‘Supernatural’ 14×05 Review: “Nightmare Logic” & Chief Sam Winchester

Fourteen seasons in and I’m STILL hella proud of the men that Sam and Dean Winchester have grown into and continue being. They are not just survivors. They are leaders, friends, family, and the future of this world. They are the ones we need to keep the nightmares away and the ones who we should look up to when we need a dose of strength.

In Supernatural‘s “Nightmare Logic” they continue to prove the indisputable fact that I’m….wait…no…the indisputable fact that WE are proud of everything that Sam and Dean Winchester have done & the band of hunters they are training to save the future!

So without further ado, let’s dive into Supernatural‘s “Nightmare Logic”!

In This House We Love & Appreciate “Chief” Sam Winchester


There’s no faster way to make my shit list when it comes to Supernatural when you question my boys leadership skills. So Bobby from apocalypse world, congratulations and welcome to my shit list! Sure, you apologized at the end of the episode, but your mannerisms make me grind my teeth and wish to God that you disappear before you ruin the love I have for OG Bobby Singer.

Like Dean said, Sam is doing better than his best. Sam is being the kind of leader that they all need and deserve. Our moose of a Winchester is kind, patient, honor bound, trusting, engaging, and all the good qualities that Google tells you great leaders are made of. Sure he’s struggling a bit and there are some kinks to work out, but Chief Sam Winchester is killing it when it comes to being a leader!

I especially appreciate the use of technology to keep everyone in line, safe, and accounted for. It’s not overbearing or Sam being a hovering moose mom. He’s using the technology available to him to streamline their operation and keep them alive. Yes, for more check-ins via text. Yes, for more video uploads for training and safety. Yes, for all of it!

This is the next generation of hunters right here. And it’s because of Sam Winchester, a man who has been to hell and back, that it’s all possible. So skedaddle naysayers. Sam Winchester is doing better than his best and he’ll continue doing so!

Letting Go of Winchester Baggage


It’s in episodes like “Nightmare Logic” where we’re reminded of how strong Dean Winchester is. Here he is, sitting near a woman that is going through some of the struggles he did, all those years ago. And despite all the crazy shit that happened between Dean and his dad, Dean survived.

He might’ve not necessarily forgiven his father for the life they had growing up. (Because abandonment, stress, and learning how to hunt at a young age will fuck up anyone and make it hard to forgive.) But Dean doesn’t want to hold onto the pain of the past anymore. He wants to move forward because there’s no use looking back and letting that anger weigh down on you.

Dean knows that and he wants to make sure Sasha Rawling, guest star Leah Cairns, knows that too.

Supernatural also wants to make sure that you know that as well. Sometimes you won’t get sorry’s. Sometimes it’ll be too late. So live in the now. Make fun of your siblings like Dean teases Sam with the new name “chief.” Enjoy music as much as Dean likes his classic rock. And do not be shy to embrace what you love like Dean did with his slasher films in “Mint Condition.”

Live, love, create, fuck, inspire. Let go of the baggage that has been latched onto your mind, body, and spirit. Be like Dean Winchester. And if you stumble, if you fall, just remember how many times Dean has been brought down by the weight of the world around him. Did he give up? Nope. He stumbled, crawled, fought, swam (whatever the hell he needed to do) to live another day. And you should too.

Mary is in Another Relationship?


Look, I’m glad that everything isn’t about Dean and Sam. It diversifies the show and gives us more to invest in. That’s why I’ve been all aboard when it comes to the apocalypse world newbies being saved, trained, and given a home in the Men of Letters. And I’m glad that Mary and Bobby are alive, thriving, and seeking comfort in each other cuz human contact is the bees knees and who wouldn’t want some companionship after a long day of hunting?

That being said, there’s no spark between Mary and Bobby. Do they simply have nothing better to do with Mary? “They” being the writers. Has Mary already bonded enough with her sons that she can jump into ANOTHER relationship with no problem? Is it because she’s a woman? Because let me tell you, romantic relationships are far and few on Supernatural. But somehow, Mary has fallen into two?

I call bullshit.

There is still so much to explore between Mary, Sam, and Dean. One season isn’t enough, especially after watching 12+ seasons of the Winchesters missing their mom and dad. Those wounds don’t heal over like nothing and we’re not satisfied with one season of development for their mother/son relationship before Mary gets shipped off to date another man. Because again, that’s the only thing that shows seem to know how to do with their female characters.

Just think back to the first couple seasons of Supernatural. The relationship that Sam and Dean had with their father was full of emotional and hard moments that didn’t just go away after a couple episodes. Also, if John was still on Supernatural, you best believe that the relationship between him and his children would be the focal point of his journey.

And that’s not to say that John or Mary don’t deserve a chance to have something more in their lives besides their kids. They do and they should because having kids doesn’t mean that your heart is down for maintenance.¬†What I’m saying is that Mary has been brushed off and made to seem like she solved everything with Sam & Dean. And that’s unfair to all the Winchesters. Family is what they care about most and Mary is family.

So forget about this Mary/Bobby relationship, Supernatural. Give me more family bonding between a mother and her two sons. And prove to me that you haven’t run out of ideas with what to do with Mary when you damn well know that John would have epic manpain moments with his kids. Prove to me that you care about Mary and the relationship she has with her sons.

Favorite moment from Supernatural‘s “Nightmare Logic”:


Check out the trailer for next week’s Supernatural titled “Optimism”:

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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