‘Whiskey Cavalier’ 1×08 Review: “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”

Whiskey Cavalier’s “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” saw an old enemy returning to muck things up for our Whiskey fam. Ollerman, that jerk from episode one that shot Ray and pulled out Standis’ fake tooth, turned his smarmy attitude up to 11 in “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” because he could and so he could be set free to cause more trouble. And somehow, in the midst of all that, Susan was kidnapped/hurt (insert sigh here) again and I’m one step closer to liking Ray. That latter bit is still killing me because we never see characters ACTUALLY forgive each other. But here we are!

Why Will Let Ollerman Go


Will let Ollerman go because he wasn’t important in the grand scheme of things. Yes, he’s part of some big and scary organization called The Trust. But Will knows that they’re going to take Ollerman down. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sometime in the future for sure. And he needs Frankie at his side and at his back to take Ollerman down. That’s why Will had no trouble letting that human pit stain come to life go.

He knows that team Whiskey Cavalier is going to take him down, one way or another. And Frankie is essential to that. So Will is letting Ollerman delude himself into thinking that he’s ahead of the game and on top of everything, when in reality he isn’t. Ollerman doesn’t even have the chip from the super fancy ring he liked to wear. Will has it because he knew that there was a possibility it would go this way and he wanted to cover all his bases.

This trust, this confidence, that Will has on the people in his life, it’s kind of wonderful. Looking at myself and the situations I’m going through, I know I’m not alone. But to have this trust, this never wavering confidence in those that you love, it’s hard to hold onto or even reach when you’ve been burned so many times. But it’s because of characters like Will that I’m reminded that I can trust, hope, and depend on the ones I’ve chosen to be my family. The possibility is there and all I need to do is reach out for it like Will does.

Yes, it will be hard. And yes, I will stumble every once in a while trying to hold onto that certainty that comes with family and loved ones. But if Will can do it, then so can I! And that right there makes the entirety of Whiskey Cavalier worthwhile!

Somehow I Don’t Believe Susan Being Kidnapped


I find it really hard to believe that Susan isn’t trained in the art of kicking ass and taking names. Seriously, this badass mama with one of the sharpest tongues out there, would be the one to train in that manner because she’s got to protect herself and those around her. So why is Whiskey Cavalier trying to make me believe she hasn’t had training via moments like the one where Tina knocked her out or when creepy British dude we should’ve known was evil because of this facial hair kidnaps her?

We’ve only seen Susan taken down twice, but it’s enough for me to be concerned about the direction Susan’s character is being taken in, especially because of all the tropes that are alive and well in this show. Will she be the scapegoat for when bad guys come around and need a bargaining chip? Will she be the reason the group gets up in arms because she’s hurt by someone they’re after?

I sure hope the hell not!

Me being bitter about Susan and the possible damsel in distress trope that she is being pigeonholed into comes from the fact that women have been the victims or the reason why the hero gets shit done for way too long. And we are worth way more than being fridged or set aside to be a hurt trigger point that gets the brooding hero all up in arms and kicking ass. We can save ourselves.

Susan can save herself.

I believe in this and I hope Whiskey Cavalier starts believing in it as well.



Yes, you read that right. I’m starting to like Ray. I didn’t want to. Hell, I have actively talked shit about his character and was over the moon when Frankie cut his breaks because he hurt Will. But here I am 8 episodes later and possibly liking Ray. I blame Whiskey Cavalier and the writing that has gone into Ray.

For a show chock full of tropes, I didn’t think they would take this path of healing with Ray. I thought we were going to have to wait an entire season before Ray does a big heroic thing to save Will and everything is A OKAY! But nope, Whiskey Cavalier decided they wanted to do something different and something that speaks to the true nature of forgiveness and how it takes time.

Relationships aren’t easy and we fuck up a lot. But the people that have our backs, and the ones we unfortunately have hurt in our ignorance, they give each other second chances because we’re all human and are bound to fuck up once in a while. And Ray, he fucked up big time. But unlike what I expected him to do, be the gigantic goof ball that gets you to forgive him with his silliness, Ray actually took his time, respected Will’s boundaries, and seems to be learning and growing with every episode that passes.

And I don’t want to like it. I want to yell and grumble about the waste of space that Ray is. But I can’t anymore. Whiskey Cavalier is actually doing a good job with him and I can see how Will could forgive him. Hell, I can see how I would forgive him or how I’d hope someone would forgive me. So, this is me cautiously stepping into the land of “maybe I don’t hate Ray so much.”

But I’m watching you Ray. Always watching….

Favorite Scene from “Confessions of the Dangerous Mind”:

Look at that goober smile. Frankie is smitten and so is Will. I won’t let anyone else convince me otherwise!


Check out the trailer for “Hearts & Mind”:

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