Supernatural’s Mary Winchester: Moving On & Letting Go of The Past

On a show where EVERYONE comes back to life, Supernatural has been severely lacking in the resurrected females department. Frankly, Mary Winchesters return was a long time coming.

Mary was the linchpin, the person who started it all. Her death set John, Dean, and Sam on the road to becoming hunters. Instead of being a father, John endlessly pursued the things that go bump in the night, and molded his children the same way.

When it comes down to it, Amara’s gift to Dean was well deserved. He gave her a chance to be with his family again and Amara was returning the favor. What she didn’t contemplate, and what she lacks a basic understanding of because she’s an immortal being that’s lived eons, is the time that had passed for Mary.

It’d been 30+ years since Mary died. She wasn’t coming back to her loving husband or her adorable children. She wasn’t coming back to the world she knew where wearing that long white nightgown was an acceptable fashion choice. Instead she was coming back to a nightmare where everything was gone and someone claiming to be her son, had to catch her up.

The only reason why Mary didn’t freak and have a nervous breakdown like we would in such a situation, is the strength of her character and the training she acquired as a hunter. She was a soldier before she died and she would continue to be one in this new life. That being said, it was the right decision for Mary Winchester to leave her sons after being resurrected.

A part of strength is recognizing your weaknesses. Mary recognized her own and needed to separate herself from her children for her own well being and recovery. She couldn’t hunt with her boys while not understanding or knowing how to wield the new methods of hunting. Hell, she couldn’t even look at her children without feeling guilt weigh her down that they ended up having the life she never wished for them and that she was robbed of the simple opportunity to see them grow up.

Mary left Dean and Sam because she needed to mourn what once was and what would never be. Without doing this she would always look at Dean and Sam and wonder, “What if I survived? What if they never were hunters? What if I saw then grow up?” Mary knew that it would be unfair to her children and herself, if she were to stay with them.

She took the higher road and left to catch up with technology, the existence of angels, the status of hunters in the USA, and everything she’d missed in John’s journal. She couldn’t have stayed under the watchful eye of her children as she acclimated herself and let go of the past. She had to set her own pace on her own terms.

Her decision to leave wasn’t a fancy gimmick by the producers to not spend time on Mary’s storyline. Mary leaving fit into her storyline and made me respect her even more as a human, woman, and mother. Proof that it was the right decision came when Death offered Mary a chance to die. It was the easy way out. A way for her to be with the family she knew all those years ago instead of the one right before her eyes.

Mary ultimately decided to stay. She had mourned her children, her husband, and the life she could never have in her time. There will always be a tender place in her heart for the life she never had but now she’s ready for more. Whatever comes next in the hunt for her children, with the help of Cas, she’s stronger for having taken time for herself. She laid her demons to rest so they wouldn’t interfere when she was destroying the ones around her or breaking into a secret underground bunker to rescue her wayward children.

Supernatural returns Thursday, January 26th at 8/9c on The CW.

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