beliefs without shoving their own belief down the other’s throat. These discussions are also a way to keep the topic going as this show hasn’t yet answered the question: Is it fate or choice? And perhaps it’s best if they never do.

Lyra: It speaks to Timeless’ good writing that conversations about the universe and the possibility of a higher force are still discussed. In time travel shows, the idea of destiny is constantly brought up but I’m having trouble remembering if they bring up a higher force being responsible for this destiny. Timeless hasn’t forgotten about it’s travelers individual beliefs just because it has the ability to jump through time and change things. Instead it questions how they do things and why they do these things. Were they always meant to travel through time? Or are they pushing against the bonds of destiny and a higher force? They don’t have all the answers and they certainly aren’t waiting for us to give an answer as well. They’re just putting the question out there about destiny because who they are as people and what they’ve learned about the world and their religion hasn’t disappeared because they are traveling through time or helping others travel through time. Gasp. Is this what good writing looks like?

Sarah: To be honest I’m hard pressed to pick either side of this debate as I’ve always operated on our reality is a bit of both destiny and choice combined. Obviously this topic gets a heck of lot more complicated in Timeless as the show employs time travel to challenge what is purely a hypothetical debate in our world. I was really glad to see the show address it, and show rather than tell how destiny and choice can push back against each other.

Rufus and Jiya find their comfort in opposite ends of the spectrum because quite frankly that’s how it goes for a lot of people, and that includes everyone in the bunker to find their own sense of peace with the debate. Our characters are going to be challenged on this, the more they travel back and change history in their mission to take down Rittenhouse. I think it’ll be an ongoing question for everyone, Rufus and Jiya especially for the rest of the season and I’m hoping that it’ll bring them closer together rather than tearing them apart no matter what the answer turns out to be.

Lariel: We’re shaped both by external events that we cannot control, and by the choices we make. I do believe we have control over our own destinies, and that the God which Rufus denies (and I do thoroughly understand his denial) leaves it up to us to choose which way to go. We have the power to choose our fates, as Rufus proved himself by changing his family’s situation.


Marta: I was profoundly conflicted about their discussion, because I’m constantly torn about my personal opinion on the topic. On one hand, I identify with Rufus: I can’t afford to think that there’s a predestined future for me and that, no matter what I do, I will always end up there. Because if that’s truly the case, what’s the point in doing anything anyway? But I also get Jiya’s point of view, and I can’t help but wonder if there really is a way things are supposed to go and there’s nothing we can do about it. Me being torn apart about this is what actually made their “fight” much harder to watch. I love these two, they’re my second favorite ship on this show, and their build-up and creation was so healthy and pure it’s hard to watch them navigate turbulent waters.
The show has to deal with this question at some point, every show that deals with time travel has to, and the answer to it will ultimately end up representing what the writers believe. But it’s undoubtedly “wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey”.

Mimi: I think destiny and fate are going to be a big part of this season.  I like to think that Rufus doesn’t want to believe, but he’s going to have a change of heart perhaps next week?  I believe in fate, and God, but I also believe that, the choices we make, navigate our destiny. Are the choices I make fated/destined? Was I always destined to write for Fangirlish? Did fate step in and connect me with Lizzie? In this great big world of randomness, I like to believe fate stepped in, serendipity played a part. I BELIEVE.  Maybe the universe opened up, because I made the choice, I was fated to? My head hurts now… But I basically think fate and destiny are interwoven and you can’t escape either.

Amanda: As a Christian, I struggle with this question a lot. In Rufus’ situation, though, my answer would have been that perhaps he was God’s answer to his mom’s prayer. In my experience, things I’ve prayed for have never just materialized. For instance, when I was broke in college, money wouldn’t just show up on my desk. God’s not Santa Claus, after all. But I would get a random card from my grandma with $20 in it and in effect, she was the means through which God answered my prayer. It’s a deep subject that I think a lot about.

As for fate vs. destiny, I’m interested to see how this all plays out. We saw while Rufus didn’t shoot Scarface the Puritan, as in Jiya’s vision, the man still died in the end. Rufus warned JFK about not traveling to Dallas in November 1963, but he was still assassinated in Austin. Are we leading into a discussion of the infamous journal here? Will someone be tempted to read ahead? And how will knowing what’s coming help or hinder the Time Team’s mission?

Samantha: To paraphrase Rufus, my degree is in poli-sci, not metaphysics, so personally I don’t know the answer to that question. However, I think the show is coming down on the side of fate/higher power: JFK was still assassinated. The Puritan judge still died. Wyatt couldn’t bring Jessica back in many attempts. Lucy and Flynn are working on the same side. Jiya’s visions so far seem to prove that something (Fate, God, the Force, maybe History itself, etc) is guiding them.

“The Kennedy Curse” put this show’s female characters at the forefront, and it provided us with much needed Lucy/Jiya and Lucy/Denise, as well as an unexpected scene between Carol/Denise. How do you feel about the way this show treats it’s female characters and what would you like to see more of in this regard?


Lizzie: I feel like this was the episode I’ve been asking for – because we’ve certainly been needing more Jiya/Lucy and even more Lucy/Denise. The Carol/Denise scene was just icing on the cake. That being said, I want this show to have so many more episodes to have the chance to explore this. So many more. Because this writers room really knows how to write female characters that feel real.

Alyssa: Most television shows could learn a lot from Timeless’ treatment of women. It treats them as equals, it gives them a voice, and it doesn’t force these gender stereotypes upon them in a way that presents them as lesser. Timeless treats its women like human beings.  It gives them opportunities, of all kinds, to show their strengths and to show that they do make mistakes. I love that we have examples of all types of women on this show: physically superior, intellectually strong, and even conflicted sinner. I’d love to continue to see these women shining to their fullest potential, as well as making mistakes and growing from those mistakes. But I’d also love to see more interactions between female characters. I want more Lucy/Jiya bonding. I want more Lucy/Denise mother-daughter bonding. I want more parallels with Carol/Denise. I just want more of all of it.

Lyra: I I LOVE WHAT TIMELESS DOES WITH ITS FEMALE CHARACTERS! None of these women fade into the background because there is someone else in the spotlight. Lucy is the female lead of this show but it doesn’t make any other women’s stories any less important. Jiya’s story is important. Agent Christopher’s story is important. Even Jessica’s story is important! Growing up I never really connected to the female leads. I always connected to the character on the side and always felt like my story was just a cog in someone else’s grand plan. A show like Timeless is giving me a new perspective. Just because there’s someone at the forefront (because of fame or popularity) of this grand thing known as my life, doesn’t mean I’m not the star of my own story. I’m the one driving my own car and going in my own direction. My story matters just as much as the Emma Watson’s of this world or the Tammie Jo Shults. And I want more of this narrative. I want other shows to be paying attention and understanding that if Timeless can do it then so can they.

Sarah: How this show treats, and more importantly respects it’s female characters is one of my top reasons why I love Timeless so much. All the bonding moments left me squealing in my seat, and watching Denise own Carol strapped to a chair and be a true mama bear to Lucy was everything I didn’t know I needed.

Lariel: One of the things I adore about this show is the way it treats its female characters. I got giddy with the Lucy/Jiya bonding moment, and then they gave us even more to love with Lucy and Denise… and yeah, even with Lucy and Jessica. They didn’t feel the need to descend into a cat fight over a man. They’ve also proved that women can be very dangerous, between Carol’s threat to Denise’s family and Emma’s no-holds-barred battle with Wyatt. Other shows, please take notes on how these women are written!

Marta: I wish every show on television treated its female characters the way this show does. These women are never tokens, they are never there simply to please the male characters, they are never just assets to the male protagonists. They are their own people, they have strengths –emotional and physical–, they are flawed, they are allowed to be confused and conflicted and they are allowed to make mistakes. I love that no woman on this show is either evil or an angel. They all have different shades to their personalities, they have textures and an emotional range that is truly representative of what women are actually like. They’re venerated and celebrated for who they are, but they’re also allowed to be imperfect and to have to courage to admit they aren’t always right. Plus, they all support each other. Even within the evil Rittenhouse constraints there’s a subtle camaraderie at times. Even Jessica, who could’ve been introduced as Lucy’s rival ends up being Lucy’s friend. So yes, yay for women supporting women and yay for Timeless showing that to the world!  


Mimi: Timeless has always had strong female characters even the guest characters are amazing.  I really need more of the Lucy/Jiya friendship, I think Lucy needed to hear what Jiya had to say.  It’s important for Lucy to know her own worth in all this mess that RH has created.  You know I really, really appreciated Denise in this ep. I loved her snarky comment about JFK’s “mustard” sandwich that Lucy made, hilarious and very motherly.

I know this Denise had her memories changed, in regards to Jessica always being alive and what not.  A part of me wished her heart to heart with Lucy, would have been talking to her about how much it sucks that she is back, sigh.. Maybe next week.  I’m glad Denise cares for Lucy enough to see that she is hurting and depressed, and cares enough to ask her about it. She is a mother first and that instinct comes into play big time in this episode.  Speaking of mothers, that Carol Preston tho… Dude, she is something else.  I hated her for kidnapping Denise, then I loved her for wanting to protect Lucy, but then hated her at the same time because she could just kill Grandpa and Emma! And walk away, But she still won’t abandon RH!

Amanda: Nary a damsel in distress to be found on this show and I friggin’ dig it. This episode in particular was one helluva showcase for all of them. Carol Preston – rocking that supremely fantastic hair – making us simultaneously love and hate her (more of the latter, though). Denise Christopher serving up that snark and bravely taking it across the face for her historian and her team. Emma just being an all-around badass. Jessica Logan, who could easily have been drawn as the meek “other woman” who just wants everyone’s approval, holds her own and even finds a way to help out. And finally my girl Lucy Preston, who has joined the ranks of Favorite Female TV Characters for me. Dana Scully, Sydney Bristow, Tami Taylor, and now Lucy Preston. Everyone bow down. Selfless, noble, and despite ten tons of crap being thrown at her, still standing on her own. Lucy may love and want Wyatt Logan, but she doesn’t need a man to survive. In fact, not one of these women is defined by their relationship with a man. I guess you could say that Jessica is, but the more we get to know her, she’s less “Wyatt’s suddenly undead wife” and more “super smart snark mistress”. It’s also worth noting that even the supporting characters are strong! Katherine Johnson, the spunky band of so-called “witches”, Bonnie Parker, Judith Campbell, etc etc etc. Don’t mind me, I’m just jamming out to Sinead O’Connor’s “No Man’s Woman.”

Samantha: The only female character that I wish they would treat better is poor Lucy. My heart just breaks for her! Give Lucy Peace 2018!! But in all seriousness, the female characters make this show for me. When I first saw Timeless, as a big fan of genre shows, I thought I knew where this show was taking us. Wyatt was going to be the bad-boy leader, Lucy his faithful assistant and “brains” of the operation who would pine for him silently for year while he slept with beauties from every time period, and Rufus would be their techie side-kick. MAN was I soooo happy to be wrong. Lucy is one of the strongest female characters on television. She is smart, outspoken, brave, loving… I could go on for paragraphs but I’ll leave her there. Then we have Denise who I always liked, but towards the end of last season when she faces down all the RH and govt agents with guns single-handedly while the Lifeboat makes it jump — that image of her facing them down on her own — GODDESS! Jiya is a genius in her own right, quick to solve problems, brave. Emma’s a badass (getting the drop on a special forces operator in those boots – COME ON!). Carol is fully developed and not a one-sided villain. I don’t like her, but I’m starting to see her motivation. Even Jessica – I’m not 100% sold on her motivations but I can see why Wyatt fell for her. She seems like a strong person. The scenes with Carol and Denise this episode made my heart soar and where my favorite of the ep, maybe the season outside of Hollywoodland. I want to see more Lucy and Jiya. Lucy needs someone she can talk to about all the BS in her life. Jiya needs a friend who she can talk fate vs free-will with that won’t blow her off (Rufus). Please can I have a scene of them in their room just shooting the shit, drinking tea, bitching about men, life, philosophy, crazy mothers, dead fathers, and corsets. PLEASE!!! Also more Denise as Bunker Mama Bear.

At times, Wyatt looked like he needed a hug, at others, a good slap. How do you feel about how the show is dealing with his obvious feelings for Lucy and Jessica at the same time? Where do you think this story-line is taking him – emotionally?


Lizzie: I think Wyatt can be a dumbass at times, as I said in my review, but I don’t think it comes from a bad place. I think the writers actively placed him in an impossible situation, and if he’d just thrown Jessica to the side we’d also be judging him. That being said, I think he needs to take a couple of steps back and figure out how he feels. Pronto. This situation is only hurting everyone involved, as it stands.

Alyssa: Interestingly enough I feel like Wyatt’s conflicted feelings for Lucy and Jessica is illuminating this situation even more than I thought. We’ve seen two different sides of Wyatt: We’ve seen the man he’s become (because of Lucy), but we’ve also seen how he’s conflicted about his part (because of Jessica.) When Wyatt is with Lucy, he’s sharp, he’s grounded, he’s centered. When Wyatt is with Jessica, he’s too impulsive, not thinking things through. I love you, Wyatt, but you can really act dumb when it comes to Jessica. But to be honest, I’d expect nothing less from Wyatt when it comes to trying to make it work. Wyatt is an honorable man. He’s a noble idiot, but a lovable, noble idiot. There’s no doubt in my mind that Wyatt would want to and would try to save his marriage because that’s the man that he is. He spent the entire first season determined to save his wife. If he didn’t get the chance to make it work, then what’s the point? Not to mention I don’t think he could actively pursue a romance with Lucy if he didn’t get his feelings sorted out. When Wyatt finally does choose Lucy, and I believe he will, it’s going to be a definitive choice left with no doubts only certainty.

Lyra: Right now Wyatt is acting like he can have his cake and eat it too. Spoiler alert: you can’t do that Wyatt! You made a decision and now you have to stick with it. I do have to admit that I think his struggle to understand that letting Lucy go is what he has to do, it’s something that feels realistic. Things aren’t always black and white. Quite often they’re a bunch of shades of grey. And that’s where Wyatt is right now. He loves the kind of man he’s become when he’s with Lucy and he wants to keep that life going. But he also wants to fix what he feels like is broken with his wife. But things don’t work out like that Wyatt (middle name) Logan. You can’t just choose both and think that they’ll be okay with it. Life doesn’t work out like that and if he doesn’t make serious effort with either of these women, be it as a husband or a friend, he’s going to lose them both.

Sarah: It’s strange, but I have to say this is the most natural I’ve ever seen a love triangle play out when it comes to Wyatt and how he handled his feelings towards Lucy and Jessica. Wyatt’s struggle was evident in how he acted, but despite the situation he put every effort into not making it as awkward as it could have been. It wasn’t surprising he’d try to go for it with Jessica after everything he went through to get her back last season, but that choices doesn’t erase his feelings for Lucy and what he did made that perfectly clear. That certainty the audience sees is not obvious to him though, and I think his journey with Jessica will bring to light that the person he was when he was married to Jessica is not the person he is today that loves Lucy. It’s going to be painful no matter what way you spin it, I just hope when he finally figures it out

Lariel: After everything he went through last season, trying to save Jessica’s life, can anyone be surprised that he’s trying to salvage his marriage? The Wyatt Jessica remembers may have been a drunken cheating scoundrel, but we can’t be sure that was the case with the Wyatt we have now. Maybe the drinking part is still accurate. But then there’s Lucy. Falling for her wasn’t something he’d planned, and he’s got a terrible, terrible choice in front of him.

Marta: It was very clear from the get-go that if Jessica came back Wyatt was going to make the right choice and go back to her. After all, his entire first season arc was focused on getting her back and we watched him struggle with the idea that he couldn’t get her back despite him wanting it more than anything else in the world. Eventually, as he got to know Lucy, those priorities started to change and he was finally able to start healing after so many years. But deep down –and, okay, not so deep down– Wyatt is a loyal man who always fights for what’s right. It’s why he was in the army. He has a need and a drive to always do what’s morally correct. If his dead wife comes back from the beyond, the morally correct thing to do is to give his marriage another chance. And I’m sure he still loves her. Lucy says so to Jessica, he’s never stopped loving her. But eventually he’ll realize that there were a lot of things wrong with his marriage and that he’s changed and now feels deeply for someone else –cough Lucy cough. So Jessica coming back will have allowed him to do two things: truly realize that it’s Lucy who he really loves, and finally be able to get closure on Jessica’s death and the unresolved problems in their marriage. All in all, it will make Wyatt a better man.

Mimi: I want to punch Wyatt in the face.  I get he’s happy Jessica is back, good for him, because he needs the closure.  But clearly, their marriage was far from perfect, he was a drunk and a cheater according to Jessica and according to Wyatt, Jessica cheated on him. I’m not sure if the timelines are crossing there or what?  Jessica told Lucy that Wyatt never looked at her the way he looked at Lucy.  We all know the Lyatt stares are a force of nature. Which is why, I still think Lucy and Wyatt are meant to be, and the paperclip handoff was perfection.  Their smirks as they knew how in sync they were.

The way Wyatt wouldn’t shoot, when Emma had Lucy at knife point, because he might hurt Lucy in the process and wouldn’t risk it.  Wyatt would never do anything on a mission that  might hurt Lucy, he loves that woman! Wyatt rushed to her side, to see if she was okay, when Emma threw her across the room. This love struck fool, stroked her hair! Gave her heart eyes! GAHHH!!! My FEELS!!!! Oh Wyatt, get your shit together man!  He has made some really poor decisions lately in my opinion.  Prime example is the Hawaii convo he and Jessica had, with Lucy hanging back as the 3rd wheel, getting clockblocked by trees and shit. Lucy had to hear that Jessica never left his side, when Wyatt was once in a surfing accident.  Who knew Wyatt surfed? Who knew Wyatt and Jessica meet in High School? Wyatt never said anything. Lets keep it real, I only wanted to hug Lucy, never Wyatt’s dumb ass throughout this episode.  

Wyatt, don’t call Lucy freaking baby doll  and then go to bed with your wife! Who now (painfully) resides in the bunker with the rest of team. That’s a DICK move son! WTF?? Boy Bye! Leave the bunker for that shit okay? SMH… Seriously? I shed tear for Lucy, because it was just so heartbreaking to watch them walk away from one another.  EVEN THO, Wyatt looked back at Lucy, he still made the decision to go with his (used to be dead) wife. I needed a hug! But I downed a strong moscow mule instead. (Sigh)  Wyatt needs to make a decision with his heart and not his head, if he does that, Lucy will be the C L E A R choice, until then I’ll be listening to Amy Winehouse’s complete album on repeat. #backtoblack #tearsdryontheirown #wakeupalone #loveisalosinggame


Amanda: Let me preface this by saying that Wyatt is in an impossible situation and, as such, is having to get in touch with his inner Andy Dufresne and “crawl through 500 yards of sh*t in order to come out clean on the other end.” That said, he is not exactly handling his sh*t-crawling with great aplomb. I alluded to this in my answer to the second question, but he’s made some pretty stupid decisions for a dude who is Army Special Forces. I’ve seen the movie Delta Force and Chuck Norris would kick Wyatt’s ass right about now funk soul brother. I adore Wyatt and I really want to give him a hug, but by bringing Jessica into the bunker, he’s not only putting the very people he would die for at risk, but he’s essentially rubbing the situation in Lucy’s face (unintentional though it may be) — and she was right to call him out on it. That said, while his behavior is completely irrational, it makes sense. Like Lucy, I feel for his situation and I want him to be happy (because the sad puppy face is breaking my heart), but I’m also a little miffed at his not-thought-out-at-all decisions. I’m not even going to get into it on his bolting from the bunker the second he got that text. It’s not this simple, but this is almost a choice of head vs. heart for Wyatt. I know he’s in love with Lucy — I think he knows he’s in love with Lucy — but I think his head is telling him the right thing to do is make this situation with Jessica work. #TeamHeart

Samantha: There’s no sugar-coating this. Wyatt is making it hard to root for him right now. I get it. He has wanted his wife back for years. He has felt guilt over her death (and maybe he should). He’s been a terrible husband and wants to prove that he has changed. But how, how, HOW can he bring Jessica into the bunker and then try to have light banter with Lucy? How can he not immediately pull Lucy aside and apologize and not let Jessica interrupt? (By the way – good job lying to your wife when you are trying to prove you have changed. Jessica interrupted waaaaay more than this conversation and you know it, Wyatt!!) HOW THE HELL DID HE LEAVE THE BUNKER AFTER THE TEXT WITHOUT A WORD?!?!

Clearly I’m working through some things with Wyatt right now. I do think you can have feelings for two people at once. Especially if someone you have loved your entire adult life is suddenly back, available, and willing to try and work things out with you. I think Wyatt thinks that he is moving on from Lucy, that his time with her in 1941 will be a wonderful cherished memory, and that he can now have a happy marriage with Jessica. He also thinks he can go back to a friendship with Lucy like the strong bond they had before she was kidnapped. But he’s wrong. His feelings for her profoundly changed when he thought he was going to lose her — and I’m not talking about the kidnapping. When they thought they were done and RH was defeated and they were saying goodbye and she hugged him, he realized he couldn’t let her go. That was the moment he realized he has fallen for her. Somehow I doubt he was thinking too much of Jessica in those six weeks Lucy was missing. His heart is playing catch up right now. He lost Jessica, then lost Lucy. Found Lucy, started….something… and then found Jessica. Of course his first reaction is to go back to Jessica. He wouldn’t be Wyatt without that reaction. He took vows with her. For this reason. I also don’t think he will be the one to proactively end it with Jessica because I don’t think Jessica is going to take that long to bail. He’s tenacious, especially about the people he loves. But Jessica is smart. She is already seeing what is between Lucy and Wyatt. And Jessica is strong. She isn’t going to hang around the bunker watching her husband trying to hide his heart eyes aimed at our brilliant historian. AND Jessica likes Lucy. She is going to push Wyatt away and make it clear to him that his loyalty to her and their history is a great trait, but a future together is not a healthy path for either of them. At the same time, I don’t want Lucy just waiting around for Jyatt/Wessica to explode. Wyatt will have to win her back somehow. What I would really love to see is Jessica having to convince Lucy to take him back to mirror the scene in this episode.

I guess I am expecting Wyatt to be more of a passenger on the decision making until Jessica has had enough. Then he best throw himself whole-heartedly into convincing Lucy that she is the one he loves. I don’t love this scenario, because I want Wyatt to actively pick Lucy, but I do think it is the one that is closest to his character.

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