‘Supernatural’ 14×11 Review: “Damaged Goods” All Around!

Supernatural‘s “Damaged Goods” saw Dean learning (once more) that HE IS NOT ALONE! He has Sam, Mary, Donna, Jack, and Cas. And it’s unfair to all of them that Dean wants to go at it all alone. This episode also was a reminder that The CW passed on Wayward Sisters and we’re still not over it. We never will be and hope that one day The CW gives this amazing concept/cast/creation a chance to shine on its own show!

The Good


Even though Dean was trying to sneak away from Sammy to do something dangerous, it was kind of nice seeing him being a goober with him mom. We often forget that Dean was the one who remembered Mary and who mourned her loss, big time. Now she’s here and he wants to spend a little time with her. Nothing wrong with that, especially if it means Dean will be excited for whatever greasy mess the Winchester Surprise is.

Keeping that in mind, I really like that Sam was on point. He informed all their family and friends about what was going on, he dropped everything for his brother, and he told Dean that leaving him with nothing but a hug was totally unfair to Sam. They know what it feels like to be left behind and I think Sam thought that they were past leaving each other behind for the “greater good.”

Yes, what Dean is dealing with is crazy like a bag of cats. But he’s not alone and it’s about time he stop acting like he is. Why? Because it’s not fair to Sam, Mary, Cass, Jack, Donna, Jody, and the rest of the people who care for him. They’re all in this together and their chances of succeeding and making it through the day, grows exponentially the more that they keep each other in the loop.

So, buck up Dean Winchester. You’re not doing this alone. Sam has your back no matter what and there’s no getting around this gentle giant!

The Bad


I FEEL LIKE A BROKEN RECORD and you better believe that we’re bringing this back up again. Wayward Sisters. I know you’re out there, I know that you’re training, and I know that you’re winning against all sorts of supernatural ass. But I don’t see you and I can’t understand why. Supernatural has been looking for a spin-off for YEARSSSSSSSS! But they decided to pass on Wayward Sisters and I’ll never be over it, especially when they bring back icons like Donna and mention Jody.

This isn’t me advocating for less Donna or Jody because it’ll bring out the anger every single time. What I’m saying is that Wayward Sisters is a gold mine ripe for the picking and the more you remind me, the harder I will fight for it and the angrier I’ll get. Hell, you see Riverdale or The Originals get their own spin-offs and they haven’t been running as long as Supernatural. But they get those spin-offs? Really?

Supernatural is missing out on a goal mine of representation that the SPN universe has been lacking in. Wayward Sisters has young women and older women. It has white women and women of color. It even had two young ladies who were totally into each other before everything went to shit. The story is there, Supernatural. And the fandom is here, not so patiently waiting for you to get your head out of your ass and your head in gear for Wayward Sisters.

The Ugly


What happened with Nick was all sorts of fucked up. After everything (the torture, possession, death) the truth comes out and its…basically nothing. Lucifer picked Nick and needed to find a way to make him accept Luci as his vessel. Killing Nick’s family was the easy way out and Luci’s henchman did what he was told without hesitation. That’s it. There wasn’t any big conspiracy or plot for revenge that Nick’s family was tied into with the Winchesters.

It was just an asshole ex-arch angel with daddy issues that needed a meat suit to skip on into Earth. That’s it. And it’s devastating.

Nick was looking for some grand plan, some reason why all of this happened to him and why he was doing all these bad things in the first place. All he came out with is that HE is damaged goods that decided to kill, kill, kill after being freed from his prison. Nick chose this and it kind of breaks my heart that Luci possessed him, but Nick took the first, second, and third step forward that ended up with him killing people.

You reap what you sow, and right now Nick has spread terror, death, and pain. That deserves jail time and bucket loads of alone time where he can process what happened to him and what HE DID of his own free will. Because at the end of the day, you choose what you’re going to do. We’re all a little fucked up in our ways and we find a way. Now it’s Nick’s turn.

Favorite Scenes/Moments from Supernatural‘s “Damaged Goods”:



Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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