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‘Whiskey Cavalier’ 1×01 Review: Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight

I’ve long been a fan of procedurals. From the days of Mulder and Scully, passing through Bones, without missing out on Castle and NCIS: Los Angeles, I’m a sucker for an opposites attract story-line, even if I’m not quite sure I really love the will they/won’t they dynamics most of this shows entail.

But then again, some shows have done it right. There’s only so long the rope can stretch before it tears, yes, but all ropes have a little give, and if a show takes advantage, they can end up with a fun, dynamic show and an epic OTP.

Now, it’s just been one episode, and far be it for me to put all my eggs in the Whiskey Cavalier basket, but I’ve got a good feeling about this show. A real good feeling.

So let’s go into the comedy that almost toes the line of parody, the opposites, and the team behind what could very well be our new favorite procedural.


Will Chase is a sensitive guy, or, in FBI terms, he possesses a high emotional intelligence. In this regard, the show’s setup is a lot like Castle, except, of course, that Will’s emotional intelligence isn’t really all that his job is about, and in fact, can even get him in trouble now and again.

But all in all, the setup for Will is what makes him so damn attractive. (Though fine, Scott Foley doesn’t hurt at all). Because Will is just …he’s a good guy. In fact, at times, he almost seems too much like a good guy, and you’re stuck between wanting to hit him upside the head for being so nice, or wrapping him bubble wrap and keeping him safe from the world forever.

In the end, however, you don’t need to do either. Because, despite his feelings, Will’s got this, whatever this is. And, if he needs help in any way, shape or form, we got a sense that Frankie will be right there to provide it, whether she wants to or not.


Frankie Trowbridge is a tough girl, the quintessential bad-ass who hits first, feels second, or perhaps third. She’s got no time for emotional attachments, or for what other people might think of her, she’s only got time for the job, and she’s damn good at it. No, not just damn good, she’s the best.

And that’s what makes her so damn attractive, and also, relatable. Gone are the days when women needed softness to feel like a female character could be like them. Women can be tough, and smart and bad-ass, and we don’t need tears, feelings or the color pink to feel understood. Neither does Frankie.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel, and she doesn’t have fears and hopes and dreams, and the best part of this journey is that we’re going to be right here with Frankie as she gets to face those emotions that she’s kept hidden for so long.


Opposites attract is, indeed, a tale as old as time, and in this regard, Whiskey Cavalier isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, nor should it. We have, after all, fallen in love with these kinds of couples again and again and again. All we need is good chemistry (check), great setup (check), smart writing and for the people behind the show to understand we aren’t dumb.

We’re willing to put up with the will they/won’t they, but we won’t be jerked around. Couples work. Shows can be built around actual relationships. Don’t try to pretend they don’t. Don’t keep us waiting for too long.

But hey, this is the first episode, still the time for the benefit of the doubt, still the time to believe that this show knows what it’s doing, that’ll give these two the progression they deserve.

First came trust (and removing a bullet from your gut), then came OTP. We know how that goes. And we’re here for it.


We get precious little actual background of the team outside of Frankie and Will in this episode, and yet I already know I will love all of them like they’re my own children, just by the fact that we got Frankie’s best friend, Will’s best friend, and the funniest BFF to all in Edgar.

No, but seriously, how weird is it to have two male/female friendships headlining a team? It’s unheard of. TV insists men and women can’t be friends, and though we all know they’re setting up Will and Frankie to not be friends, *wink wink*, that doesn’t mean male/female friendships can’t work.

Also, diversity is so beautiful, isn’t it? Now, let’s hope the show can give them actual, respectful story-lines and not just push them to the background as Frankie and Will bicker. Then I’ll truly be happy.

Things I think I think:

  • The mess. The mix tapes. The food. The ring. The movies. THE SONG.
  • He goes from crying to pretending to be okay in 0.2 seconds.
  • We’ve come a long way from Felicity, Scott.
  • An agent who doesn’t plan for crazy soccer fans is a bad agent, Ray. YOU LIVE IN PARIS.
  • You can’t even trust your own bodyguards these days.
  • That moment, with the vial and the car, was the James Bond level action move I didn’t know I needed.
  • Only made better by his reaction to the proposal.
  • I appreciate the acknowledgment that getting shot, yes, even with a vest, hurts.
  • This bathroom scene gives me life.
  • A friendship between a man and a woman. WHO KNEW?
  • “Should I text her?” If you have to ask, answer’s no.
  • Also yes, men also agonize over shit like this.
  • “I have my feelings. My feelings don’t have me.”
  • Image result for HOLDING BACK LAUGHTER GIF
  • “This is the FBI, there are no private moments.”
  • Is this a parody? It’s toeing the line.
  • “High emotional intelligence” is code for he’s sensitive, apparently. In truth, he’s just not emotionally constipated.
  • And I love it.
  • The boss is suspect. He flipped too easily.
  • That persona is so boring even the bartender rolled his eyes.
  • “Do not empathize!”
  • He really cannot help it.
  • And we get a high speed chase, for the win.
  • Edgar’s cracking me up. I guess that was the point.
  • “Trigger happy cowboys” vs “buttoned down boy scouts”
  • “A lot of sexual tension in the car.”
  • Yeah, we feel it too.
  • “A lot of women would find that irresistible. Not me. Or Gigi.”
  • Don’t count yourself out yet, Frankie.
  • Why the boyfriend jab, Will? You jealous?
  • “I don’t do emotional attachments.” You say that now.
  • Their fake fight is hilarious. I hope we get tons of undercover.
  • “That’s not my key.”
  • Everybody seems someone to look out for them, Frankie.
  • Another man and another woman being friends. WHO KNEW?
  • He wasn’t at all shy about hitting her hard.
  • “You have this whole Captain America thing going on.”
  • Nah, you didn’t shake her.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • Edgar SHIPS IT.
  • “Just go, I’m fine.” Come on, what in the last few hours has made you think Will is the kind of man who could leave?
  • The intensity of this moment, as he’s tending to her wound.
  • “How about you just trust me?”
  • SMH.
  • Seven months? Seriously?
  • Fuck you, Ray. Fuck you Gigi.
  • Caute?
  • Feminine hygiene product saves the day. Make that the headline.
  • “Lead by me.”

Agree? Disagree? Share with us in the comments below!

Whiskey Cavalier airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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