‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 6×05 Review: “A Tale of Two Bandits”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine “A Tale of Two Bandits” saw the return of our favorite bandit Doug Judy! For a quick second I almost had a heart attack and thought that Doug was dead, but that pain is over. And if anything, we need to be focusing on the BAMF known as Trudy Judy. Talent really does live and breathe in the Judy line!

The Good aka The Pontiac Bandit is Back

Let me start off by saying that I almost fell for it. The Pontiac Bandit has been a slippery devil since day one. But this episode, this introduction, scared me for a bit and made me wonder if this was another loss I would have to deal with on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Glad I was wrong!

Doug Judy was alive, well, and ready to go on a buddy cop movie with his BFF Jake Peralta. Now, there relationship has always been contentious. Jake knows that Judy is a criminal and has kept a strict line between them, even after karaoking together. This episode saw Jake letting loose and really going for it when it came to his friendship with Judy.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to bond and be like a limpet to your just dead friend that you sang a truly horrible song during their funeral? I would. And I bet you would too!

Judy episodes are always some of the funniest that Brooklyn Nine-Nine comes out with. Mixing it up by having Terry instead of Rosa, added a new layer to the wonder that is the Pontiac Bandit and his magical visits. Terry has no time for bullshit and is sometimes more rigid than even Captain Holt. And I believe a special part of Terry sees Jake as one of his own who needs to be protected from the criminal mastermind known as the Pontiac Bandit.

Oh my god, Jake has another dad at the Nine-Nine! Dun dun dunnnnnn!

The Bad aka Trudy Judy is A Mastermind Like Her Brother

I loved the Trudy Judy twist. Doug Judy underestimated her. Jake underestimated her. Even I underestimated her! Trudy Judy is a criminal. She was one long before she found her brothers work and instructions. And she’ll be one days, months, years from now. And personally, I need more!

We don’t see women like Trudy Judy often enough. The powerful, present, and smart AF kind of woman that uses the fact that everyone thinks she’s a meek little butterfly, and uses it to outshine & outsmart you. It’s brilliant, game changing, and the kind of thing that leaves you wondering why people protest when there’s a female villain on the scene.

Sorry, not sorry that Trudy Judy doesn’t fall into your slim, highly sexual, and white way of enjoying villains. Trudy Judy is a bad girl because she likes it. Nothing crazy tragic happened in her past that pushed her into stealing and blowing up cars. Other things happen to women that drive them into a life of crime, and sometimes there is no fucking reason and we just want shake the world because we can.

Trudy Judy is one of those shakers!

The Ugly aka the Serious Lack of Peraltiago

I need another hit NBC. Peraltiago are married, wifey and hubby respectfully. But they’ve been MIA. And yes, I know that the show isn’t about Jake and Amy. But they are the lead OTP, the big kahunas, and my ride or die like Leslie and Ben were on Parks and Rec.

Now, I’m not here to throw anybody else under the bus. I love Doug Judy. I love his relationship with Jake. And I love that Trudy Judy outshined everyone with her badass life of crime. But I’m parched here, people. I need some Peraltiago stat in my life. Especially if it’s married Peraltiago that we’re talking here.

Just to clarify, I don’t want Jake and Amy to start prepping and working on a baby. I don’t think that’s the next logical part of their journey. But I do want to see more of what married Jake and Amy are like and what has changed for them now that they took that leap to making everything legal.

Basically, I’m just ready, willing, and set for more of Jake and Amy tackling the world together in this new chapter of their lives. So, more Jake and Amy, please and thank you!

Favorite Moment from “A Tale of Two Bandits”:


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