Whiskey Cavalier

‘Whiskey Cavalier’ Advanced Review: A Hell of A Lot of Fun

I don’t fall for shows that easily, despite the fact that you might have seen me gushing about various shows. The thing is, when I fall for shows, I usually fall hard. I love what I love, and though I will hold what I love to higher standards than most anything else, I will also, most of the time, fight for what I love.

One episode in, Whiskey Cavalier might be the type of show I fight for.

No one can know for sure after one episode, of course. But I got a good feeling about it. And though I will never claim to always be right, when it comes to TV, I’m usually not too wrong.

So, what can you expect from Whiskey Cavalier in it’s premiere? Here are some teases to get you excited for the premiere:

  • Someone sings “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” It’s not who you expect.
  • There are a lot of tears. You’ll probably laugh at them, though.
  • Oh, yes, and the action scenes are almost James Bond-esque, and I don’t mean this in a bad way, just in a hard to believe but still fun way.
  • Because, at times, the show is almost like a parody.
  • But not all are destined to just be friends, of course. *wink wink*
  • Trunks are a thing.
  • So are weddings. Well, and proposals.
  • There’s a Captain America reference.
  • You’ll ship this right from the beginning, and it’s not just because of the bickering. We get a tender moment in this episode as well, maybe even THE tender moment other shows take 10 episodes to give us.
  • Scott Foley is at it’s most adorable in this, and boy, his range – he can do serious, he can do goofy and he can do I just want to cover this man in bubble wrap and protect him forever.
  • Ditto Lauren, who’s got a hell of a comedic timing, and who’s never gotten to show it off. She’s both tough and fun, bad-ass and yet easy to love.

Whiskey Cavalier premieres Sunday February 24th after the Oscars. It will air again on it’s regular time-slot Wednesday, February 27th, at 10/9c.



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