‘Blindspot’ 4×12 Review: “The Tale of the Book of Secrets”

We’re here again, blindspotters! After a week, our favorite show came back with episode 4×12 “The Tale of the Book of Secrets,” an hour that has brought emotions to the surface, breaking our hearts and rebuilding them. With a rhythm worthy of the show, the episode advanced several plots, ending some stories and opening others, marking a before and after in the season. Let’s talk about everything!

Here we go!


The cure for Jane has starred two wonderful characters, that together are the best of this world: Patterson and Rich.

Although Reade and the laboratory assistant – please, they have to include her in the official team already –  have helped from New York. I want to focus on Reade, how far he has come. Remember that at first, he was the one who had the most difficulties trusting Jane. But now, Jane is his friend and she’s important to him. So he doesn’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to save her. I want more scenes between them from now on!

What has kept them busy has been a search for an ancient book full of remedies. Maybe this part was too fanciful for my taste and for the style of the show, it looked like the Holy Grail. But, by not focusing too much on that object, or in the search itself, the thing hasn’t been completely out of place and we have been able to recover that “resolution of puzzles” which is the hallmark of the series. What I loved.

BLINDSPOT — “Careless Whisper” Episode 411 — Pictured: (l-r) Ashley Johnson as Patterson, Ennis Esmer as Rich Dotcom — (Photo by: NBC/Warner Brothers)

Also, speaking Spanish to Patterson, Rich and some other characters has given me life. I know it’s exaggerated, but I’m Spaniard and to hear that language spoken in an American series is like finding a needle in a haystack and I love it every time it happens.

The moments between Patterson and Rich have been wonderful. They have even given the fans that “what would happen if … these characters were a couple?” with that marriage moment in the hotel and it has felt much more natural and funny than in the previous episode. The humor between them and the way they complement each other have been magnificent. And what about Peru, its beauty takes your breath away, it’s almost … impossible to breathe when you see so much beauty and so much history together.

In the end, Roman has saved Jane as well as the whole team. I could not help but get emotional when it was discovered that he has been key. He loved her so much … he chose something from them to be the last key that would lead her to salvation. He just wanted her to be saved, that she could have another chance … to achieve happiness. He just wanted her to be happy. I melt with Roman, still my weak point. I love him.

The final moment when they manage to save Jane have been so tender and meaningful. Jane was grateful, Kurt too and Rich was so relieved and so happy to see her again. He loves them all very much, they are his family, the emotion of knowing them safe and happy has overwhelmed him and he has released a few jokes to relax the tension of the moment, but his own emotion overflowed in his words. No need to say more. His emotion, his bright eyes … they have said everything.

Now, Jane is cured, thus closing one of the frames of the season. Closing one stage and entering another.


They have broken my heart and they have given me life in equal parts. Kurt has been with Jane every step of the way. She has been on the edge of the precipice several times, losing hope. She couldn’t see, every second it was harder to move … everything was running out.

Kurt has been at her side, holding her hand, supporting her, believing in them and that they could find a cure … but with a terrible fear that each kiss, each caress, would be the last. That is why he burns them in his memory, in his heart … and he doesn’t stop looking at Jane, to memorize her features. But he can’t let himself be beaten, only hope left, and he must be strong for Jane.

It’s for that reason that he decides not to leave her side even when Patterson informs him that they have a hope. He wants to be with them in Peru to make sure that hope becomes a reality but he wants much more to be where he is needed: next to Jane. He trusts his team, knows that they will do everything possible, like him, to save Jane. But she needs him … and he needs her too. If this is the last thing, if it’s their last moments together … he’s going to spend them by her side, holding her hand, feeling her, next to her, savoring her company and her closeness to what may be the last time.

Patterson understands this, she knows that Kurt is terrified and that he will not leave Jane’s side … she knows why. So she and Rich are going to find a cure for Jane to save them both. Patterson knows that if Jane dies … Kurt dies with her. And she won’t allow it.

BLINDSPOT — “The Tale of the Book of Secrets” Episode 412 — Pictured: (l-r) Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Brothers)

In the end, hope is in tatters. Kurt tries to keep it up but time is running out … this is where my heart breaks and they bring tears to my eyes. Jane only wants to see him one last time. Let him be the last thing she sees. Let her eyes and her head fill with him, just like her heart. She tells him that she loves him. She wants him to know, never to forget it. He saved her, in all the ways in which someone can save another person.

Kurt can’t even think that this is the end. But his rational side tells him that there are too many possibilities that it can be. That’s why, with tears in his eyes, he kisses her hand, he leans on her touch, he kisses her … he only feels her, for that to be the last thing they both feel: each other. Kurt is aware that if Jane dies, even if he survives, he will only be a dead person in life, his … life will end with her. She is his center, the satellite on which all his world revolves, his loses it … he also loses himself. Jane thinks Kurt saved her but for Kurt, she saved him.

And that’s where the preciousness of this couple really resides: both saved each other. Kurt guided Jane through her confusion, her painful memories … and showed her how she could feel to love and be loved in a sincere way. Jane showed Kurt that innocence, that kindness, strength, courage, that pure love … old things that he thought were forgotten. And both complement each other and become better. They can’t lose one another. It’s their biggest fear and nightmare.

Fortunately, they do not have to. The cure comes just in time and Jane is saved, with all the happiness that brings that for the couple and for the whole team.


The couple still doesn’t have their best time. Both agree to bring Boston – the honorary member of the team par excellence – on board to help them topple Madeline, but their methods are different, thus showing the differences and tensions between them.

Reade chooses to be brutally honest about the danger of the mission and what exactly Boston is aiming at. Tasha, on the other hand, has a different strategy. She tries to appeal to the “weak points” of Boston, to his emotions. She follows the strategy of the CIA, identifying the points to press and pressing them. However, Reade looks at her out of the corner of his eye, unable to avoid it, and that look is full of disapproval. As if her method were another proof of what has changed. Tasha, on the other hand, does the same before the Reade method. She knows that his strategy was not the right one to follow with Boston.

The looks is a small detail, but not insignificant. It shows the tension, the discomfort that exists between them, the … distance. They are so close that they can touch but in fact they are thousands of kilometers away from each other and the worst thing is that neither of them sees possibility or knows how to eliminate that distance. And that is killing them.

BLINDSPOT — “The Big Reveal” Episode 410 — Pictured: Rob Brown as Edgar Reade — (Photo by: NBC/Warner Brothers)

In the end, nothing goes as planned, Madeline changes plans at the last minute without telling Tasha and she and Boston are in trouble, incommunicado, in danger and alone. I think Madeline doesn’t trust Zapata as much as she might think … and now Boston is in the middle of all that.

At home in New York, Reade is worried about them, but above all, about her. There are many feelings found in him but eliminating the anger and pain is fear, the fear of losing her forever. He is terrified that something will happen to her. But, at the same time, a small part of him can’t help but distrust. So many things have happened, so many secrets, so many lies between them … a small part of Reade still distrusts Tasha.

That’s what happens when you lose trust in someone … recovering that costs a world. But that distrust is only a small part, the emotion that floods Reade’s heart is worry.

Rich feels that same concern for Boston. His face changes in the second he finds out that he is in danger and finding him becomes his main mission. Rich loves him, he’s the love of his life and he can’t imagine losing him. I love seeing this aspect of Rich, feeling everything that he is capable of loving. Rich is a great character but when I like it the most is when he is overwhelmed by emotion, understanding how important the people around him are to him. Is very sweet.

And now, what will happen? It seems clear that finding Tasha and Boston and saving them will be a priority for the team. That makes us enter fully into the plans of Madeline and, with it, the final stretch of the season approaches.


This episode has once again felt like the series we love. They have developed and advanced several frames, finishing some and opening others. The emotional conflicts have been close to the surface.

In some moments perhaps they have fallen too much into the fantasy in the background story, but having not focused on that, it has not felt completely out of place.

The episode made us feel that one phase of the season was ending and another was beginning: the journey towards the final stretch. A trip that looks like a roller coaster and challenges all the characters physically and emotionally.

In addition, it gives us hope. It seems that, finally, they have set aside the turtle and have caught cruising speed for everything that awaits us.

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back next week with 4×13 “Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method In’t.” And here’s the promo for the next episode.


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