‘Supernatural’ 14×02 Review: Heroes, ‘Gods and Monsters’

Supernatural‘s “Gods and Monsters” saw Michael being a basic bitch, Jack trying to understand/find the kind of man he wants to be, and Nick finally snapping after all the horror he’s endured as Lucifer’s vessel. It also saw the return of Dean Winchester, freshly pressed and looking dapper AF. But why did Michael give him up? Why is Michael creating hybrids? And most importantly, at least for me, what is Nick going to do now that he’s snapped?

Let’s dive into Supernatural‘s “Gods and Monsters”!

Michael is a Basic Bitch


This universe is a place where Michael can start anew. It’s fresh, green, and ready for something or someone to conquer it. And instead of going for that life of leisure, Michael is going for death and destruction the sequel. It’s boring, basic, speaks of a lack of imagination, and makes me want to roll my eyes every time he’s on screen. (Yes, even while he’s occupying Dean. Jensen Ackles looks hot and all, but Michael… *shiver down spine*)

Admittedly, it speaks a lot to the kind of writers room that Supernatural has that they are still coming up with fresh ideas like Michael’s experiments on vampires and werewolves. He’s trying to create hybrids, an army that he can only produce and control. And that right there is horrifying, insanely intriguing, and why I’m still watching.

On a different note, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around Michael leaving Dean’s body. I’m pretty sure Sam, Mary, Cas, and everyone else in the bunker will give Dean a thorough once over. They’ll confirm Dean is Michael free and he’ll be welcomed back into the fold. But why did Michael let him go in the first place? Why did he deliver Dean right to his family’s doorstep like a freshly wrapped present?

Michael is a man of considerable strength, aptitude, and intelligent. There’s something else that he’s looking for, something that he’s one step closer to getting. And that is shiver down my spine worthy. And again, this universe is a place where Michael can start anew, kick his feet back and wait until Avengers: Infinity War Part 2. But nooooooo, grey and dreary is better.


Jack Trying to Better Himself


My sweet summer child named Jack, is quickly becoming my favorite. I love that he understands that he needs to get better but still gets frustrated by it. I love that he doesn’t give up. He stands up and tries again. And I love that he wanted to give his grandparents a little piece of their daughter because she was never coming back.

It’s grow. It’s development. It’s everything that I’ve ever wanted in a character like him. Part of this growth has to do with the time he’s spending with the Winchesters and Cas. They all love him dearly and he loves them in return. They make sure that he knows that they have his back at every turn. That right there is love at its finest and the reason why I think Jack is going to be ok.

Right now he’s on a journey to figure out what kind of man he is. And Cas giving him perspective by telling him how Sam and Dean started off with nothing, real bottom of the barrel kind of life, was exactly what he needed. We don’t all start from the same spot and there are no limits to what we can do. It’s perseverance and patience that make the difference and make the man. Jack understands that now.

P.S. On the whole ‘we’ve got to kill Dean if it comes down to it.’ Yup. I agree with Jack and if Dean was there, he would agree with it too. I know it’s hard and I know that this family sacrifices so much for each other, but the line has to be drawn somewhere! Especially if the line means stopping an apocalyptic hell scape with nothing but grey, death, and destruction.

WTF Was Up With That Ending?


Maybe I missed something along the way, but why did Nick kill his next door neighbor? Where was the confirmation? Pretty sure I didn’t turn my head away from the TV for one second. There are three possible options for why Nick did what he did.

One: Nick was the one who killed his family. He was finally confronted with the truth and it broke him, leading to the next door neighbors murder. Two: the next door neighbor killed Nick’s family. And as soon the truth was out, Nick went into a rage and killed the neighbor. And three: Castiel was right about Nick having a bit of Lucifer still inside of him.

It could be option one or two because I’m not in the writers room, but I’m leaning strongly on option number three. That small moment in the bunker where Nick snapped his fingers, his whole demeanor changed. It speaks to Mark Pellegrino’s acting abiliites that one second I saw a man grieving and in the next I saw the most evil being the world has ever seen.

If Nick has remnants of Lucifer in his body, whose to say that Dean won’t have remnants of Michael. The archangel caused a hell of a lot of damage on Dean and made him watch while he destroyed life after life. But…what if this is a good thing? What if Michael didn’t understand that by doing this, he was giving Dean a chance to remember or understand what the archangels plan was?

Michael leaving this small opening to defeat him sounds kind of counterproductive and stupid, but we all know that a person who gloats or does an evil monologue, always lets something loose that will defeat them. Same thing goes for Nick. He killed, in an episode where Castiel confirmed that Luci might’ve permanently damaged his mind and where Nick looked down upon Cas with hate for what he did to Jimmy.

That right there is the start of something evil and dark, born out of love and loss.

Favorite Moment from “Gods and Monsters”:



Check out the trailer for next week’s Supernatural titled “The Scar”:

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