6 WTF Moments from Supernatural’s Mid-Season Finale: LOTUS

Supernatural‘s mid-season finale “LOTUS” takes a crazy turn when Lucifer, on a power trip of epic proportions, takes over the President of the United States. The Winchesters send him straight back to hell just in time to be arrested for trying to assassinate the President. No one essential died, there were action scenes, and we got a few laughs in. Still there were some moments were we couldn’t help but go, “WTF?!”

1. Sam & Dean being arrested & taken away by Secret Service.

Can’t Sam and Dean pray to Castiel so he at least knows their location & can teleport them away with Crowley’s help? I know Lucifer jacked him up but he’s still an angel who can get signals from the home office, change people’s memories, and resist a fiery explosion like the BAMF he is. Or better yet, why couldn’t Sam and Dean fight and take down the two Secret Service agents? The fight on the road, and 11 seasons, are enough proof enough that they’re skilled fighters.

2. Lucifer possessing the President of the United States.

In a time when an unthinkable candidate won the U.S. Presidency and comparison’s to Hitler are prevalent, this was a bold move for Supernatural. POTUS was Lucifer’s latest victim in his search for the ultimate power. He’s done going for scraps and is in the big leagues now. Until he finds his way out of the cage, because you know he will, his legacy will live on in the form of a child. That’s going to end well, right?

3. POTUS girlfriend keeping the devil’s spawn.

I really don’t know why I’m surprised that she decided to keep the baby. From a writer’s POV it’s a perfect storyline that could lead to loads of complications and an antichrist subplot. From a viewers perspective, and that of a woman’s, I’d be a little concerned. Your hand literally set a bible on fire! This isn’t a normal pregnancy by any means and I’d be concerned about breathing fire or doing some crazy stuff by the time my third trimester comes around.

4. Castiel just standing there as the Secret Service car explodes.

Is it just me or is Cass been a BAMF lately? He doesn’t even flinch when the car explodes in LOTUS. He stands there with mild agitation and intrigue like “That’s all you got guys?” Cass has been on the hunt for something bigger and scarier than mere men (that includes you British MoL.) He’s even been sassing Dean a lot more lately when the hunter needles him about his hunter/undercover skills. Makes me kind of proud how much he’s standing out and setting out on his own adventures. Go Cass!

5. Rowena thanking her child for killing her lover.

I’ve got to admit that I love that they’re fleshing out Rowena. She isn’t just a witch at the beck and call of some man on a power trip. She’s her own woman out to have a life for herself. Her latest beau just so happened to be an ass and in a turn of events Crowley destroys him and splatters his mother with blonde. Instead of freaking out (like I would) she gently smiles and thanks her son for the sweet gesture. This is probably the first time they’ve ever bonded in this fashion and I see a mother/son duo coming for the second half of the season.

6. British douchebags making their return.

I don’t care how many shiny objects the British MoL have in LOTUS, they can NOT be trusted. The Winchesters first encounter with the British MoL should’ve scared off Sam permanently, and I understand that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but THEY TRIED TO KILL YOU. Let’s not forget the mind fuck where Lady Douche violated Sam without his permission. The British MoL only see in black and white and will kill any and all supernatural creature no matter if the threat level is zero.

MVP of LOTUS: Sam Winchester

Let’s put aside the fact that Sam was put into a metal cage at the end of this episode, just like the cage in hell, and focus on the fact that he faced his fears and sent his tormentor to hell. Never been prouder of this Winchester.


Supernatural returns Thursday, January 26th at 8/7c on The CW.

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