‘Supernatural’ 14×09 Review: “The Spear”

Supernatural’s “The Spear” had Michael playing his cards right, for now, and revealing that he never let go of Dean Winchester. If anything, Michael was biding his time, trying his hardest to break Dean. Little does he know that this Winchester has something to fight for and is in no shape, way, or form, ready to give up on Sam, Castiel, and Jack.

Also, while we’re talking about Jack, can we mention Michael’s weird obsession with our favorite nephilim? It’s creepy and weird how convinced Michael is that his nephew would just follow him on his path to madness. Guess again, uncle. Jack is better than that and better than you!

Let’s dive into Supernatural’s “The Spear” aka the mid-season finale! *sob* I don’t want to wait that long!

Sorry, Michael. But You’re Wrong.


I don’t care what you think you have planned, how many steps ahead you are, or the power that flows through you….Michael, YOU’RE GOING DOWN! Right now, you’re full of yourself. You think you have all the power in your hands and that there is no possible way anyone can stop you. Oh, wrong you are.

Dean Winchester is still there. He’s still fighting, he’s still being a pain in Michael’s ass, and he’s still resisting. Dean has people to live for. He has a brother who would go to hell and back for him, literally. He has a best friend who has become family. And Dean has a young nephilim in his life that is practically now his son. Dean has people. And that’s why Dean will survive this.

So what if Michael topped all those monsters with his magical angel grace? Grand plans like this, especially coming from sure assholes, always fall apart in the most wonderful of ways. That’s especially true when a force like the Winchesters is in the picture. So gloat all you want Michael. It’s not going to save you from a gloriously warranted death.

What Even is Michael’s Endgame?


Personally, I still don’t know what Michael wants. His plans aren’t a way to rule heaven or Earth. He doesn’t even really seem to care about either. Also, I don’t see world domination or greed being the guiding force behind Michael’s plans. If anything, I think he’s doing all of this evil in Earth 1 because he’s fucking bored.

Who the hell would want to live in a barren wasteland? Like, think about it Michael. Sit back and catch a movie, grab some food, and go for a walk in a forest. Because it makes no sense that you would want a barren wasteland when you can have Avengers magic, all the pizza your little heart can take, and the mysteries of nature at your fingertips.

This is my problem with Michael. I don’t know what he wants and I kind of don’t care. He’s just a bad guy, someone to mess around with the Winchesters, who probably has no friends or true ambitions. Go and join a book club, Michael. Expand your mind, open up your heart, and remember why God created you in the first place. Cuz it sure as shit isn’t the destruction of the human race or making hybrid grace babies.

Stay Away From Our Son Jack


Michael needs to keep his everything away from Jack. This precious nougat cinnamon roll can not and will not be influenced by Michael. Jack has been raised with love, kindness, and the nurturing that Michael wishes he could get his hands on but will never admit because that’ll make him look weak. Well, guess what, Michael? You are weak.

Jack and his family are strong. Hell, they’re stronger than you’ll ever be, no matter how hard you try. Why? Because Jack, Sam, Dean, and Castiel have each other. And THAT makes the world of a difference when going up against douche canoes like Michael. Stop while you’re ahead, Michael. Because your pettiness, your cruel nature, will not have the desired effect on Jack.

Oddly enough, I think Michael is vying for Jack’s attention because he’s lonely and he needs a reason to justify his actions. Jack is not “stronger” than Michael but he’s so much more than an uptight angel like Naomi. You can’t mold someone like Jack into whatever you please. But come on, keep trying if you want. It’s not come out the way you expect but there’s no stopping stupid like you, is there Michael?

Favorite Moment from Supernatural’s “The Spear”:

Dean is the ultimate threat to things that go bump in the night, the man who stopped the apocalypse multiple times, and Michael’s desired vessel. This man. The one flipping that spear like a newb.


Check out the trailer for Supernatural’s mid-season premiere titled “Nihilism”:

Supernatural returns January 17, 2019 on The CW.

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