10 WTF Moments from ‘Wynonna Earp’s “Waiting Forever for You”

Wynonna Earp‘s “Waiting Forever for You” saw a faux proposal, the return of the Stone Witch, and too much talk about Bulshar’s wang. Yes, his wang. Top it all off with Wynonna having a breadstick date with wonder-bread firefighter and the true story of Big Nose Kate’s past, and you’ve got an episode full of plenty of WTF moments.

Let’s dive into Wynonna Earp‘s “Waiting Forever for You”!

1. Wayhaught’s Almost Proposal


I’d like to start off this WTF moment with: HOW. DARE. YOU. EMILY. ANDRAS. My heart, my poor Wayhaught heart is over the moon and screaming at Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy’s face. Waverly was going to say “YES!” It’s clear as day. Don’t @ me. Jeremy was the happiest spectator and was probably two seconds away from pushing them together and saying, “Kiss!” And Nicole…dear Nicole, I think this is the most scared she’s ever been in her life.

Let’s talk about that last bit.

When Nicole got married before, it was at a whim, something fast and fanciful. What she has with Waverly is slow burning, heart stopping, and life changing. Nicole doesn’t want to mess it up. And honestly, I think she didn’t think she’d get to this point in her life. But here she is, in front of the person she loves the most, realizing that she can have this and that Waverly wants her to ask the big question.

Waverly wants to share her life with Nicole and that realization in “Waiting Forever for You” is life changing.?

2. The Licking of the Potato


I know Emily and everyone at Wynonna Earp didn’t mean to make the potato licking the most iconic scene of season 3 but here we are. There’s something so disturbing about the way that Robin casually wonders about what the potato feels like before licking it.

Maybe it’s the wide eyed look on his face that really sets the mood for how weird this is. Maybe it’s Waverly just standing there and the little uptick of her eyebrows as the licking is done. Or maybe it’s just the fact that licking a raw potato that you’re gonna cook is weird as hell.

3. Naked Robin the Barn


Naked Robin in the barn was something straight out of a horror film! Thank God that he didn’t end up dead or possessed by the forest…yet. There’s just something wrong with him, something connecting him to Bulshar and the trees, and I don’t like ittttt! Let’s save naked Robin for sexy times with Jeremy, which I’m ready for, yes, please!

Wynonna Earp has already been groundbreaking for the intimacy and care that it’s taken in Wayhaught sex scenes. Imagine what they could do for M/M sex scenes between Jeremy and Robin? It’ll set a precedent and join other groundbreaking scenes between men like the one on Starz American Gods. Which, if you haven’t watched that important scene, get on it!

4. Perfect Nose Kate’s Past


Any other show would’ve handed Kate a basic ass story about her being a slave that ended up being loved by Doc Holliday and somehow spiralled into her becoming a vampire. But not Wynonna Earp. They made Kate royalty! They acknowledged that the ones in power write history and that we really don’t have a clear picture of our past or what the world was comprised of.

Kate was royalty and all she was looking for was a place to start over, a place to free, and a place to build her own life by her own rules. Her confrontation with the Stone Witch and her subsequent retreat to her home land to become a vampire, was also a surprise. She chose this so she could search for Doc. No one forced her. And that right there is mind-blowing!

5. Stone Witch Returns

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of the Stone Witch, she pops up looking all sorts of messed up and stealing Doc Holliday’s car. I missed her and all her crazy. I’m glad we got to see a little bit more of her and the iconic music that only played when she was around making trouble!

6. Wynonna & Her Breadstick Date


I never thought that one day I’d see Wynonna Earp sitting down for a fancy meal that included breadsticks and knives that look like tiny swords, but here we are. Wynonna is looking for a bit of calm in the storm that has become her life in “Waiting Forever for You.” That’s why she’s reaching out to wonder-bread firefighter.

And no matter what you, I’m looking at you shippers, think about what or why Wynonna is doing this, it’s her decision. Wynonna is trying to move forward and not drown in the sorrow of the lose of her daughter, Dolls, and her relationship with Doc. And it’s admirable AF and real. The world doesn’t stop turning after loss and you can either sit down and take it or keep moving forward.

Wynonna Earp has decided to keep moving forward.

7. Waverly Kicking Ass with a Superpowered Ring


Waverly Earp is already a badass. Now you’ve given her a magic Bulshar ring that’s been following Nicole around, won’t come off her finger, and enabled her to pull a “final move” on the Stone Witch? Yes, please. Thank you! Oh, and let’s not forget that she’s apparently half-angel.

I don’t know what these pieces mean, but there’s something big looming in the distance and it has to do with Waverly Earp. She’s the key, I can feel it. And if Emily Andras previous work is any indication, we’re gonna be in for a heap of pain when it comes to this half-angel and what she’s willing to do for her family’s safety.

8. Bulshar and His Search for Eden


First of all, thank you Kat Barrell and Melanie Scrofano for this beautiful gif. It’s the best thing I’ve ever made and I can’t stop staring at Nicole asking about Bulshar’s wang and Wynonna implying sex with her fingers. Magnifique!

Now onto the point of this WTF moment, Bulshar’s search for Eden. Thank you for pointing out that it’s weird AF that it’s in North America. And thank you for rushing past Bulshar searching for Eden to Bulshar already having found it. It’s a bold move that shows us and our badass favs, that Bulshar’s endgame is bigger than Eden.

And honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show blow past my expectations for storylines like this and I’m loving it!

9. Doc Naming His Car Charlene


Out of all the names that Doc could’ve given his car, why did he pick Charlene? It’s a feminine version of the name Charles coined in the nineteenth century. Right now I’m blanking out have we heard about a Charles in Wynonna Earp? Help a sister out if we have. The potato licking has taken over and it’s the only thing I can think about.

Also, was Doc cooing at his car? It’s really nice to see how far Doc has come in acclimating himself to this world and century. Remember when he could barely drive and it frustrated him like crazy? Oh, and his phone too. If he’s gotten used to his car, imagine what’s on his phone now? He could be an avid Snapchat user for all we know.

P.S. I need to know if he’s got a Snapchat now. Or an Instagram where he just posts pictures of his car and hat.

10. Why Doc Became a Vampire


I take back everything bad I said about Doc in last week’s episode. Well, almost all of it. He did go and turn himself into a vampire because he was in pain and he didn’t know where to turn. So he turned to Kate. But he also turned himself into a vampire because he was not used to his mortal body and didn’t think he could protect those he loved in that state.

*sniff* Someone hand me a tissue. *sniff*

It’s heartbreaking that he thought he was of no use to Wynonna and the rest of the gang as a human. And I wish on all the stars above that he would’ve talked to anyone about what was going through his mind. But it’s too late now. Doc’s a vampire and they, including myself, need to make due with it because Bulshar is not waiting anymore.

Bulshar is coming after Wynonna & Co. with his magical and rude dust. And here’s hoping Doc’s new vamp status will help them with that without anyone getting bit.

Check out the trailer for next week’s Wynonna Earp titled “Undo It”:

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 9/8c on Syfy.

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