‘Titans’ 1×05 Review: ‘Together’

The Titans finally came together in this week’s episode, and the moment fans have been waiting for was worth the wait. Although this week’s episode was the shortest, clocking in at under 40 minutes, it might have actually been one of the most action packed. Keeping fans on their toes, this story continues to move at a steady pace. I keep finding myself desperate for the next episode as soon as the credits begin to roll. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way either.

Let’s call it an Alliance

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After trading his beloved Porsche for a mini van, Dick Grayson drives his newfound friends to the safest location he can find. At a motel in the middle of nowhere, the group hatches a plan to begin training in order to fight the sociopaths that have been trying to get Rachel.

So much has happened on this show already that it’s almost hard to believe this group of people haven’t really known each other very long. Dick and Rachel have only known Kory and Gar for a day by the time they all end up in that motel.

That doesn’t mean that they can’t be ready for the threat they know is coming. Dick convinces them to show him their powers. After a brief demonstration, he quickly realizes that he’s got a pretty decent arsenal with them. Still, it makes him feel a little guilty to use them as weapons the way he feels Bruce did with him. They don’t really have a choice though because if they want to survive, they’re going to need every advantage they can get.

I like that they’re still trying to figure out what they are to each other. We know what they will become but they’re not there yet. I’m curious to see how the team name “Titans” comes about, since they can barely admit they’re friends right now.

It’ll be interesting to see how that team dynamic builds as the series progresses. Will they brand themselves “Titans” by the end of the season or will that be an ongoing theme throughout the show?

The Nuclear Family=Sympathetic Villains

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When we first met them, I assumed they were just playing a part in order to blend in, but this episode showed us it’s a lot more complicated than that.

It turns out this family has been brainwashed all along, which isn’t really so surprising now that I think about it. Even though they’re not really redeemable and they’re definitely sociopaths, I still feel bad for them.

We still don’t really know much about the organization they worked for, and I’m sad to see this crazy family gone for good after this episode, but I hope the series plans to shed more light on this brainwashing program that gave them to us in the first place.



I wouldn’t mind seeing a revolving door of brainwashed Nuclear Families throughout the series. It could open up doors to a lot of storytelling. For example, can the brainwashing be reversed? What if someone the team knows becomes programmed to hunt them down? It could be an interesting way to introduce other characters from the comics that our core four may already know.

Everybody wants Dick (Grayson)

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Get your head out of the gutter. You know who I meant.

This episode was definitely steamy. We knew there’d be a big hook up based on last week’s promo and it didn’t disappoint. Although a part of me worries that they may be rushing the Dick and Kory romance, I can’t really be mad at them because Brenton Thwaites and Anna Diop have a lot of chemistry. They’re so much fun to watch.

A dynamic that started out antagonistic has quickly turned into one of mutual understanding. Kory really wants Dick to be more open with her and the rest of the team, but Dick’s walls are so high that not even Superman can leap over them in a single bound right now.

Not one to give up easily, Kory comes to Dick’s room with a bottle of tequila and after only a couple of shots, they quickly end up in bed together. You’d think it’d be awkward afterwards, but it’s not, which is really refreshing.

I’m glad they finally got this out of their system because their unresolved sexual tension was starting to get distracting. Hopefully the writers plan on slowing them down after this. I want to see their friendship fully develop before they jump into a real romantic relationship.

Kory wasn’t the only one interested in our favorite detective. I did feel bad for the motel owner though. I’m pretty sure she was murdered by the Nuclear family after Dick turned down her advances. That really is the most depressing way to go.

Gar and Rachel really are cute together

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This show has had an uphill battle since before it was released. From casting drama because of racism to trailer criticism, it has not been easy for the Titans to be accepted. Now that the show is here and it actually is really good, a lot of fans have stopped criticizing it so unfairly. But there is still one thing that people seem to have a problem with and that’s the age difference between the actors playing Rachel and Gar.

I never expected them to be romantic on the show. At least not yet because of that age difference. However, that does not mean that these actors don’t have chemistry. They definitely do and if the show ever decides to go there with them, I’ll be onboard. I just really hope that any plans they may have to turn their friendship into romance does not happen until much later. I’m happy with the dynamic they currently have.

This is a show about family

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I find it interesting that these four people have formed their own sort of non-traditional family and how it parallels the more traditional Nuclear Family trying to kill them.

None of these people are related by blood. Still, it’s very obvious that Dick and Kory are surrogate parental figures to Gar and Rachel. That is why I am enjoying the sibling bond that they currently have. I want to see that nurtured. Then if and when the writers decide to take them to the next level, I hope by then we’ll already be fully invested in them as a pair and as separate characters.

The Stinger: There’s a new Robin in town

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We always knew fan favorite Jason Todd would appear this season. While it doesn’t happen until the very last moments of the episode, this Robin, like his predecessor, also likes to make a big entrance.

After the Nuclear Family finds them at the motel, Dick uses their phone to track an address in Chicago that they visited frequently. When Dr. Adamson sees Dick has found his location, he immediately disposes of the Nuclear Family by activating the explosives in their heads.

Dick is there for answers, but the good doctor continues to talk to him in riddles. Dr. Adamson warns Dick that the organization he works for has sent soldiers to kill him now that he’s been exposed. Before Dick can even react a tactical team descends on the penthouse. Dick’s a great fighter but they did catch him off-guard and he’s only one person. It’s a good thing that he had unexpected back up.

Jason appears out of nowhere and quickly takes them all out. He’s really feisty and sassy when he introduces himself to Dick, which was to be expected. I can already see how and why Jason and Dick will clash. I’m excited to see more of him in the upcoming episode. Right now, we don’t know very much about Jason. We don’t really know how long he’s been Batman’s partner either. But one thing is clear: Dick didn’t know about his replacement.

Things are about to get very interesting going forward!


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  • The team’s training session was so well executed. I love Dick’s giddiness over everyone’s powers. This is a character that hero worships Superman in the comics so seeing him getting excited about meta-humans and aliens makes sense.
  • Sun Woman and Tiger Boy will soon become Starfire and Beast Boy.
  • I can’t believe Dick traded his designer car for their version of the Mystery Machine. I loved Gar’s sadness over the loss of the Porsche.
  • Dick and Kory finally hooking up. If anyone questioned their chemistry before this episode, I think you’ve been disproven.
  • Everyone in this episode had a heart to heart with each other and I’m here for it.
  • When Rachel called Dick to take down the mirror because she was scared. I love that he really is her surrogate dad in this show.
  • Gar’s transformation in front of everyone was perfect. I really love how precious he is.
  • I love the fight sequences in this episode but I just really love watching Dick fight. Brenton Thwaites is a badass.
  • Was that pineapple on Gar’s pizza? Yuck. I hope not. Rachel and Dick hate that.
  • Gar asking Dick if they could meet Batman was so relatable.
  • Kory trying to decide what alcohol to buy is such a mood. That liquor store clerk did give her great advice about choosing. You have to match the alcohol with your intended activity.
  • Goodbye Nuclear Family. I’m going to miss you. But this is poetic justice for Detective Rohrbach. Yeah, I’m still bitter.
  • Gar protecting Rachel while Kory and Dick fought the Nuclear Family was so precious.
  • “Oh shit, Dick’s going to think I did it.” When Kory found the bodies of the Nuclear Family after they’d been killed was hilarious.
  • Every single fight Dick Grayson was involved in.
  • Jason Todd saving Dick was perfect. I expected that to happen but I still loved every moment of it.

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