‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 1×12 Review: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of “Creep”

Roswell, New Mexico’s “Creep” saw Isobel confronting her abuser, Michael meeting his mother for the first and last time, and the first signs of the cracks forming between our favorite aliens minus Noah the traitor. What he did was a violation of Isobel’s body and his outing as the 4th alien will be the first step in Isobel discovering who she is. This discovery will also be the reason why I think she’s going to be more Michael leaning when he stands his ground against Max and all those who hurt them. It’s life or death now as Roswell, New Mexico heads for their season one finale!

The Good – Isobel Confronting Her Abuser


As a survivor of abuse, I know the importance of confronting your abuser. It gives you your power back and acts as the best and greatest way to put your abuser in the past as you continue moving forward. That’s what Isobel did in Roswell, New Mexico’s “Creep” and we’re so damn proud of her!

Love is complicated. And the love she holds for the man that Noah used to be, well, that’s not going away in 2.5 seconds. It’s going to paint Isobel and the way she sees him for a while to come. But her, stepping up and confronting him on the things he did to her while supposedly “loving her” is Isobel starting to break herself free from the complicated love he’s trapped her in.

My only hope for Isobel is that she doesn’t get over this from one episode to the next. (I know, dark. But stay with me while I explain.) TV has taught me that sometimes writers don’t appreciate or understand female trauma. We continue living our lives after trauma and it doesn’t make up who we are for the rest of our lives. We work past it, thrive, and survive those that hurt us. But it doesn’t happen in two seconds.

Healing takes time. And in the case of Roswell, New Mexico, I hope they get a chance to tell what happens next in Isobel’s story with another season. Because I want to see how she finds herself, what parts of her fall away because they were Noah’s, and what she learns about the woman she wants to be. Her healing is a journey that I think is more than worthwhile.

It’s essential.

The Bad – Michael Finding His Mother


Let’s be clear on something. If Michael decides to BURN IT ALL DOWN, I’ve got his back and am here for it if it means destroying those in charge of this atrocity. Because that’s what it is. An atrocity mixed in with horror and disgust because of the violation that was brought down on the bodies of those aliens. So, do it Michael. Find them, make them pay, and know that we’ve got your back, ALL THE WAY!

Michael didn’t expect to find his mother when he set off with Alex and Kyle. He expected to be the backup of a side op that would probably end up with him being empty handed once again. The shock of finding his mother and then losing her in the span of an hour is heartbreaking as hell. He’s felt alone for so long, even when surrounded by Max and Isobel, and here was his family.

Because of these people, Michael ended up alone. Because of these people, that curly haired cutie that we saw for a moment, never had his mother at his side and to support him when things got tough. Because of these people, Michael never felt like he belonged. And honestly, whatever Michael has planned for these people, I’m here for it. Their people deserve justice and Michael is more than ready to hand some out!

The Ugly – The Beginning of the End for Max, Michael, and Isobel


The end of this episode felt like a linchpin moment. Michael has gone through something horrific. He got to see and know his mother for minutes before losing her as suddenly as he found her. And that pain doesn’t go away. If anything, it’s going to grow. Sure, this Max and Michael tension at the end can be solved by Michael telling Max about everything that happened at that prison. But that would take too long and not be convenient for the story.

Knowing that Michael has changed because of what he’s witnessed makes me believe that even if Michael tells Max what happened and why, they’re still going to end up on opposite sides of the coin. Max is a boy scout who will uphold the law unless it has to do with Isobel or Liz. And that’s not fair to Michael, who has always been the black sheep in their group of aliens.

Isobel, who no matter how much she tries to say that she’s on Max and Michael’s side, has always valued and had a deeper connection with the former compared to the latter. But after everything that happened with Noah, I don’t think she’s going to be the same. In trying to protect her heart, I think she’s going to be leaning towards Michael’s way of doing things because she never wants to feel this helplessness ever again.

So here’s me begging and pleading for another season of Roswell, New Mexico. I need more of my fav aliens, more of my fav cafe, more of my fav town, more of my fav humans. And I need more when it comes to the developing story of the aliens on Earth. I just need more and I won’t rest until we see more of Cadly Mack’s vision for the Roswell verse.

Favorite Scene from “Creep”:

This #Malex scene broke my heart, ripped it out of my chest, and then stomped on it. The FEELS, people! They were present and real. Michael was trying to protect Alex by pushing him away. And while part of me feels like he was honest about them deluding themselves at what is between them, a lot of that is built on doubt and a lack of self love where he thinks he doesn’t deserve someone like Alex.

And Alex’s confession, oh dear lord. It was beautiful. Alex has been holding himself back, wary of giving himself fully to Michael because love is complicated and scary. This is Alex laying himself bare and I’m proud of him. It’s not going to fix what has gone wrong between them, but maybe this is a step to something new and healing. Here’s hoping!



Check out the trailer for the season one finale of Roswell, New Mexico here:

Roswell, New Mexico airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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