5 Favorite Moments from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “He Said, She Said”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s “He Said, She Said” proved that even though this show is a comedy it can still tell, film, and discuss hard hitting stories that matter to us. The #MeToo movement is still in full swing and we love that our very own Stephanie Beatriz directed this important episode. You can see the care that was put into telling an authentic story that didn’t ignore the ramifications or ugly side of reporting sexual harassment or assault. And you can see that they understood what a HUMAN BEING should do in the face of a woman discussing sexual harassment and assault: SUPPORT THEM!

1. This Amy and Jake Scene That Proves #Peraltiago is the Gold Standard

It’s a tale as old as time, woman has problem and dude comes out of nowhere to solve it for her even though she didn’t ask for help or even need it. Oh, and then he gets patted on the back for being what he should always be aka an ally.

But that’s not Brooklyn Nine-Nine and this isn’t a “praise Jake Peralta for having Amy’s back” section. This is about Amy Santiago KNOWING that she could bring up her past experiences with sexual harassment. This is about Amy feeling safe, understood, and like she has someone at her back while SHE takes down her demons. And that distinction, that separation, is what proves that #Peraltiago is the gold standard when it comes to OTP’s.

They are partners who listen, learn, and who take the time to understand each others feelings instead of explaining to the other how they SHOULD feel. And “He Said, She Said” was a prime example of who #Peraltiago are to each other, how important they are to us, and how they still have plenty of adventures coming their way that they will solve TOGETHER!

2. Rosa Learning from Amy

When it comes to issues of sexual assault and harassment, we might not all agree or understand each others point of view. But what really matters, through all the muck and ughhhh, is that we listen. How can we learn from others and their experiences if we don’t listen? Rosa didn’t agree with Amy in the beginning. Yes, she is a feminist, but her truth came from a jaded position that saw everything as black and white. But Rosa listened.

Amy continuing to pursue this case, and take down of broken penis dude, showed Rosa that her truth isn’t the only one and that she is absolutely willing to learn from those around her. Because coming out and letting the world know what is being done to you, isn’t an easy thing. And we’ll stumble. We’ll fall right over and be the biggest hot mess for it. But it’ll also be one step forward that will make it easier for the next person down the line that is sexually assaulted or harassed.

That right there makes it all worth while.

3. Amy Still Being Amy

No matter what comes her way, or what ghosts are brought back to the light because of broken penis idiots, Amy remains herself. She isn’t overcome or drowned by the circumstances around her. Amy collects, catalogues, and works through her issues with her fellow officers, friends, and husband Jake.

Showing portrayals like this matter because victims of assault are always pigeon holed to be one thing: survivors of the abuse that we were put through. We never get to see the after, the laughter, or the happy moments that CAN NOT be crushed broken penis idiots. If anything, Amy Santiago gave us one of the realest portrayals of what it’s like being a woman who lives through the daily harassment we all deal with as women.

Amy kept her head held high because of her own strength and that of her friends & family. As women and survivors, we do the same thing. We hold our head up high, survive the creeps, and come out stronger than ever before when we face the broken penis idiots of this world face to face!

4. Boyle and Terry Hearing Holt’s Story Over and Over and Over

I felt this scene and every single one that followed with Holt repeating the same story. I FELT IT DOWN IN MY BONES! I’m guilty of doing this and I’m super thankful for friends who just nod, listen, and occasionally say, “You told us this already. We know.” It’s what family does and what friendship is about something. And I see that with Boyle, Terry, and Captain Holt.

Also, we need to talk about the fact that they ACTUALLY LISTENED. Any other show would’ve made it that Boyle and Terry couldn’t recollect what Holt was saying because snoozeville. Not Brooklyn Nine-Nine! Last episode we had Jake remembering all that random nonsense about barrels and here we have Boyle and Terry listening to Holt to the point where they had it under control and could recite everything about the suspect, pre manhunt.

This is the kind of continuity I need in my life and that I hope to see in season 7!

5. Holt’s Obsession and Those Fantastic One-Liners

Last episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was hilarious. This one follows in the same footsteps and has shown us that there is no mountain this show can climb and that IT CAN get better and better. I’m going to use “Zowie” now. It’s a thing. Holt is an icon and you best believe i will go into a Holt worthy binge of an explanation if someone asks me where I got “Zowie” from.

Also, Holt’s obsession is a thing of wonder. Holt sees a lot of things in his life and at the office as frivolous. But here is ranting and raving about the good old days because he’s A) ridiculously proud and B) he trusts these people to listen to him because they’re his friends and family. That distinction matters and it’s been an honor to get to this place with Captain Holt.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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