Gone Too Soon: ‘Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj’

Usually, for Gone too Soon, I write about a show with a story that I love that was cancelled before it’s time. This week I’m keeping it short and simple. Netflix made a bad decision by canceling the Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

The show was informative and funny. It taught me a lot about topics I had never even thought about before and it’s a shame that it’s gone. Usually, I talk about the best moments for the show and why I think it deserved more time, but for this I’m just going to post a few links to my favorite stories. Patriot Act may be cancelled, but the videos are still important. You can still learn from them.

I will say that binge watching them is difficult. Patriot Act presents so much information and it can overwhelm you. Compassion fatigue can set in if you binge watch all the episodes. 

How We Are Doing Elections Wrong

Is College Still Worth It?

Where to Watch

If you don’t have Netflix, all the episodes (and bonus content) are all available on the Patriot Act Youtube channel. If you want to read about more shows, check out my Gone Too Soon column.

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