‘Titans’: First Official Trailer Released

The long-awaited first trailer for the Titans series, set to launch the new DC Universe app later this year, was finally released on Thursday. There’s been plenty of speculation about what this series might bring, and the trailer teases more than it actually provides a lot of answers.

One thing is seemingly apparent: this will not be some lighthearted romp. I assume that there will be levity in the series, but one wouldn’t know this from the trailer. With Dick’s “fuck Batman” and, from the sound, probable breaking of some bad guy’s neck, the series isn’t even trying to pretend the show will be family friendly. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, parents should be aware that Titans is going to be a far cry from a live-action Teen Titans Go!

We do get a few tantalizing glimpses into the Titans universe with this trailer. We get to see our main characters – some admittedly more than others. Dick’s tragic loss is more or less revealed via flashback. (As a quick aside, I can’t help but wonder which company has more tragic parental deaths under their belt: Disney or DC.) For those unfamiliar with the character, Raven’s powers probably still remain a mystery. The effects are likely reminiscent of shows like Supernatural and the short-lived Constantine. Beast Boy and Starfire – undoubtedly and yet absurdly Titans‘ most controversial character – have little more than cameos.

There is no doubt that this trailer leaves many mysteries still on the table for fans desperate for news about the series. That said, it’s still early days. Undoubtedly we have a lot more promotion ahead of us before the official launch (not least because they haven’t yet released an official date for the premiere). But we’re one step closer to the much-anticipated Titans becoming a reality, and so fans can surely be excited about that.

The official trailer is below. Titans will premiere on the DC Universe app sometime in 2018.

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