‘Supernatural’ 14×14 Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of “Ouroborus”

Supernatural’s “Ouroboros” gave us all the Winchester family feels as Jack said it loud and proud that HE IS A WINCHESTER! Did you guys in the back hear that? OUR NOUGAT SON IS A WINCHESTER. I think my heart grew three sizes and my mind can’t stop replaying that scene over and over in my mind. Same thing with Rowena letting Michael in. That’s love, all of it, and I’m scared/excited for what comes next because the things that were unspoken are ACTUALLY OUT THERE!

Whatever it is, I’m down. Bring it!

The Good – Jack Understanding & Accepting That He’s a Winchester


There’s something so empowering about Jack SAYING that he’s a Winchester on “Ouroboros.” He’s been told he’s part of the family and we’ve been ranting & raving about our mini Winchester for months on end. But this, oh this is something completely different. Jack feels that he’s a Winchester down to his very bones. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. This is his home, these are his people, and he will protect them in the same manner that they have protected him.

Coming to a realization like this is a momentous moment.

Personally, I felt Jack’s acceptance of himself & his Winchester status. I come from a home, a family, that is utter garbage. These people that live with me, that anyone else would call family, are the reason why I’ve felt so alone and broken. They were also the reason why I thought nothing would change for me. Not now, not ever.

Four years later and I’m living a different life. Yes, I still doubt. And yes, sometimes I feel the pain of my past rising up and threatening to swallow me up. But I’m not alone anymore. I have friends who turned into family. I have family that reminds me when I start to tip off into alone land that I’m not in fact, alone. And I have this realization/understanding in my body and mind that I am loved, wanted, and cherished.

So, if I can acknowledge the strength and power of Jack’s assertion, I can do the same for myself. I can see how much I’ve grown and the reality that my life is so damn rich in comparison to the person I was before. And that matters.

The Bad – Jack Did What Now to Michael?


I don’t trust it. Nope, nope, nope. Michael is still alive and kicking in some form. He’s too powerful, too crazy AF determined, and too much of a pain in the ass to just be gone. A part of me even thinks that this is Supernatural’s twisted way of making Jack into the Anti-Christ or destroyer of worlds. After all, it’s something that the son of Lucifer would totally do.

And, I don’t want it.

Take it away!

Like Castiel, Jack is essential to the Supernatural story-line. He’s their brother, their family, and the spark and light that this show needed once more. That’s why I can’t see any part of this show being free from the Mini Winchester. He’s the future of Supernatural. Sam and Dean can’t do this alone and they shouldn’t have to. So this is me, praying to the Supernatural gods, that Jack survives and thrives.

Also, Jack isn’t only our hope. He’s Sam, Dean, and Castiel’s hope. He’s the mission, the person, and the son that came into their lives when they needed it and gave them something to fight for when it felt like the world was crumbling around them. Those people matter. Jack matters. And I don’t think we’ll seen anyone as important as Jack since the arrival of Castiel.

The Ugly – Rowena Feelings


We might not see this as ugly or as a problem, but I bet a sliver of Rowena does. Rowena cares for the Winchesters. She never intended for this to happen. In fact, past her would be up in arms while side-eying her future self for aligning with hunters. But here we are, seasons later, and Rowena cares enough for the Winchesters that she allowed Michael to possess her. AND THAT IS BIG!

Rowena NEVER let’s people in. For goodness sake, she abandoned her child for power, freedom, and glory. She cared for one young boy, somewhere down the line. And she really didn’t care for the covens or being part of one if that meant lessening her powers. Part of me wonders if she would’ve done the same for Crowley if the demon was still alive now.

Letting Michael use her as a vessel is Rowena making a statement. She might’ve not been ready for it and maybe she didn’t know it was buried within her, but she made it. Rowena cares for Sam, Dean, Cas, and wee little Jack. And there’s no way anyone can ignore that fact any longer. They’re family, a port, a home she never thought would be possible because of all the wickedness of her past.

But here Rowena is, changed and transformed into the best of herself and no longer walking this journey alone.

Favorite Scene from Supernatural’s “Ouroboros”:


Check out the trailer for next week’s Supernatural titled “Peace of Mind”:

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