‘Supernatural’ 14×08 Review: “Byzantium”

Supernatural‘s “Byzantium” tore our hearts out, kept us on edge all episode, before ultimately bringing back Jack. The darkness was this close to getting him. But I had no doubt (well maybe a tiny bit) that Sam, Dean, and Cass would pull through for Jack.

He’s no longer just a nephilim, Kelly’s son, or the off spring of Lucifer. Jack is a Winchester, a son, a part of their family. And like us, we’d do anything for him! So without further ado, let’s break down Supernatural‘s “Byzantium”!

Jack’s Journey


I know Jack is alive and everything, but I’ve got to say that like Sam, Dean, and Cass, I’m honored to know Jack. (Needed to clarify that part in the beginning because this all sounds like something you’d say about a character thats died.) I’ve proud to have seen Jack take these steps away from the cruelty of his father and become an honorary Winchester. I’m just glad to know about our nougat son.

In the short time that Jack has been with us, he’s taught his dad’s (Sam, Dean, and Cass. Screw Luci!) that nurture is stronger than nature. They gave him a home, a purpose, and an understanding of what life is all about. His dad’s always act like they are poisonous, a hot mess, and not worth loving. They are. And that love is clearly seen in the dedication, love, and time they have put into Jack and his life.

Even when Jack saw his mother for the actual first time, he couldn’t help but praise what his dad’s have done for him. He loves Sam, Dean, and Cass as much as they love him and now Kelly and the rest of the gang knows this now. They’re all stuck with each other as they all enter the next stage of Jack’s journey and the battle to stop Michael. And I can’t wait!

Castiel’s Sacrifice


Let’s start with the obvious. Hiding secrets helps no one. All it leads is to shock, pain, and surprise when it bites you in the ass later on down the road. But Cass, I know he would make this decision again and at a moment’s notice if he had a choice. And ultimately, wouldn’t all of us for family?

Cass sees so much of himself in Jack. He understands the nephilims fears, powers, and the devastation of losing your powers to something bigger than you. And he’ll do everything in his power to keep his promise to Kelly but also the promise he made to himself to care for this lost lamb placed in his care.

Saying that he loved Jack was big for Cass. He’s never cared for someone in this way and it scares him to death. But the love is there, palpable, and not going away anytime soon. And this is not to say Cass loves Jack more than Dean and Sam. He just loves the nephilim in a different way. Like a father would a son. That makes their bond even more special.

Mourning Their Son


Sam & Dean also feel a strong fatherly bond with Jack. The former believed in Jack from day one and worked tirelessly to keep him safe, healthy, while teaching him how to survive this world. The latter took a bit to warm up to Jack but when he did, Dean was ride or die for the nephilim.

Watching them face off with the reality of Jack’s loss felt like a punch in the face. They’ve lost friends before. They know that pain. What they have never experienced until this very episode was the loss of a kid. Cuz Jack is there kid. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. And they felt like they failed him even though it wasn’t their fault that Jack’s body was breaking away.

Kudos to Jared Padalecki’s acting chops when he told eye patch lady, whose name I’ll look up later cuz I’m in a bookstore typing this up real fast, that Jack was their kid. And kudos to Jensen Ackles when he followed it up with an argument on how she could turn away from someone losing their child just like she did. Totally broke me and showed me that this show still knows how to lift me up and tear me down in a nougat son crying mess.

Favorite moment from Supernatural‘s “Byzantium”:

This was Jack’s happy place. This was his heaven. With his three dad’s. I’M NOT CRYING. THE CEILING IS LEAKING ON MY FACE!


Check out the trailer for next week’s mid-season finale of Supernatural:

Supernatural mid-season finale is next Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

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