‘Blindspot’ 4×13 Review: “Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method In’t”

We’re here, blindspotters! Episode 4×13, entitled “Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method In’t” has been a cocktail of tension, fear and feelings brought to the surface. In the moment when everything seems lost, that’s when real feelings come to light, and that’s what has happened to all our protagonists. They have been between a rock and a hard place … and their feelings have been clearer than ever. In addition, the episode has explored new dynamics that have been wonderful. Let’s talk about everything!

Here we go!


On this occasion, the case has revolved around Madeline’s plans and the attempt of Boston, Tasha and the rest of the team to thwart them. It has been full of tension and plot twists that have kept us glued to the screen. In addition, in the end, when hope was so low, and it seemed like Tasha and Boston could not get out of there alive, the feelings were close to the surface and there was only time for what the characters really felt. Who they loved.

Fortunately, Madeline’s Machiavellian plans have been frustrated … this time. But the price to pay for it has been very high. Tasha’s cover has crumbled, and Madeline goes for her with every fiber of her being, her feeling of betrayal is too strong. So much so that, in the end, she manages to get to her when Tasha had all the information the team needed to destroy all her plans. The war has just begun.

BLINDSPOT — “Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method In’t” Episode 413 — Pictured: Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Madeline Burke — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Brothers)


This couple doesn’t stop giving us joy! After the bad feelings of the almost death of Jane, both need a break, to get back that time that slipped away in between the fear. So they embark on a romantic trip to a cabin (please, let’s appreciate the fact that the puppy Kurt Weller had planned his anniversary gift). Nothing goes as expected, so they end up taking a long walk together. But the most important thing in those moments is that they have each other. Nothing really matters to them, just being together, enjoying themselves. Both are so sure of their relationship, the mere presence of the other is enough. They know that together, they will overcome everything.

However, the retreat doesn’t last long, the team sends police reinforcements to collect them: the investigation of Madeline and the danger  Tasha and Boston are in have priority. As they say … they were so close to entering that cabin … but so far away at the same time.

In the end, the couple gets their well-deserved rest. Sitting at home, drinking wine … they really don’t need anything else. They don’t need that cabin or be away from everything … not to be together. And they especially don’t need it to spend quality time with each other. Because, side by side, that’s when they’re at home, wherever they are. It’s beautiful!

BLINDSPOT — “Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method In’t” Episode 413 — Pictured: (l-r) Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Brothers)

Their plans are interrupted again, this time, by a strange envelope that has to do with Shepherd. Kurt doesn’t want to talk about it, she caused them so much damage … he doesn’t want to let her enter into their happiness again. But ignoring the problem doesn’t make it disappear. And Jane needs this … some kind of closure of that story. But she doesn’t find closure, but another secret. A new puzzle.

What is it and why does it come now? Who sent it to them? Will that puzzle have to do with Madeline’s plan? There are many unanswered questions. It has been risky to introduce something like this at this point, but also smart. We return to what this show has always been. To its roots. And surely everything will converge in the end. I love it!


These two have given me life! They complemented each other perfectly. Tasha has proven to be the bad-ass she has always been (those struggles, wow!). In fact, she reminded me of when she was in the FBI and it is wonderful to see Tasha again as she is. Boston, for his part, has not hesitated to save her and to do everything possible to get both of them out of there alive.

But the most interesting thing has happened at the end. Tasha had to choose between risking Boston’s life or her own … and chooses herself. The reasons are heartbreaking. Tasha knows that Boston has someone who loves him out of that mission, that building. Rich loves him and Boston loves him too. It has been clear throughout the episode, Rich’s concern, the way in which Boston knows that it is he who has taken control. It’s written everywhere and Tasha recognizes that love because it’s the same one she feels for Reade.

She feels that she has lost Reade and that she doesn’t have anyone out there that cares about her well-being, that cares if she really lives or dies. But Boston does have it, and she can’t take that away from him. That’s why, with tears in her eyes, Tasha asks Boston to notify the team. But she doesn’t forget Reade … she loves him, even though he doesn’t, even though she lost him. This is so sad … Tasha is wrong. Reade, in spite of everything, loves her. And the whole team is looking after her well-being, because they are her family. But Tasha feels so lonely … even if she is not.

BLINDSPOT — “Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method In’t” Episode 413 — Pictured: (l-r) Ennis Esmer as Rich Dotcom, Rob Brown as Edgar Reade, Ashley Johnson as Patterson — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Brothers)

As for Boston, he hates to leave Tasha there, but he knows he must do it if he wants to have a chance to get out of there alive. In the end, the manages. Rich’s relief at knowing he is still alive speaks for itself. Later, in their meeting at the FBI building, he tells the rest of the story. That hug so strong, the emotion in the voice of Rich, knowing Boston alive and safe, Boston’s eyes full of tears, overwhelmed by the emotion of seeing Rich again and having him so close … I needed a kiss!

By the way, Boston has rejected his dream job in the FBI and I don’t think it was only because of everything that happened with Madeline, if not for Rich. He knows that this work is his life, that makes him happy and that the team is his family. He doesn’t want to take that away from the man he loves. And I melt with these two. Impossible not to love them.


After Tasha’s decision to sacrifice her life for Boston, something happens, in the distance, between her and Reade. He can’t help asking for her. He is terrified that something will happen to her … and his worst fears are confirmed when the building explodes and everyone believes that she has died. Those seconds are so distressing for Reade. It’s a hell in life. Then, everything seems not to matter. The secrets, the lies, the fights, even the words … only love matters. He loves her so much … and believes he has lost her. That he will never be able to see her again. That he can never tell her everything. It’s awful.

After those anguished and hellish seconds, Tasha appears. She’s alive and Reade breathes again. Reade just wanted to see her to talk to her. To tell Tasha what he feels. But he can’t do it. She doesn’t appear next to Boston. When Reade manages to contact her, Tasha explains why. Death has not reached her and now she has a second chance. A second chance to show Reade that he can trust her and that she has not changed at all, she’s still a good person … a person who deserves his love.

She knows that part of him still doesn’t trust her, still doesn’t… see her, because of everything that has happened and she wants him to see her. She wants him to look at her again with that blind trust, with that love that encompasses everything.

BLINDSPOT — “Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method In’t” Episode 413 — Pictured: (l-r) Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Madeline Burke, Rob Brown as Edgar Reade — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Brothers)

I have found comments from Boston and Madeline about Tasha interesting. He thinks that Zapata was always a lone wolf. He’s right, she isolates herself … she prefers to work alone. But that is not incompatible with working as a team, either in the FBI or as a couple. She just has to learn to do it.

As for Madeline, she says that she believed that Tasha was sufficiently damaged to be able to join her plans. Actually, Zapata has always been standing on that line… and I think her feelings for Reade, that pure love she feels for him has helped her to fight, to hold on to the here and now, to her inner light … not to fall into the grip of the darkness that Madeline has forced her to explore.

But now Tasha is in grave danger, what will happen? I hope the team is aware of everything and they can help her. What do you think?


This character is not a saint of my devotion, but I don’t think he deserves to be fired like that, why? Why piss off someone important? Well, it’s the job of the FBI to investigate crimes, no matter who they bother. After several corrupt directors and the dismissal of the only good, Reade, I think the FBI is not to waste directors doing their job. The FBI savors itself for the millionth time and I have to roll my eyes.

Weitz doesn’t particularly like me but the woman who fires him is even worse, what a moron! It seems to amuse her or satisfy her to fire someone and the desperation that causes. She doesn’t even want to listen to Weitz’s warnings for being too busy making fun of him. Somebody bring me my Louboutins that I will throw them to her!

However, if I have to agree with the assessment she makes of Weitz, he gets what he wants, no matter what methods he has to use. That is demonstrated at the end, when Weitz literally doesn’t do anything to save the lives of everyone on the plane but he takes credit for keeping his job. It is so selfish. I need another pair of Louboutins around here, thanks!


In conclusion, this episode marks the beginning of a new stage of the season. Tasha’s cover has been blown, which puts her in grave danger. In addition, her feelings about Reade have been clearer than ever (and vice versa), as has the relationship between Boston and Rich. This makes emotional conflicts a strong point of the episode.

The tension is also very present in Madeline. She has been defeated … in a battle. But the war is still going on. More active than ever.

And … we’ve had great Jeller scenes! Can we ask for more?

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! The show has a small hiatus again. We’ll be back on March 8 with episode 4×14. And here’s the promo for the next episode.


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