7 Favorite Moments from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “The Honeypot”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s “The Honeypot” is the BEST episode of season six. There. I said it, and I don’t regret it! Also, imagine living in a world without this glory? A world where Holt and Jake don’t wear ridiculous mustaches and conquer their enemies. A world where barrels get Amy, Holt, and the honeypot sexually aroused. (Did I really just write that? Yes, Yes I did. Masterpiece and my crowning glory.)

Point is, I love this show to the moon and back and there isn’t enough time to talk about my favorite moments so I just went for seven of them! Enjoy and remember, “NINE NINE!”

1. Captain Holt’s triple dragon.

It shows how far Captain Holt has come and how much he values the people around him that he gave Jake’s way a chance. Sometimes things are just as simple as a James Bond-esque film. And sometimes your moustache looks amazing as you tell your enemy and his honeypot that they have fallen for your elaborate plan and multiple camera scheme!

2. Amy loves hearing about barrels, #Peraltiago version.

Dead Lord, Amy Santiago has the same sexual procliveties as Captain Holt. What is sexy about barrels? Watching the scene over and over and I still don’t understand. But you do you Amy. LET THAT FREAK FLAG FLY! Also, I love that this is where Jake wanted to take her, not knowing if she’d love it. Oh, and that he listened to Holt while he was telling honeypot about the barrels. He was paying attention!

3. Scully picking what really matters in his life.

No matter what hangups I have about Scully, I always appreciate his honesty. He’d rather go for a good time and infinitely staring at a fidget spinner than taking his required meds. Is he off his rocker because if he doesn’t take his medicine he’ll die? Of course! Will that change him, his decision, or his love for that spinning goodness? Not a chance!

4. Jake not catching on to the SEXUAL TENSION in the room.

Captain Holt sold this scene and left us all feeling like Jake Peralta. I couldn’t figure the sexual tension as well as honeypot could and I swear my gaydar isn’t off and this wasn’t included in the queer life manual for 2019. What I do know is that every flirtatious moment for Holt was equally hilarious for Jake because of how honestly lost he was. Also, again, Andre Braugher and his acting…SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT!

5. Rosa continuing to prove that she’s the most badass of all.

Six. That’s how many bows Rosa Diaz possibly has in her trunk. Think about it. She’s walked around the precinct with a giant knife hidden under her clothes. Who’s to say that she hasn’t walked around the precinct with a ultra compact compound bow? I don’t know where she would keep it on her body but I’d bet on Rosa Diaz doing an entire gym routine, with tons of bending and twisting, straight out of some parkour magazine and then whip out a bow like nothing!

6. Captain Holt’s basic AF drumming.

THIS is how I’m going to drum for the rest of my life. Yup. Sorry, not sorry. No take backsies. I will wow the masses with my on point drumming. Practicing Holt’s calm demeanor and straight face would be the only problem. I wouldn’t be able to keep myself from laughing. Imagine how it was that day on the set? Definitely had some people cracking during this hilarious scene.

7. That one-liner and in that voice.

“Buzz Buzz little bee,” will enters the halls of inphamy alongside “punk” and “yaba daba do.” Simple, elegant, and yet masterful. Damn you Andre and all your talent. To think I would’ve been deprived of your Captain Holt hurts my heart. PAINNNNN! But deep breath, Lyra. It’s all good. Captain Holt is still here and if this episode is any proof, it’ll be here for a while!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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