‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 6×06 Review: “The Crime Scene”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “The Crime Scene” saw Rosa opening up and making real progress in accepting her bisexual life, sharing it with others, and reconnecting with her mother. It’s the kind of progress we’ve been hoping for Rosa. And from one bisexual Latina to another, thank you Stephanie and everyone at Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The care, patience, and love that you are putting into Rosa’s story arc is brilliant.

Same thing goes for everyone else on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. They’re fantastically crafted characters and I’m grateful every day for the epic binge that started me on this Nine-Nine route. So, without further ado, let’s dive into Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “The Crime Scene”!

Rosa Opening Up About Her Bi Life


As a bisexual Latina myself, it’s been an honor and privilege watching Rosa Diaz be more open about her bi life. She didn’t have to share what was going on with her hair. She didn’t have to share her partners name, Jocelyn. And she didn’t have to tell Jake that she was going to visit Jocelyn’s parents. But she did because she’s not afraid anymore of who she is or who she dates. Also, Jake put it out there that he wanted to know more about the great things going on in her life. Yes, he asked ages ago but things feel fresh and new because she’s out and proud as a bisexual woman.

Rosa could’ve ignored Jake and kept moving, living her badass life in peace. But she’s a badass and not an asshole. If a friend wants to know about her life and take part in her joys, she will work on it. Despite her steely disposition, Rosa is very understanding and willing to get perspective from those around and from the ones who love her and call her family. For that we’re so proud of Rosa and I could only hope to continue growing like she has in my own bisexual adventure called life.

We’re also ridiculously proud of Rosa Diaz calling up her mother. Things didn’t go smoothly when Rosa came out. Her dad was a little easier to convince, but Rosa’s mom needed time away. This episode was giving her mother time but also acknowledging that sometimes you have to make the first move to get the ball rolling. Personally, I really hope to hear some of the conversation and relationship bonding that is about to go down between these two women. But from the way that Rosa’s mom looked at her, it’s going to be ok. This mami loves her mija and will do what she has to get things back on track!

Give Me More Team-ups!


Look, if there’s a possibility of Tangled Rosa coming into my life again, then I want it and I want it now, especially if it’s during a team-up episode like this one. Rosa and Jake aren’t a new thing. They’ve worked countless crimes together, went undercover together, and even ended going to jail together. They’re ride or die kind of people, well Rosa really is, and it’s nice to see a man and a woman having a strong AF relationship that has no chances of ever turning romantic.

Same thing goes for when Rosa and Terry team up or when Amy and Terry team up. The chemistry is absolutely there and you’ll die laughing as they argue about downstairs people and upstairs people. But there’s no romance. Not a single drop. Because believe it or not, men and women can be friends. I know, blowing your mind, but it’s true. And Brooklyn Nine-Nine is especially skilled at building the interpersonal relationships between these varied and fantastic men and women.

If anything, I need more team-ups in my life. I want to see Amy combine her powers with Hitchcock and Scully, and watch that firework blow because these two men are absolute dolts in comparison to perfectionist Amy. I want to see more Boyle and Rosa, now that the errors of season one and his obsession with Rosa has been smothered. And I want to see more Terry and Jake. Basically I just want it all, for multiple more seasons, because Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a gold mind of brilliant characters that have been beautifully built over 6 seasons.

Are We Going to Talk About That Seth Meyers Guest Spot?

I find is completely hilarious that THIS is the manner that Seth Meyers made it into Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers have been friends for ages, going back to SNL, and years later they’re still going strong! Most notably, and something that connects to this, was a guest appearance on Seth Meyers late night show. Seth and Andy did a segment where they hashed out any and all ways that they might have offended each other over the years. It was fun, sweet, and a great way to forgive.

One of the darkest declarations was Seth admitting that he hadn’t caught up on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Like Andy we were SHOCKED (only teasing) and appalled at the disrespect to Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Frankly, I think this is the reason why Seth appeared in tonight’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine as a possible murder suspect. It’s a way of taking the mick out of Seth while gently prodding him to watch.

This poking and prodding at each other is one of the main reasons I love these two and I can’t wait for Seth to ACTUALLY guest star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I mean, we have Lin Manuel Miranda so anything is possible if you just believe! So maybe Seth will come in as a firefighter rebel who cuddles kittens but is at complete odds with the best detective of NYC, Jake Peralta! Anyway it happens, I’m down and ready!

Favorite Scene from “The Crime Scene”:



Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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