‘Whiskey Cavalier’ 1×02 Review: “The Czech List”

Whiskey Cavalier‘s “The Czech List” gave us more soft Will, strengthened the bonds between these two new partners, and showed us that every character matters. Seeing Frankie call Will her “partner” felt well paced, timed, and like a natural reaction anyone would have after spending time with the unicorn that is Will.

We also enjoyed the fact that not everything is about Will and Frankie. Susan matters. Edgar matters. And Jai matters. All of their journeys and the way that they grow together as a team matters. (Except Ray. It’s a big ol’ no when it comes to Ray. He’ll never be part of this team. Frankie’s rules!)

I Appreciate and Love Soft Will

If there’s one thing that Whiskey Cavalier can give me more of, it’s soft Will. I love him, want to protect him from the world, but know that his softness does not impede him from looking out for himself. That right there is what makes Will special and so different from any other man that I’ve EVER seen on TV. Yes, he is goofy and yes, he is emotional. But he’s also fierce, loyal, and kick-ass in his own right.

The soft and kind parts of Will don’t make him a fool or a pawn like Frankie initially feared. It gives him the ability to see people in a different and in a new light which then enables him to save the day. He’s different, but he’s so appreciated and loved by his found family and viewers like me, who are taught that softness is only a feminine trait.

For many, Will is also like looking into a mirror. Shows make us feel like we can only be one thing, be it brooding or happy, but never both at the same time because that’s insanity and people aren’t that complicated, right? Wrong. People are that complicated, weird, funny, strong, patient, and a whole bunch of other things that make us human.

Will is a testament to that and I can’t wait to see more of him, week after week.

Frankie Protecting Her Partner

Let’s pause for a moment and appreciate that Frankie called Will her partner. For someone as “tough” and no nonsense as Frankie, I thought this realization or this giving in would take a whole season long. But here we are, 2 episodes in, and already Frankie is coming to trust in Will and see that his manner is what breeds loyalty in people.

For any other show I would account this change to the writers not doing too well with the pacing of the story. But Whiskey Cavalier, oh no, they have it all planned out and have bigger, better, and more out there things coming for this duo. Frankie has come to call Will her partner because he has proven himself to her. No, ifs, ands, or buts; Will gained her trust and that’s it.

This cutting edge way that she treats her relationships is also the reason why she cut Ray’s brakes. Will is a precious unicorn and she knows that he must be protected from selfish and ignorant people like Ray. That’s not to say that Will can’t defend himself against this jerk. We saw him do it the episode before. Frankie isn’t doing it because Will can’t, she’s doing this because she’s accepted Will and no one messes with the people she has chosen.

It’s relationships like this that take seasons to truly ground themselves. But here we are, blowing past those expectations of what relationships can and should be like, and ending up in unknown territory. Frankie trusts Will so we’re past that cliched storyline where it would take her all season long for him to call her his partner or care for him. And I love it.

Unexplored and exciting isn’t something we get too often. But we have than in Whiskey Cavalier and I can’t wait for what comes next!

Not Everything is About Frankie and Will

Just because Will and Frankie are the head and heart of Whiskey Cavalier, doesn’t mean that the rest of the cast is suddenly invisible or not worthwhile. Susan, Edgar, and Jai are so much more than just the sidekicks. They are the knowledge, training, and core of an elite team of people working together to keep the world safe.

I enjoyed the screen time between Susan and Edgar. He tried to play her and she stood her ground, told him how it is, and kept moving along because she’s a strong ass mama that won’t let anyone make her feel any less than the badass she knows she is. (*dreamy sigh* I wish I was even just 5% of Susan Sampson in all her Latina glory.) Oh, I also really enjoyed Susan’s scenes with Jai. They get each other and feel like a lean mean working machine, where one fills the needs of the other, not because they think the person is less, but because they are trusted by the other to do their job and kick major ass while doing it.

Basically Whiskey Cavalier knows that every single person on their show matters. So they’re going to put all the love, good writing, and time into creating a supporting cast that is JUST as important as Will and Frankie. In turn, they are strengthening their show in a manner where everything is interconnected, STRONG AF, and worth knowing & loving.

Favorite Moment from “The Czech List”:

The following moment was perfect. It really speaks to the kind of man Will is that he’s got no time for sexist crap, no matter if it’s coming from one of his team mates. And I love that Whiskey Cavalier made that distinction in such a casual manner. Respect, well, it’s just a part of who he is!

Whiskey Cavalier airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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