‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 6×04 Review: “Four Movements” of a Gina Linetti Goodbye

I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Gina Linetti. I love her loyalty, ferocity, dedication, and how she is over the top but loving at the same time. I was excited for this farewell episode. I wanted and was ready to feel good and have all the heartwarming moments. Hell, I even cried at the part that Amy talked about how she was going to miss Gina. But this farewell to Gina Linetti was kind of rude, lost sight of who Gina was, and just ramped it all to 12 instead of giving us a farewell that made sense and left you missing the character dearly as soon as the screen went black.

I know that Gina is a rascal, and that needling at people is her thing, but she was kind of a bully in her farewell episode. She was particularly rude to Amy and Terry. The name thing on the hoodie/sweater, that I didn’t mind. Typical Gina Linetti move there and I expected it a mile away. What bothered me is how disgusted she was with Amy’s creation aka the book of tweets by Gina. Amy is a lean mean creating machine who loves her friend and probably nerded the fuck out while making that book. Probably went at it for hours making sure that everything was perfect. And Gina thought that talking down to Amy was the way to go?

Gina purposely made Amy feel like shit to teach her a lesson that I still don’t fully understand. It was cruel, rude, and made me dislike Gina for the first time in ages. If anything, I thought Gina would be amazed by what Amy made. A book of her tweets? It’s the most beautiful and thoughtful thing that Amy has done for Gina. And honestly, I don’t think Gina would’ve reacted the way she did. Because in this version of things, Gina comes off as heartless, and we all know she isn’t. I think that Gina would’ve dropped the act and actually used her name for once. (See, funny, still Gina, and not rude.)

And then there was Terry. Gina knew that he was seeking her farewell life lesson. He was excited and intrigued for what she had planned and kept waiting, waiting, and waiting for his moment to come. Well, apparently her plan or life lesson was to drag him along until the final moment and give him some global yogurt. Girl, the yogurt doesn’t negate the fact that you treated him like he was invisible the entire time you were doing your farewell tour. You’ve worked with him for years, and this is what you think he deserves?

Not my Gina Linetti!

Now, all of this sounds damning and like I don’t like Gina Linetti. That’s the farthest thing from the truth and I have a “Paris of People” sticker on my computer to prove it. I love Gina Linetti and have learned so much from her, about myself, and those around me. But this ending, this way that she went out, left a nasty taste in my mouth, and showed the worst of Gina Linetti. This is not the Linetti I want to remember or the one I’ve loved for seasons.

So episode 6×03, that’s my Gina Linetti goodbye. That’s my heartfelt moment to close this chapter on the Paris of people until next time.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.


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