‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 3 Finale Sees the Heir Turn Into a Champion

The Wynonna Earp season 3 finale gave us a Wynonna that we’ve never seen, confident as fuck about her capabilities in saving her sister, her friends, and the town of Purgatory. She’s lost everything. But that hasn’t pulled her down into a whiskey induced coma like it would before. Wynonna is the champion, by the hand of her sister, and that means so much more. There’s love and confidence in her own abilities to make change real.

We were also fortunate enough to get a Wayhaught proposal that clarifies any doubts that this isn’t endgame. It is endgame. There is love, commitment, and the knowledge that spending the rest of their lives together is what they want. And in a world where F/F relationships are few and far in between, committed ones like this change the scope and let any doubters know that queer relationships are real, possible, and something that viewers are more than ready for.

A New Wynonna Rises


Coming into this season 3 finale I was sure that we were going to see a broken Wynonna. She’s lost so much and this loss, the loss of her sister, would be the straw that broke the camels back. But that’s not we got. Yes, Wynonna doubted. Yes, Wynonna hurt and struggled. But Wynonna fought like hell. She knew that she had the power to make change and save her sisters life, so she went after it like white on rice.

Maybe she shouldn’t have punched her sister, tied her up, and then spiked all her friends drinks…but she did it out of love. To be clear, in real life these moves wouldn’t work, but this is TV so we’re gonna be a bit lenient. After all, they’re dealing with demons, angels that are your sisters fathers and that you slept with, and a Ghost River triangle of evil. Some leniency is needed!

At the end of this episode we saw a Wynonna I’ve never seen before. She was empowered. Wynonna knew that she had lost Waverly and Doc, but she knew that she had the power to fix this all and get them back. A key part of this empowerment, that made it different from the rest of this episode and seasons that we’ve seen before is how Wynonna joined up with Healey. She knew that she wasn’t alone and that she couldn’t possibly do this alone.

Wynonna has family. Wynonna has friends. And while Doc is looking out for her sister, she’ll team up with Healey and the rest of the gang to get them back. Because this isn’t just her battle. It’s Healey’s, Nicole’s, Jeremy’s, and everyone else left in Purgatory. (Even if there’s just like 5 people, including Mercedes, left in this town.)

She’s not alone and it’s a damn beautiful thing to see her KNOW IT!


The Wayhaught Proposal That Solidifies They’re Endgame


Just in case you had any doubt in your mind about the future of Wayhaught, no matter how small, the season three finale of Wynonna Earp basically confirmed that this ship is ENDGAMEEEEE!

Waverly’s proposal was in fact a proposal. Yes, she didn’t get the “typical” words out that would constitute as a proposal, but she did it. Sitting there, with Nicole right in front of her, Waverly had this divine moment of clarity. Everything that she wanted was right there with her and she was going to make sure that her loved one knew it. Sure, maybe she shouldn’t have used the damned Bulshar ring to do this thang, but it worked. And by the look on Nicole’s face she would’ve said yes!

The proposal wasn’t born out of fear that she would never see Nicole. They were all about to dive head first into battle and they might not come back from it. But that didn’t push Waverly forward in a cliched move you’ve seen TV shows do time and time again, where Waverly eventually laments her choice and says it was in the heat of the moment. There will always be heat between these two women, but not a cliched heat of the moment kind where Waverly proposed because of circumstance.

I predict beautiful angst moments next season where Nicole fights tooth and nail for her boo/angel while staring longingly at their bed or curling up under their blankets. (Yes, I said “their” because I can’t think of Waverly’s room as just hers after all that epic cuddling and making out that happened there.) And when they’re reunited, Nicole will make sure that Waverly knows that her answer would’ve been “yes,” if it wasn’t that Wynonna interrupted and that Waverly was pulled into some garden that probably is more twisted and dark than Bulshar led us to believe.

That Julian Twist, Tho!


Wynonna Earp slept with her sisters father and her mothers love. I know that this was obviously stated on the show…but my mind is stuck on it, like a record screeching out of control and saying the same thing over and over again. Imagine when her mother comes back to town? Imagine how awkward that conversation is going to be and how it’s going to be brushed aside when Mama Earp comes back because they have to get Waverly back!? It’s gonna be a shit show and I’m SO HERE FOR IT!

Ok, sleeping with your sisters father aside, the reveal and the time that Waverly spent with her father, was kind of nice. Wait, more that nice. Dominique Provost-Chalkley is so damn talented that I felt like Waverly and Julian had known and cared for each other for ages. There was love, kindness, and an understanding that they could be themselves with each other and that they were safe with each other. AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. The fact that he died just after discovering who they were to each other, and his sacrifice to save Nicole, is even more devastating because of this. *grabs tissues* (Here’s hoping he’s not “totally” dead. Pretty please. Let’s include Dolls in this while we’re at it too. Miss him.)

Last week I was sure that Waverly was going to die. The fact that she was taken away to the garden is kind of more devastating. Waverly is not gone. But she is out of Wynonna’s reach, stuck in some magical garden as old as time, with a kidnapping tree that has no awareness for personal space. My hope is that season 4 explores more just getting back Waverly and Doc with no recollection of what happened in the garden with the grabby tree. This is uncharted territory. And with Emily Andras at the helm, my hope is that she pushes forward and gives us the truth of the garden, Waverly’s powers, and what enables Doc to enter the garden when Wynonna couldn’t.

Favorite moment from Wynonna Earp season three finale:

From the very start, Wynonna and Nicole have had a difficult relationship. Nicole had a stick up her butt, according to Wynonna. And Nicole couldn’t handle the wild spirit and ability to get shit faced and still kick ass, that was Wynonna. But this right here, this small moment, it all changed. Wynonna saw Nicole for who she was. Nicole wasn’t her sisters girlfriend anymore. She was someone who Wynonna genuinely cared, a friend, a fighter, and someone Wynonna could depend in this shit storm they call their life in Purgatory.


Unexpected favorite (or expected because Mercedes is a survivor):

Damn it, Mercedes. I love you. I love your grace, your bluntness, and the fact that you go with the flow to survive. Others would suck at this position and be called lying scoundrels with no loyalty, but not Mercedes. She puts herself in positions where she can survive but also help her friends when need be. She’s a rare bird and we love her for it!

P.S. That pink dress makes me want to weep because she looks so stunning in it!


Wynonna Earp has been renewed for season four.

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