‘Supernatural’ 14×10 Review: “Nihilism” and the Freedom of Dean Winchester

Supernatural‘s “Nihilism” was a lesson in love for Michael, aka the biggest douche of all. After 14 years and countless apocalypses stopped by Sam, Dean, and Cass, we know that love is the ultimate weapon. It’s what keeps them, and even myself, going when things get tough, messy, and everything in between. So keep thinking that you’re going to beat warriors/champions like Dean, Sam, and Cass.

Dean Thrives in Trauma? *commence crying*


I know, we know, that Dean Winchester has gone through SO MUCH these past 14 seasons. He’s been attacked, tortured, possessed, killed, and even sent to Purgatory where he made friends with a vampire named Benny. Point is, Dean has gone through a lot and he’s survived every bit of it.

But I don’t think I’ve ever stopped to look at the collective pain of the trauma that Dean has gone through and how it keeps him going. Truly, all of this content that a therapist needs to sink her teeth in, but the Winchesters don’t really know a therapist that they can trust with the entirety of the crazy of their lives. They just take all that pain and use it to fuel the fire inside of them that keeps them going.

Part of me sees this as being hella sad. Dean Winchester has never felt contentment and trauma sets a fire under his ass? Now that’s just heartbreaking shit right there. The other part of me is insanely proud Dean Winchester has not let the world tear him down and that he fights to survive at every turn.

We could do with being a little more like Dean Winchester. Hell, I think I can do better by being a little bit more like Dean Winchester. Cuz he’s not just a fighter, someone constantly struggling under the weight of it all. He’s a survivor who despite not feeling contentment, according to Michael but we can’t really trust that clown, continues to thrive while surrounded by a family that cares and loves him as much as he does.

Michael Needs to Back Off of Our Son Jack


Jack is our precious cinnamon roll and I don’t know if The CW knows this, but there’s a gang of women and men, ready and willing to take down Michael if it means he steps back from Jack. Michael is a liar who I KNOW prides himself in mucking up people’s heads. This week’s unfortunate victim just happened to be Jack.

Michael tried so hard to weave this shit storm of doubts in the baby nephilim. And the only reason why this douche angel is doing it, is because he’s trying to destabilize the group. He knows and sees how strong they are together and how much they all care for Jack. So it he can’t get to Sam or Cass, he’ll go for the next best thing aka our nougat son.

Jack is loved. Fiercely loved, in fact. His found family knows what he’s been through, have come through at every moment, and have loved him as their own. That’s everlasting and beautiful love that can’t be broken or manipulated by Michael, no matter how hard the douche nozzle tries.

So keep stirring the pot, Michael. This baby nephilim is stronger than you think and loved more that you could even imagine.

Michael is Doing This to Spite His Dad?


It’s not like I’ve heard this story before. Oh wait, I have. From Lucifer. He was so mad at his dad and the way that he treated his human creations, that he started slaughtering them and thought the apocalypse was a merry thing he’d love to start up. Lucifer failed, and no matter what Billie says about Dean’s journey and how it ends, Michael is going to fail too.

All of it comes back to what Cass told Michael about weakness. Love and having connections, aren’t weaknesses. Love is a power house, a weapon that has been used over and over by the Winchesters and those that love them, to defeat the forces of evil. So keep making excuses and stirring the pot, Michael.

The Winchesters will defeat you. They always defeat assholes like you because they have love, kindness, and faith on their side..

Favorite Scene from Supernatural’s “Nihilism”:



Check out the trailer for next week’s episode titled “Damaged Goods”:

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