‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 4 is Delayed and We Are Not Ok!

#Earpers and #Wayhaught fam, we are gathered here today because the news is out about Wynonna Earp season 4 and we’re not ok! Hold hands, sisters and brothers, as we dive into this mess. But remember, keep the faith and keep fighting for what you love!

It all started after Melanie Scrofano apparently responded to a tweet that had people scratching their heads and wondering why our beautiful queen wasn’t kicking ass and taking names on the set of Wynonna Earp. That was followed by Emily Andras saying, in a deleted tweet, to not “fuck with my family.” Then the fandom exploded!

Doubts started flying left and right and before you knew it, everyone was talking about how this truly magical masterpiece of weird and beautiful representation could be cancelled. And we weren’t down for that. #FightForWynonna started trending and the true collective power of #Earpers was put on display for Syfy and IDW Entertainment to see!

This show is something worth fighting for. Simple. To the point. God honest truth.

Hours later, and a statement from both Syfy and IDW Entertainment, and we’ve got a clearer picture of what’s going on. For one thing, Syfy is down for more. They ordered a season 4 of Wynonna Earp and they’re not going anywhere. IDW Entertainment….well, they’re giving a basic excuse that sounds like they’ll continue the Wynonna Earp journey in any way possible because the “franchise” is important but finances are tight.

That word right there gets me all hot and bothered and angry. Franchise? I know things come down to money but IDW, you need to understand that we are more than just a money making machine. Yes, I will buy all the Wynonna stuff and make sure I have the streaming service or cable available to watch this Syfy babe. But more importantly, this is a community you are dealing with here.

We are a family of kind, likeminded, and passionate people that have found ourselves in Wynonna Earp. We have bonded with Wynonna’s journey in reconnecting with family, finding her place in this world, falling in love, and the woes of motherhood. We have connected with the queer love that is epic and present between Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught, lovingly known as Wayhaught. And we have connected with the idea of a found family that accepts and loves all.

That’s what Wynonna Earp is. We’re more than just a franchise or something that can be simply sated with a comic. Which, Wynonna Earp was a comic before all of this and yes there will be more after the show stops airing because Beau Smith is awesome, but that doesn’t mean we should give up on the show.

So, listen up Syfy, IDW Entertainment, and everyone in the room that can help push and pull Wynonna Earp into a season 4: Don’t leave us with this epic cliffhanger. Value us like we value your creation. And know that we’re going to fight for Wynonna Earp in anyway that we can! And if you doubt us, even a little bit, remember the room at SDCC when season 4 was announced. Remember the love, cheering, and joy it brought us all.

We want more of that.

Anyone up for a Wynonna Earp love fest roundtable? Let me know!

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