‘Supernatural’ 14×12 Review: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of “Prophet and Loss”

Supernatural’s “Prophet and Loss” felt like a powder keg to my Sam Winchester feels. He is the rock of this show and it’s never been clearer than this episode. Dean needed him and Sam was there to knock some sense into his brother. Just because they haven’t found a solution today doesn’t mean that they won’t tomorrow. So buckle up, Dean and the rest of the #SPNFamily. We’re gonna make it through this, together!

The Good


This season I’ve been a bit lost when it comes to Sam. I knew that he would be the leader of the bunker people, that he was taking on a new role, but I wasn’t sure what his storyline would be in the grand scheme of things. Also, I’ve seen this complaint on social media. People want Sam to have a storyline and are having problems connecting with what the hell is happening to Sam. After watching “Prophet and Loss” I now understand what season 14 Sam is all about: saving his brother.

I feel like Dean has always always always been the stronger of the two. Hell yeah Sam has fought hard, but Dean is the one who practically raised Sam into the man he is today. And in season 14, I feel like things are flipped. It’s Sam’s turn to lift his brother up and try to get him to see that there is still a chance out there, and that he’s there for Dean.

Seeing this side of Sam or this storyline, doesn’t diminish him or his experiences. Personally, my best friend has always been the strong one. Whenever I need her, she’s always there. She’s my rock. But it wasn’t always meant to be like that because she is human as well. So, as I got stronger, because of her, I was able to offer her the same love, strength, and understanding that she had given me when I was down and low in the dumps.

No matter what happens, I’m supremely proud of Sam. He never meant to end up in this life, but here he is. He’s training the future of hunters, something college him would’ve never accepted or thought humanly possible. He’s found family in others besides Dean, like Cas and Jack. And he’s now supporting his brother like Dean has done for him.

Sam Winchester is one of the strongest characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know and I won’t let anyone diminish his story because it’s his turn to support his brother. This journey he’s on and the pain that he taking on for his brother, is absolutely worthwhile and shows how big of a heart our moose really has.

The Bad


Nick…what the fuck are you doing? You found your way home. You found the killer of your family and you were presented with an opportunity to be with your wife or just to set her free because YOU were her unfinished business. But nope, you didn’t care enough, despite all the murdering you’ve been doing, to ACTUALLY be there for your family. And now that I’m looking back on everything that you’ve done…I realize it’s been for selfish reasons.

He misses Lucifer. Misses the power coursing through his veins and the connection they had, no matter how twisted and fucked up it was. And I pity him. Something as dark and twisted as Lucifer is what completes him? Hot damn. No amount of therapy, medicine, or healing is going to fix that. (This is coming from someone who is currently in therapy and taking medicine for her big and beautifully complex brain.)

In my heart of hearts, I think that Nick is going to bring back Lucifer. If the darkness, the abyss where all angels go when they die, can pop up and want to destroy heaven to get his hands on Jack, then anything is possible. Plus, Supernatural knows how much we love Mark Pellegrino, despite his issues and storylines being the same thing over and over again. Maybe when Nick finds him, things will be different? We can only hope!

The Ugly


The ugly would be the “ugly crying” that I personally went through after Sam asked Dean, “Why don’t you believe in us, too?” Sam, look here, I did not sign up for you breaking my heart wide open or leaving me a blubbering mess. You sweet summer child, you are my favorite. And you will always continue to be so. And I am so proud of you for standing up and not giving up.

We need more people like that, more people like Sam. Strong, confident, and supportive rocks that have our backs no matter what and are ready and willing to knock some sense into us if needed. This isn’t me advocating hitting your sibling (yeah, Sam. Didn’t really like) but this is me saying that we need people like Sam Winchester to guide us when we can’t guide ourselves.

Even days later, Sam’s strength, anger, and desperation have left a mark in me and on my heart. He is the strength that many of us wish to have inside or around us. And I’m proud to have joined him for 14 seasons and gotten to this point. Here’s to the 300th episode, season 15, and all the tears that are coming our way because John Winchester is on his way and him and Sam have unfinished business to take care of.

Favorite Scene from “Prophet and Loss”:


Check out the trailer for next week’s Supernatural titled “Lebanon”:

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