Fangirlish Best Of 2019 Lists: Best Underrated Shows

Let’s start off by saying that 2019 had a lot of amazing TV to offer, so many it’s been hard to keep up. We’re not here to discuss the ones that everyone is talking about, though. This post is about those shows you might not be watching yet but should. 

Join us as we break down our top ten best-underrated shows from 2019!

The Boys – Amazon Originals


We don’t know why more people aren’t watching this show because it is amazing! The actors are mostly unknown besides Karl Urban but they excel at their characters. The Boys is a superhero show but it’s definitely a different take on the hero tale, a darker take, which makes it refreshing. 

Mad About You – Spectrum Originals


This revival is a late player for the 2019 television game which certainly doesn’t help it become a highly talked about the show but it should be on everyone’s watch list. We aren’t the biggest fan of all the revamps that are constantly being thrown our way but this is a good one. Mad About You did it right. They brought back Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt while maintaining its original magic. 

Perfect Harmony – NBC


You’d think singing shows would be a thing of the past. Maybe you’d go so far as to say they’re a thing you don’t even need anymore, Glee was enough for all of us. Perfect Harmony is a diamond in the rough which pulls together a cast that shouldn’t work but they defy all the odds. It’s funny and it has a heart! 

Swamp Thing – DC Universe


DC Universe didn’t give Swamp Thing a chance after canceling the show before its second episode even aired on their service. There were a lot of mistakes made with this new series like putting it on such an exclusive service. However, it was still an excellent show given its Freshman status. Sure, there were bumps but with Will Patton as a member of the cast, it deserved more time to grow. 

Evil – CBS 


Thankfully, Evil has been renewed for a second season but we still think more people should be talking about it. The premise, alone, is fascinating! The Catholic Church has a large history of supernatural mysteries which have to be investigated. The team is diving in to see if logic can explain things or if it’s truly supernatural in nature. 

Whiskey Cavalier – ABC 


Another show that went too soon. We are, honestly, still shocked that no one has saved Whiskey Cavalier. There was still so much story to be uncovered! The show had everything to succeed: a cast with great chemistry, humor, drama, a little romance, action, and a fanbase that loves it. Where did we go wrong? 

Dollface – Hulu


Kat Dennings, Brenda Song, and Shay Mitchell do we need to say more? OK, we’ll say a little bit more. It’s female friendships mixed with excellent laughs and some very silly adventures. Sometimes it gets a bit over-the-top but it’s the first season so we’ll give it a little slack to find itself. 

What shows did you love in 2019 that didn’t get raved about at the water cooler each week? Share yours in the comments or on social media!


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