Whiskey Cavalier

If you’ve been following along with Gone Too Soon, you will have noticed that I watch a wide variety of TV shows from Ravenswood to Hap and Leonard to Eye Candy. This week we are pivoting once again to Whiskey Cavalier, a will-they, won’t-they spy/team show.  Whiskey Cavalier  was onRead More →

Let’s start off by saying that 2019 had a lot of amazing TV to offer, so many it’s been hard to keep up. We’re not here to discuss the ones that everyone is talking about, though. This post is about those shows you might not be watching yet but should. Read More →

2019 has offered an amazing array of movies and television making it very difficult to choose between so many great male characters. Some of these characters gave EVERYTHING to save those they love and that definitely makes them worthy contenders. Here are the male characters who kicked the most assRead More →

Not gonna lie, this week’s episode of Whiskey Cavalier kind of annoyed the hell out of me. Twitter chatter has led me to believe that this episode was originally scheduled to air earlier in the season. Have no idea why they decided to wait on “Hearts and Mind” but theyRead More →

Whiskey Cavalier‘s “The Czech List” gave us more soft Will, strengthened the bonds between these two new partners, and showed us that every character matters. Seeing Frankie call Will her “partner” felt well paced, timed, and like a natural reaction anyone would have after spending time with the unicorn thatRead More →

Things we’re not excited to see: The Rookie. Things we’re excited to see: Pretty much everything else (especially Whiskey Cavalier). After announcing its fall 2018 schedule, ABC has released trailers for its new shows coming this fall and midseason. Peek the trailers for 4 new fall shows from ABC: ARead More →