7 Favorite Moments from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “The Golden Child”

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s appearance on Brooklyn Nine-Nine gave us one of the most iconic guest appearances EVER! David Santiago is a welcome addition and we’re absolutely down for more sister/brother antics, Amy being a dancing queen, and Jake having Amy’s back no matter what or who comes his way!

1. That Santiago family dance off.

What’s better than one Santiago? Two! As evidenced by these dance moves, they are siblings. And to them, these are some sweet as hell dance moves that they have to amp up to 11 to throw off their sibling and make them lose. That’s what family is. Weird, out there, and sometimes so mysterious that only the ones in it can understand it.

2. Holt’s A+ acting tracksuit.

Holt’s dedication to the craft of acting is one of a kind, brilliant, and absolutely unforgettable. His dedication to the intricacies and dynamics of the female body are…interesting to say the least. I don’t know why this punk didn’t fall for it. By God, look at the tracksuit. It’s clearly a criminal offense and the real reason he’d be locked up. And yes, this is me saying tracksuits are done, over, and should never be brought to life again.

3. Amy’s joy at her brother being arrested.

I’m gonna say it, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen Amy Santiago so excited and happy. Just look at those eyes and that dopey AF grin. She’s is over the moon and if Jake didn’t shake some sense into her she would’ve been flying high the entirety of this episode. But seriously, go back and look at Amy’s face when Holt gave her all the advice he had to give or when Jake proposed to Amy. She’s happier in this scene than ever before and I’M NOT TAKING IT BACK!

4. Jake’s unapologetic love for gorgeous Brazilian men.

I love that no one bats an eye at Jake’s appreciation for Brazilian men. He’s so comfortable with his sexuality that he KNOWS he won’t be called “gay” for appreciating the way these men smell and look like. And even if he were called “gay” by some random person or Hitchcock & Scully, Jake wouldn’t mind. His mentor is gay and he totally thinks of Holt and Kevin as his father figures. So, kudos to Brooklyn Nine-Nine for making Jake a dude who sees the beauty all around him!

5. This look of smug satisfaction as Jake defended Amy.

First of all, I love Jake for throwing it down and defending Amy. She’s his ride or die and I love that no matter what happens or who is in front of him, he’s going to defend his wife. It’s all made better by this smug ass look on David’s face. He’s enjoying himself way too much and God, I can’t wait for him to return and smugly eat more food!

6. The couple that shades together, stays together.

This was the shadiest moment that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has had for a whilllllllle! Amy was feeling like being piano level wasn’t that bad when the mantle kid was arrested for drugs. And sure, Jake was unsure about which way to go when it came to his wife’s happiness at the expense of her brother, but again, they’re each other’s ride or die. That includes photos outside of lockup.

7. This Amy death drop and Drag Race reference.

The icon, the star, the legend that is Amy Santiago, JUST DID A DEATH DROP! I’ll never get over this and now I really want to go clubbing with Amy to challenge her to a dance off! She’d win but the point is that it’ll be FUN!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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