Whiskey Cavalier

If you’ve been following along with Gone Too Soon, you will have noticed that I watch a wide variety of TV shows from Ravenswood to Hap and Leonard to Eye Candy. This week we are pivoting once again to Whiskey Cavalier, a will-they, won’t-they spy/team show.  Whiskey Cavalier  was onRead More →

Hap and Leonard

The show at the center of this week’s Gone Too Soon is a little different from the other shows I’ve covered, it isn’t sci-fi or fantasy nor is it meant for a teenage/young adult demographic.  We are talking about Hap and Leonard, based on the books by Joe R. Lansdale.Read More →


How can a show that lasted far too long (Pretty Little Liars) have not one, but two spin-offs that only lasted one season, (R.I.P The Perfectionists, I will get to you soon)? This week for Gone Too Soon we are back with another Freeform show, Ravenswood. Like Stitchers, Ravenswood premieredRead More →


This week I’m doing something a little different for Gone Too Soon. iZombie was a show that technically lasted for five seasons on The CW, from 2015-2019, but I’m still going to make the case that it was canceled too soon. Why do I think it was gone too soon?Read More →


Sometimes a show can last for multiple seasons and still be canceled too soon. Such is the case for Stitchers, this week’s show Gone Too Soon. Stitchers premiered in 2015 on ABC Family and lasted for three seasons, before being canceled on one of the worst Cliffhangers I have everRead More →

Remember in 2015, when MTV was trying to do scripted television shows? Some of them were better than others, but honestly MTV had some pretty good shows going, many of which got multiple seasons. Which makes it even more disappointing that this show only got one season. This week forRead More →

Criminal Minds

This year truly marks the end of an era. With Criminal Minds and Supernatural both ending, fans are saying goodbye to two shows that have been on the air since 2005. Think about it, that’s a decade and a half. Tonight we bid adieu to the first of these, CriminalRead More →

If I were to think of my very first ship, not the ones that i wasn’t really aware of when I was a kid, but my first conscious ship, then it would be Logan and Veronica from Veronica Mars. Since it’s February we wanted to talk about our favorite ships,Read More →


For some people Hallmark movies are a way of life. Hallmarkies, fans of Hallmark movies, live tweet the newest Hallmark romances every Saturday night, and Sluthers, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries watchers, can be found tweeting the latest mystery movie on Sundays. These people, like myself, watch new movies year roundRead More →