NBC Continues To Amaze, Orders More ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Episodes

As if NBC hadn’t, already, surpassed by far our expectations as a television network after it heroically rescued Brooklyn Nine-Nine from cancellation doom at the end of spring, it seems like the network execs keep trying to amaze.

That’s right. What had initially been conceived as a 13-episode new season of the hit comedy show has now been expanded five more episodes, making Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s sixth season an 18-episode one. Although the reason why is still to be determined, a number of five additional episodes is nothing but good news for the cast, crew and the fandom, because it evidently means longer and more complex storylines can come to fruition.

Although 18 is still a decent amount of episodes for a network show, the Nine-Nine will still be navigating it’s shortest season ever after a consistent run of 22 and 23 episode ones.

Still, it is more than a reason to rejoice.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return in 2019 on NBC. 

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